Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Memories With Friends

Hello Candy!

Well, This post is about friendship. I love these people so much not only because their my housemate but it's because They Don't Care and they help you no matter what! That's why I love them so much!

Awanis A.K.A Cahaya Hati left us hanging without notice! I mean she abandon us! With nothing! No money! No love! No one to hold on too! HAHAHAHAH I'm just joking! She's the most responsible person in the house actually. And yes she left us for her practical training which doesn't mean she left us totally! she's coming back for a visit on 21st Jan. I'll be here waiting!

Awanis has a gift, a real gift! She can cook very delicious food and I mean delicious as in Yummy Yummy YUm YUUUUMMMMM!! She's sweet, take good care of me and well very concerning friends of course! She have a lot of stories she can tell, from her younger years till now, and you can't even get bored! I don't know why. Though in recent event, she went through tough times, she managed to get over it and move on, be happy and well, we entertain her well. :P If you have been able to see her in the eastern peninsular of Malaysia, SAY hello WANIS or something very nice "NEK NIS!" :p

Nealy A.K.A Tok li! hehehe... she's insane and she'll very much follow any insane behavior you've got! why? well let's just say, if we're bored and wanting something even if it means going to KUANTAN then, we'll go! No doubt about it! That's how crazy she is but she's nicer if you talk to her. Cunning too.. I mean, she's just nice to be with. To talk to. A good listener and a good cleaner :P Hi nealy! hehe... if you're reading this, I want to tell people how HOT and GORGEOUS you ARE! She's single and available! want her number? :P
(nk kena bunuh kot aku nih promote org mcm ni) hahahahaha sorry! I'm not selling me frens.. but I love her because she's there for me always when in times of vain.

Lastly, Never forgeting the cutest and the smallest

Hazirah A.K.A Mok yah! :P Hi Mok Yah! I love you. She divorced me like last year you know? However, We didn't get married legally or illegally... I mean there's like no black or white or prenuptial agreement. And suddenly, we're divorced? (actually it's just fun and games) hmm.. awkward! she's my roomie.. She's the noisiest, loudest and funniest in the house! without her, the house seems silent. You must need someone to scream right? Mok yah is the perfect candidate too! she's a busy woman i must say! You don't see her on weekends unless she's that busy! well what can i say about the cutest! somethings she's here sometimes she's laughing out loud!! really loud! we have something in common that is addiction to movies!

uhhhhh.. not forgetting! Moi the most sexiest and paling cunnnnn la! :P perasan jap je.. :p

i'm not going to comment on me.. haha... but i'll say something. I am the sexiest in the house :P Only They Know why... lalalalala

from left to right: neally, hazz, me, wanis

the green hijab is wanis, the pink one is moi (hehe) and the one in black is nealy

me and hazz

me, wanis and hazz

i love them very much! we are like sister and we stand for each other. If one person is in trouble, we would held and help to get them out of it. That's what they mean to me. Even, at times of loneliless, when i'm with them, they make me laugh so loud that it's refreshing!

photos; credit to photgrapher all of us! and facebook! nealy tq for the photos. :P

muah muah

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