Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Complicated Desire

Hello Candy!

I'm serious oblivious about friendship. Like seriously. Some people are my friends while some just pretend to be. I can't say I'm at wrong or there people at wrong but WHAT'S WRONG? I'm just so freakin pissed! It hurts to know how excluded I am. It just hurts.

Thank you for showing me your true light. So much!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unsplendid Moments

Hello Candy!

I'm currently at work now so I'm suppose to do work stuff but I'm a bit hasting about it. I can't say much but I'm a lot bored and well there's this and that and lalalala.. so yeah. working is fun but it's take times.

So this morning, I went to work driving and well, I  wore make up today. I'm sure some of you think that's normal but for me it's the not normal thing in the WORLD! I wore make up only when Arief's around. If he is not, then I'm just plain jane. Seriously!

The thing is, I was stuck in traffic and I was like there's nothing much to do and I can't sing hahaha I sing like a donkey in a panic attack.. errr.. kinda?...

Traffic was bad this morning. I was lonely so I decided to wear make up today.. :P to release the loneliness and singing and I don't want to say. SO while the light is red and I'm like in line I pull out my foundation and blablabla tap here tap there. Put here put there.. suddenly I saw this guy looking straight at me from the left, he was like geleng kepala or should I say "what is she doing?"

he was like looking at me weirdly and suddenly he yelled at me "WOI!" I wasn't paying attention to him because the light is still red. why should I be bother right? Uhmmm perasan skit la :P hhuhu

Are men all like that? Terpegun ke perempuan pakai make up di tengah jalan? There's no definite rules saying we can't kan? Ada masa.

So why the hate? I'm not sure if it' is hate... hmmm... NVM..

Bye candy! Got to work. My boss is eyeing me since last week.. harhar har kitty face :P

Monday, June 6, 2011

A dedication for my special person.

Hello candy!

I've been like a jerk lately since I've rarely blog and do stuff that is important to me and myself. SO! I can't really promise anything at the moment. I am rather busy with the practical training. Anwyaysssss!

Today is a very special day for my heart, my soul and my handsome bf! It's HIS BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy Birthday syg! Heeeeee....! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Actually, I'm trying not to praise him yet, I want to make him think that I forgotten his birthday but I actually didn't forget his birthday at all.. Do you get it?? You don't?? it's like this..

Arief; You've forgottenn my birthday!
Me: OMG! I did!
Arief: How could you!
Me: Syg, syg.. see here, tadaaa! A meal appropriate for your birthday! Yeeeaaaa! Happy birthday! I didn't forget your birthday at all! Lalalala

If you don't get it yet! You're in trouble man! Anwyays,
I wanted to spend the weekend with him celebrating his birthday and lots more but he couldn't make it here to KL since there were assignment and other works for him to do. SO i had to spend my weekends walking about ampang and visiting the rest of my family. Huhu what to do?

My plans of cooking this fillet of dory with mustard cream sauce is out the door, unfortunately. Hence, I'll try to make it a perfect one if he'll come.

To my beloved! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a great life ahead of you, with all your dreams coming true and a long and prestige life.  Semoga you, panjang umur dan sihat sentiasa. InsyaAllah.

hehe :P I can't say that word but you definitely know what I'm saying... :)

Have a great one. I'll always mulahmula you.. :P

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day and Shiha's day

Hello candy!

I know its a tiny bit late to update u on mother's day but it was not planned to be celebrated actually.So here's the story:

On friday, as I was finishing my work or training thing, I didn't exactly finished it on time so I was a bit frustrated. I'm not usually those who finishes late. I'm not really punctual but I hate the stress. So, I went back home and finished my work at home. Mama wasn't happy I came back late but I can't avoid it.

Anyway, On Saturday, Mama wanted to visit my aunt but when we arrived she wasn't home so We just left the wedding invitation to the post box. (did I say that right?) Uhmmm... Later, we went to my office or training place thing :P hehe to print my task and gave to my boss since he wants it on friday but I couldn'f finish that day but I finished at 12.30am on Saturday blablabla

Well, after printing and gave it to my boss, I was hungry like my stomach was like torpedo waiting to blow up. We went to this food restaurant. Hehe. I can't tell you the name because it's a secret :P We sat down not nearly for 10 seconds a free drink arrived for my mothers and its FREEEE!! I was like can I have one too?? he said no. it's for mother's day. I was jealous but hey it's mothers day. She deserved it.

So we ate and I took pictures.It was fun. She told me not to post it here though. The pictures' not that nice. HEHE Amateur photographer!

I think I said to many SO?? don't you think too?

