Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sincerity and Diligent

Hello Candy,

This week I have been very diligent. I was busy that I forgot to post I don't know why but maybe because I was tired from all the travelling and walking about that you became unknowingly out of my mind. Never mind now, I'll try. Sincere from the heart, I am scared for the next few months to come. I'm going to start on my practical tomorrow till end of September. I'm not sure what to expect or what to do there just that I will be there and I have to be there. So yeah, Can't find a reason to get out ey? hmm..

Well, on Wednesday, Mama and I traveled to Teluk Intan for some business we needed to attend. While we're there we ate the famour mee rebus, sadly I did not take pictures as you might know where I'm lacking at.. if you don't please read some more hehe later, we visited mama hometown in Chikus. It's quite lovely with all the Padi Fields and the scenery is just brave taking. I must say, I fell in love with the view. Yes, My mama is a Kampung Girl who grew up to be such a wonderful person in the world. Anyway, because the scenery was just spectacular for me, i kinda like it there, fresh air, cows, goats, even chicken running around. You don't see that in the city. It's always busy and compact that life in the padi fields is more refine. I quite like it. I studied in the jungle if you must know. So i'm quite reserved.

On thursday, after the quiet traveling, we both went to putrajaya and ikea. I'm still decorating my room. Haven't finished yet and haven't even tried to finish it soon. I still need arts decor and maybe a bookshelf or a tv shelf? I don't know. I can' seem to think. Oh, While we're at Ikano, we went shopping for some cloths. Mine to be exact, I'm working soon so I don't have much working cloths or Baju Kurung for that matter. So I thought of buying some, and I'll try to post but that is not a promise. Please do compromise with me, I don't have much luxury to begin with.

Friday, the same. Still looking for working cloths but I haven't got a shoe fit for work. Hmmm.. Oh! I bought a Sudoku book, I'm currently trying puzzle 10. I know its funny but this is the forth book and it's quite hard i'm not sure why. I'm stuck at certain puzzle for nearly 15 mins just trying to figure it out. But, Time flies and i'm at puzzle 10. How fun! I like sudoku. you should too! It's mind bothering me for some reasons. And I bought the secret garden, a classic, i can't get rid of it. I'm stuck reading it at the same time solving sudoku. hmm It's diligent i must say.

I don't know why suddenly my wording or writing is weird for some reason but i think it's because of the book. It's taken over me. I really like classical books. It's fun to read at the same time it's grammar is superb.
If you please, read the secret garden and try a little sudoku for fun? I'm sure you'll love it the way i do.

I would totally agree to this, i won't be getting out the toilet any time soon!
Bye candy!

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