Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Language Is My Creativity!

Hello Candy!

My title has no relation what so ever with what I'm about to say. Oh wait! Green Bee is not suitable so I'm going to change it since I've got something relevant to say.

So, As you can see, My blog is fully English, only minor here and there but it's okay. I hope some people can read or understand. I know it's depends on circumstances of that particular person and also the knowledge that those people have to acquire those knowledge. But, let me say BUT not everybody knows english very thorough like scholars and english teachers would. Well, there's classical english and modern english and NOW there's uhmmm internet english?? Hehe like short term for oh my god! or be right back??

why? would? you? ruin? it?

I know I said OMG a lot but I kinda realizes that if I keep on writing in short or slang, I might actually forget the actual meaning. You know what I mean?

hmmm.. you don't?

Okay, so I heard stories from teachers, lecturers and even friends. I mean like Bahasa Melayu also have short slang stuff.. erghh I don't know what to call it... hmmm.. arief did a thesis once and theres actually a name for it... hmmmm.... never mind.. but the stories is that STUDENTs now a days, forgotten their language very abruptly! I mean like, in an essay, majority of them can't spell well or read well. Seriously? is this how we've become? I know it's like not everybody is stupid...

I'm not saying anyone is stupid but what I'm saying is what happen to the dedication and love towards the language?? there's used to be like novelty writers such A. Samad Said and Keris Mas.. what happen??

Sure some might say, "you're writing in english! why can't you write in malay?'
my answer would be "did you know that in todays working environment, people are majority looking
for people who are fluently speaking english so that can interact with overseas easily?"

So Do you get my point? I mean I speak malay sure I have flaws in speaking or understanding them but at least I'm not faking it!

I mean nowadays teachers are complaining that their students writes awkwardly?

example of proper malay : Saya sangat bahagia hari ini
example of not proper malau : Sy sgt bhgia hari ni.

See what I mean? Doesn't it ruin the beautiful pronunciation towards the lovely language we have?
It's not just that, even in english. Not all can read english and not all can understand.

What I'm actually saying is........

what happened to when we once love our language and fight for it? 

Tell me your thoughts. 


Anonymous said...

everywhere use english... even in government interview also.... so we can see that if the top x pentingkan bahasa sndrik... all the kempen cintailah bahasa kte hanya sia2.....

Anonymous said...

agreed. They have advertisement of loving your language and promoting to speak more malays but in the working environment, it's different.
they are looking if you can speak english even worse if you score higher!

Anonymous said...

btw.... for the students out there...plz learn to speak english fast... nowadays.. HR person juz can reject us by making phone interview to test ur english....

Natsul said...

really? then I will practice mine!

I need a to speak more fluently!!

thanks for the tip

Anonymous said...

yaaaa..english is everything.... that's wut u get livin in negara jajahan org puteh..