On sunday, My friend Shiha wanted to come, I wanted to give her a full food fest but when I arrived to this korean restaurant. IT WAS CLOSED! I wasn't happy, I wanted to eat it too. GUILTY as charged. In the end we had pizza and I got to see Shiha's soon to be HUSBAND! yeaa.. ceeewahh la kawan ku ni..

check out what my mum said: "tengok shiha tu, tak da boyfren. tapi dapat bakal suami cepat" cewahh la xsabar nk makan nasi minyak la.. :P

ooopss shiha, all the best beb! Love ya!

Anyway, Happy belated Mother's day and I hope you arrived home safely shiha.

A picture to calm the heart. My heart. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

succumb these question

Hello candy!

what's to say? I have no mention nor motion to fulfill my destiny. I can't think straight.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cute Kittens

Hello Candy!

Here's a fun picture fiesta for you to see... enjoy~!!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

very cute sleepy cat


Hello candy!

I'm in no mood today, I don't know what happened but serious to death, I have no mood what so ever. Maybe I should just be non existence. No body seems to care. NO BODY! I mean NO BODY!

That might be much better for you too, when I'm gone. You won't be bothered.



lifeless is the same as being dead. Everything is dead.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

career fair

Hello candy!

with a long and tired hello, I bit you again with helloooo... candy! haha.. not funny, but yes i am tired and frustrated. I went to the career fair with yana and we meet up with lina and elia afterwards. But to be a considered honest person, we WERE LATE! we promised to be there by 10am and we arrive at 12.50 or so! that's like so late of a promise. I was the one to be blamed heeee :P woke up late, went to print my resume and that's how we were LATE! oh, there was traffic congestion every where we turn.. can't do mistake there.

anyway, lina had to leave early because her sister might get pissed and elia left after lunch because she was on time :P we weren't and so we stayed till uhmmm roughly 6-ish or so.. to tell you the truth i wasn't expecting that kind of environment, i mean people were hasty and rude. everyone step on everyone's foot and i stepped on the interviewers foot because someone pushed me. I hate places that have people being so unconsidered. I had to go because I am jobless but still a trainee at nasharuddin wong. Looking a for  suitable job and applying everywhere is a good reason.

I applied at banks, engineering companies i didn't knew existed, consultancy I didn't knew existed and I applied all that I can apply, my feet barely touched the ground. I'm footless currently! Tired! I had fun though, some people were very nice, appreciative, communicative and sociable. I really like that especially at the end when we were leaving, our last stop was AIC, they were fun people. There was also an exhibitior from my late father's home town in sekinchan. There's a funny story behind it actually, it was one of our few stops and we didn't know that company but we both saw an opening for accounting and finance, yana was also looking technical electrian for her brother and the man said that he might get based in sekinchan, so yana asked "where's sekinchan??" I was like it was at my father hometown?? even the man was like "ohh you know? not everyone knows" I was happy actually because we were related some how but he was nice, he even said maybe we can stumble with each other on raya, he lives there. I was like ok maybe. If i go back.

Another nice man was a guy from RBC-Dexia and also panasonic. They were nice people, friendly too. It's good to have people like that to approach in the beginning because it makes you feel like you want to work there and some exhibitiors weren't particularly nice so I wasn't thrilled to be there though it was one of the companies I thought of in the beginning, but suddenly, my heart just dropped and walked away.

For me, it was a nice exhibition and I had fun talking to these people working because you get to know the company and how it works etc.. especially the environment. that's a lot of knowledge you need to absorb into to be able to know if you want to work there or not. I hope I do get a call from these companies. Maybe the one's I highlighted or the ones I just found out was actually my kind of space. We'll see.. I'm praying for it to happen. Till Oct then you might know.

ohh yeah, I'm still reading secret garden, it's really a nice book. A classic. Find it, and read it. You feel the same way.

bye candy! pray for me.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sincerity and Diligent

Hello Candy,

This week I have been very diligent. I was busy that I forgot to post I don't know why but maybe because I was tired from all the travelling and walking about that you became unknowingly out of my mind. Never mind now, I'll try. Sincere from the heart, I am scared for the next few months to come. I'm going to start on my practical tomorrow till end of September. I'm not sure what to expect or what to do there just that I will be there and I have to be there. So yeah, Can't find a reason to get out ey? hmm..

Well, on Wednesday, Mama and I traveled to Teluk Intan for some business we needed to attend. While we're there we ate the famour mee rebus, sadly I did not take pictures as you might know where I'm lacking at.. if you don't please read some more hehe later, we visited mama hometown in Chikus. It's quite lovely with all the Padi Fields and the scenery is just brave taking. I must say, I fell in love with the view. Yes, My mama is a Kampung Girl who grew up to be such a wonderful person in the world. Anyway, because the scenery was just spectacular for me, i kinda like it there, fresh air, cows, goats, even chicken running around. You don't see that in the city. It's always busy and compact that life in the padi fields is more refine. I quite like it. I studied in the jungle if you must know. So i'm quite reserved.

