Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day and Shiha's day

Hello candy!

I know its a tiny bit late to update u on mother's day but it was not planned to be celebrated actually.So here's the story:

On friday, as I was finishing my work or training thing, I didn't exactly finished it on time so I was a bit frustrated. I'm not usually those who finishes late. I'm not really punctual but I hate the stress. So, I went back home and finished my work at home. Mama wasn't happy I came back late but I can't avoid it.

Anyway, On Saturday, Mama wanted to visit my aunt but when we arrived she wasn't home so We just left the wedding invitation to the post box. (did I say that right?) Uhmmm... Later, we went to my office or training place thing :P hehe to print my task and gave to my boss since he wants it on friday but I couldn'f finish that day but I finished at 12.30am on Saturday blablabla

Well, after printing and gave it to my boss, I was hungry like my stomach was like torpedo waiting to blow up. We went to this food restaurant. Hehe. I can't tell you the name because it's a secret :P We sat down not nearly for 10 seconds a free drink arrived for my mothers and its FREEEE!! I was like can I have one too?? he said no. it's for mother's day. I was jealous but hey it's mothers day. She deserved it.

So we ate and I took pictures.It was fun. She told me not to post it here though. The pictures' not that nice. HEHE Amateur photographer!

I think I said to many SO?? don't you think too?

On sunday, My friend Shiha wanted to come, I wanted to give her a full food fest but when I arrived to this korean restaurant. IT WAS CLOSED! I wasn't happy, I wanted to eat it too. GUILTY as charged. In the end we had pizza and I got to see Shiha's soon to be HUSBAND! yeaa.. ceeewahh la kawan ku ni..

check out what my mum said: "tengok shiha tu, tak da boyfren. tapi dapat bakal suami cepat" cewahh la xsabar nk makan nasi minyak la.. :P

ooopss shiha, all the best beb! Love ya!

Anyway, Happy belated Mother's day and I hope you arrived home safely shiha.

A picture to calm the heart. My heart. 

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