Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hello candy!

I'm sorry I didn't wrote for so long or should i say I rarely blog nowadays?? well, since I have the free time starting today but ending tomorrow I might as well spend it with you! So what have i been up to? hmmm not much really just studies, boredom and well spending time with arief. 

Truthfully, I've been having exams for these last 2 days and assignment as well as presentation since 2 or 3 weeks ago. SO....! I didn't have that much time to blog. But I did blog I think a few weeks ago about cakes? I wanted to do a part 2 which was more about how the cake looked like sweet, simply and delightful but I didn't get the time so I might as well start later (hmmm not sure when). 

I've had these done:
1)malaysian economy presentation
 2)Islamic Accounting assignment passed up. 

The only assignment needed to do now: 
1)individual and group assignment for malaysian economy
2)specialised accounting group assignment
3)specialised accounting mid term
4)job interview
5)malaysian economy individual assignmnet presentation
7)i don'r remember!!!

so there you go... this is my last semester studying and next semester would be working as an intern. I'm not sure how that'll be like but i do hope it's not stressful or hard (some stories i've heard). I must well spend my time living as a student and pretty much well.. be a student. when will i get to be a student ever again right? to feel young again? (i'm not that old!

yup. let's get my study life over on this road and so that i'll be ready to be a worker soon and not brag how much i miss my life as a student. Since, i didn't want to grow up early or well i'm not that matured yet i think...


I had my mid term exam for islamic accounting yesterday.. yea! guess what? i flunk it! I couldn't do it as much as I wanted too! I mean, i studied the whole 5 out of 6 chapters and I was expecting something else but It turn out to be what i wouldn't expect! grrr.. even arief couldn't do it. So yup.. I wonder how my final would be like.... since EVERY CHAPTER is in!! ughhh.. damn.. 

get the books out.. :P not yet! 

i'm tired today.. why? I had two quizzes today. One is Malaysian Economy which i forgot to put on the list and second would be specialize accounting.. both were okay. thank you since i studied that part and i didn't even know it was all theory i didn't even focus on it. It was just a hunch that I've read theory. pheeww.. lalala

so now im here with you. well, i'm currently having a neck pain from a few days of studying but i need my rest. Oh well.. i'll see u soon.. oh not to forget.. i've found this so cute pictures which i thought was very humane! and I want to share it with you. I hope you like it. it's funny and cute. Enjoy! 

from tumblr

from tumblr

isn't this cute? I was looking for a picture about mad behavior actually haha i was just typing and seeing if theres any picture relevant. I want to continue with notes to dotts but these pictures came out! I mean like OMG so cute!! how is it even angry?? right? irrelavant! 

omg! i haven't literally wrote a story for like ages! 

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