Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have faith in life

I found this while browsing yahoo just now, so i thought i should share it with you guys and hope that it'll gives you the remembrance that anything can happen in life and that we are all equal, there is always hope. Keep on holding strong!

Here is the link to what I've been reading about it and I don't know if it touches you the way I do, but definitely it gave me something to look at, to think about and to remind me.

(edited) sorry I've put an image of the dog but something else came out, so i had it removed. If you want, you can click on the link above for further information. thanks

Please read, and do help out. 

Thank you. 


Monday, March 7, 2011

Think deep.

Hello Candy,

I may or may not be posting anything in the near future, meaning that my finals exam is coming near in just 2 weeks or less. So I'm going to be focusing on it more than I'll be posting on my blog. Even so, I've great news! I was offered by one of my closest friend to an interview at this big multinational company! and trust me! I will not miss this awesome oppurtunities. It's once in a life time, plus! I didn't even apply to it! So yeah, I'm superb happy about it!

Anyway, Some days have been rather bumpy for me. I don't know more or less, maybe it's because I'm finishing and time flies easily, I guess, People are affected by it, I think it's because people want to grow up and be mature and well, i'm going for my internship soon, so I must very well be skilled enough for such conditions. No matter what hell comes my way. That's the great thing about it, if life now is hard for you, sooner or later it's going to be better.

Someone told me or rather my lecturer told me that sometimes people brag about things that want but they can't have yet they don't get to see the big picture. Know what i mean?

"you may ask for a butterfly, but you'll get a cocoon" see it wisely, in the future the cocoon will turn to a butterfly that's the beauty about life.

I may not be perfect to some eyes, but I am proud that I am me and I can try for things I believe is great for me. Therefore, I'm sure in life you'll regret in doing certains things, should you be?

off course, that's what teaches you. Those mistakes teaches you to be strong and have a bountiful heart. Life is never cut to short. Move on. Live. then you'll see.

Get what i mean?

Bye candy! Sorry for everything.