Tuesday, January 11, 2011

splendid serenity Pt 1

Hello candy!

I'm sure you all will be at auwwww or OMG or uhhhhh or lalalala or maybe just hmmmm so? right? right? right?

but for me when i saw these photos i'm like shhhhhhh.....!!! omg!!! waaaa!! damn i'm hungry! seriously??

ughhh.. why do you look soooo goood??

so for all you wondering here what i found to be like so hungry for... really I still am just thinking about it..


this is just a preview...! I have like tons more literally tonss! i don't know! 

chocolate!! ohhhh... i know right?

i'm droooling..!

ughh.. ok stop! think rationally!

what do you think?? right right? don't lie if you didn't drool! u must have.. if you didn't.. i have more!
but.. don't like the one's above.. this one is different.. just splendid!


nice one right? pretty too.. 
cake's like these are suitable for any event! but the price is pricy like wow! 

see? these are so festive!

as you can see it's for a baby birthday's theres no limitation for it! 

amongst what i think is just so beautiful to look. I mean they must've spend like hours really long hours too make it look so beautiful! the moolah, the cash, the $$$ is very much like $$$$$. know what i mean?
credits to the pinkcakebox.com

hmmm.. i just want to taste it! 
here's some more that just simply delightful..

don't you feel hungry? I know I am...

okay! bye! see you next time... 

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