Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unsplendid Moments

Hello Candy!

I'm currently at work now so I'm suppose to do work stuff but I'm a bit hasting about it. I can't say much but I'm a lot bored and well there's this and that and lalalala.. so yeah. working is fun but it's take times.

So this morning, I went to work driving and well, I  wore make up today. I'm sure some of you think that's normal but for me it's the not normal thing in the WORLD! I wore make up only when Arief's around. If he is not, then I'm just plain jane. Seriously!

The thing is, I was stuck in traffic and I was like there's nothing much to do and I can't sing hahaha I sing like a donkey in a panic attack.. errr.. kinda?...

Traffic was bad this morning. I was lonely so I decided to wear make up today.. :P to release the loneliness and singing and I don't want to say. SO while the light is red and I'm like in line I pull out my foundation and blablabla tap here tap there. Put here put there.. suddenly I saw this guy looking straight at me from the left, he was like geleng kepala or should I say "what is she doing?"

he was like looking at me weirdly and suddenly he yelled at me "WOI!" I wasn't paying attention to him because the light is still red. why should I be bother right? Uhmmm perasan skit la :P hhuhu

Are men all like that? Terpegun ke perempuan pakai make up di tengah jalan? There's no definite rules saying we can't kan? Ada masa.

So why the hate? I'm not sure if it' is hate... hmmm... NVM..

Bye candy! Got to work. My boss is eyeing me since last week.. harhar har kitty face :P

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