Monday, January 31, 2011

Help the need!

Hello candy!

I'm on my holiday but it's not really a holiday since I've got mid term and assignments to finish but yet,, i'm too lazy so yeah. Yea me! but i really need to enhance myself I mean I'm going to get a job and I'm going to need to be more ethical and NOT lazy. We'll see..

Today, Is actually My sister's birthday but we celebrate it yesterday. Since yesterday is a sunday it's easier and no one's working on that day. So it was fun, food was DELICIOUS if I may add... I mean like Nasi Minyak, Kari Sayur, Ayam Kurma, Daging Sambal, Sambal Taun which is a seafood very nyum nyum, aca nenes and I made my specialty of course chocolate chip cookies. I wanted to make a cake but mama said NO! we BUY it.. So it's that my cake are bad, but i do agree i'm still a first time baker and i need to improve if i want to make a birthday cake not like those cikai2 cooking kan? so much needed for enhancement. my cooking, my habits and well my sleeping habits too. Hmmm.. So much... 

So okay, today, we went to pay some bills and eat at this very tasty place near Pasar Gombak. Just right next to it actually a small minangkabau eatery. I was eating and when i was finished, I saw his begger and I think his from pakistan. He gave this small gift for people to pay.. you know? like you pay some money i gave u this as a token. Well, its a 1000 dinar and firstly, my thought was like don't come here because I'm myself don't have that much money since I'm an orphan and I have no sources of income but he came and My mom was like giving him coins instead of dollar bills because like i said, even we don't have enough that's all we can afford to give him. I'm not lying! it's the truth. So I think my mom gave him like $3 something worth of coins and he went to other people but they sort of ignored him, I was feeling bad really bad and i remember I don't have any cash on my hands so I couldn't do anything. When my mom went to pay at the cashier, I saw him sitting down, expecting some one to help him with food, and NO ONE CAME!! and I was like please man help the guy, give some food to the needy! and I was so embarrassed by it! I smiled at him though, He smiled back and That's all I could give him, a very generous smile with a heavy burden heart. If i have enough, I would seriously pay for his food. He was that hungry, but i didn't have that much in my wallet. When I left the eatery, I saw him going to the waitress pointing the coins my mom gave to him and the lady just pushed him away and told him to leave. I was feeling rather bad. Seriously. I was. I told my mom but she said, even we couldn't afford to help him. In my heart, I wished dearly that some one would help him, I know this why? I knew it deep in my heart that we have to help no matter what the races are. Just like them. 

Why am i talking about these stuff? I saw on Tv last friday 2 days 1 night. koreans tv variety show. And I was  amazed by them accepting their foreign workers and treating them so well. I mean if you'd watch it, you'd feel it too. I was touched seriuously! I don't know how much I said seriously? but seriously. Think! they came here for work, for money, not for themselves but for their family back home. They have no one else here but themselves and they came here with expectations of us being all kind, and generous like the promotions we did on tv being all nice and stuff but are we? are we being truly nice to them? I'm not sure because I'm seeing doubles. I mean I know foreign workers whom came here so much and some of them works at factories, mamak stalls and much more. I just hoped that their manager and employer are being nice to them as they were expecting. It's hard you know being in some body's else country. A place you don't know and A place where you hoped to have a better life but people treat you differently and rudely. It's just not nice. 

Imagine yourself, being at their place. I know the feeling. Even though I haven't been through it but I know have hard it felt. If I were in their place, Deep down inside, I know how sad it would be to actually have to go through life without support and friends. It's that hard. People kept whining here and there but You need support to get you going. So that man, was in help but I couldn't help but I hope for others who read these and feels the same way I do to help them. Don't ignore them. If you have a bit of decency, gave a little money. It's not hard. Just $5 would do. It'll help them to eat for one day. I mean for just one day, they can eat and feel happy because someone out there help them. I'm sure those people wouldn't forget the kind hands that help them. 

If you see a man, in blue shirt (not t-shirt) and black pants, that's the man I want to help, in turn please help me, help him instead. He needs it more than i do. I have my support but he doesn't. Please, it will give you great feelings as well as deeds. He have a kind heart too, it's in his eyes. 


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