Friday, January 7, 2011

Balls, Balllllllssssss, and more bbbbbbaaaaaaaallllllllllsssssssssss...

Hello candy!

Today is a very gloomy day why? there's no sun and obviously, there's no heat! Huhu.. what a sad day but, Well.. it was sad at first but then I went to meet with arief for lunch but was cancel because He was invited to play futsal..

So first thing I saw today other than the Tv and Internet is the Futsal... It's a very fun game. I had fun and watching him play was fun too...

Later, I saw a football game between Gun-punk and I forgot their name.. but Gun-punk won 4-0 with i'm not sure what to call the kick but it's seems like a far kick or free kick what ever kick la! I don't know there was a name for it... excuse me for being a football dummy.. but i know the last kick was well good one :P why? because the enemy kicked it into the goooaalll.. how luck is the game? but embarrassing for the player who kicked it.. :P

so that was my day. I'm gonna do my assignment now.. lalalala


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