Saturday, April 16, 2011

career fair

Hello candy!

with a long and tired hello, I bit you again with helloooo... candy! haha.. not funny, but yes i am tired and frustrated. I went to the career fair with yana and we meet up with lina and elia afterwards. But to be a considered honest person, we WERE LATE! we promised to be there by 10am and we arrive at 12.50 or so! that's like so late of a promise. I was the one to be blamed heeee :P woke up late, went to print my resume and that's how we were LATE! oh, there was traffic congestion every where we turn.. can't do mistake there.

anyway, lina had to leave early because her sister might get pissed and elia left after lunch because she was on time :P we weren't and so we stayed till uhmmm roughly 6-ish or so.. to tell you the truth i wasn't expecting that kind of environment, i mean people were hasty and rude. everyone step on everyone's foot and i stepped on the interviewers foot because someone pushed me. I hate places that have people being so unconsidered. I had to go because I am jobless but still a trainee at nasharuddin wong. Looking a for  suitable job and applying everywhere is a good reason.

I applied at banks, engineering companies i didn't knew existed, consultancy I didn't knew existed and I applied all that I can apply, my feet barely touched the ground. I'm footless currently! Tired! I had fun though, some people were very nice, appreciative, communicative and sociable. I really like that especially at the end when we were leaving, our last stop was AIC, they were fun people. There was also an exhibitior from my late father's home town in sekinchan. There's a funny story behind it actually, it was one of our few stops and we didn't know that company but we both saw an opening for accounting and finance, yana was also looking technical electrian for her brother and the man said that he might get based in sekinchan, so yana asked "where's sekinchan??" I was like it was at my father hometown?? even the man was like "ohh you know? not everyone knows" I was happy actually because we were related some how but he was nice, he even said maybe we can stumble with each other on raya, he lives there. I was like ok maybe. If i go back.

Another nice man was a guy from RBC-Dexia and also panasonic. They were nice people, friendly too. It's good to have people like that to approach in the beginning because it makes you feel like you want to work there and some exhibitiors weren't particularly nice so I wasn't thrilled to be there though it was one of the companies I thought of in the beginning, but suddenly, my heart just dropped and walked away.

For me, it was a nice exhibition and I had fun talking to these people working because you get to know the company and how it works etc.. especially the environment. that's a lot of knowledge you need to absorb into to be able to know if you want to work there or not. I hope I do get a call from these companies. Maybe the one's I highlighted or the ones I just found out was actually my kind of space. We'll see.. I'm praying for it to happen. Till Oct then you might know.

ohh yeah, I'm still reading secret garden, it's really a nice book. A classic. Find it, and read it. You feel the same way.

bye candy! pray for me.

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