On thursday, after the quiet traveling, we both went to putrajaya and ikea. I'm still decorating my room. Haven't finished yet and haven't even tried to finish it soon. I still need arts decor and maybe a bookshelf or a tv shelf? I don't know. I can' seem to think. Oh, While we're at Ikano, we went shopping for some cloths. Mine to be exact, I'm working soon so I don't have much working cloths or Baju Kurung for that matter. So I thought of buying some, and I'll try to post but that is not a promise. Please do compromise with me, I don't have much luxury to begin with.

Friday, the same. Still looking for working cloths but I haven't got a shoe fit for work. Hmmm.. Oh! I bought a Sudoku book, I'm currently trying puzzle 10. I know its funny but this is the forth book and it's quite hard i'm not sure why. I'm stuck at certain puzzle for nearly 15 mins just trying to figure it out. But, Time flies and i'm at puzzle 10. How fun! I like sudoku. you should too! It's mind bothering me for some reasons. And I bought the secret garden, a classic, i can't get rid of it. I'm stuck reading it at the same time solving sudoku. hmm It's diligent i must say.

I don't know why suddenly my wording or writing is weird for some reason but i think it's because of the book. It's taken over me. I really like classical books. It's fun to read at the same time it's grammar is superb.
If you please, read the secret garden and try a little sudoku for fun? I'm sure you'll love it the way i do.

I would totally agree to this, i won't be getting out the toilet any time soon!
Bye candy!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A party for the heart

Hello Candy!

I know I've been away for a long time already. But I'll make it up to you, I'll try to post something in time. I'm sort of sad actually. Honestly I am.. I still am.. and I'm not going to lie about it but I'm crying in many way possible.

instead of telling you in a long paragraph I've decided to short listed everything and well here it is:

1. I've finished with my finals yeaa!!
2. I've finished studying! no more studying!!
3. I haven't graduated yet :((
4. I need to do 6 months worth of practical
5. I can't have my convo this year along with my batches! :(((
6. i won't be able to see my adore friends!
7. I won't be able to see my king kong, rimau, kambing, tuntung and kak min (whose name i don't know)
8. I haven't got to spend much time with arief as I wanted too :(
9. I'm going to miss my syg arief!!
10. I miss my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11. I miss the sight of life there
12. it's mama, shahrul and my birthday lunch today

It's five years. TOTAL! So yeah, my studying days are over and my working days will begin next week monday! so I'm overwhelm by it but i'm kinda sad though. It's like the familiar faces you wanted to see, well they live far away from where I'm staying so it's hard. I miss them. I miss him. I will miss that life of studying there. It's where i can run free. trust me, life as a student is a life you can never forget. why? easy its the most easily thing you can do. and as student there's always a life. as an employess? not really, you're always stuck in traffic and in meetings.

if you get what i mean.

to all my friends: thank you for your wishes and i miss you so very much!
to my beautiful boyfriend; thank you for spending time with me, though it was short but i will remember it always. i will always love u. Our next life will soon begin and i hope every challenge comes, you can fight it. you're a fighter!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have faith in life

I found this while browsing yahoo just now, so i thought i should share it with you guys and hope that it'll gives you the remembrance that anything can happen in life and that we are all equal, there is always hope. Keep on holding strong!

Here is the link to what I've been reading about it and I don't know if it touches you the way I do, but definitely it gave me something to look at, to think about and to remind me.

(edited) sorry I've put an image of the dog but something else came out, so i had it removed. If you want, you can click on the link above for further information. thanks

Please read, and do help out. 

Thank you. 


Monday, March 7, 2011

Think deep.

Hello Candy,

I may or may not be posting anything in the near future, meaning that my finals exam is coming near in just 2 weeks or less. So I'm going to be focusing on it more than I'll be posting on my blog. Even so, I've great news! I was offered by one of my closest friend to an interview at this big multinational company! and trust me! I will not miss this awesome oppurtunities. It's once in a life time, plus! I didn't even apply to it! So yeah, I'm superb happy about it!

Anyway, Some days have been rather bumpy for me. I don't know more or less, maybe it's because I'm finishing and time flies easily, I guess, People are affected by it, I think it's because people want to grow up and be mature and well, i'm going for my internship soon, so I must very well be skilled enough for such conditions. No matter what hell comes my way. That's the great thing about it, if life now is hard for you, sooner or later it's going to be better.

Someone told me or rather my lecturer told me that sometimes people brag about things that want but they can't have yet they don't get to see the big picture. Know what i mean?

"you may ask for a butterfly, but you'll get a cocoon" see it wisely, in the future the cocoon will turn to a butterfly that's the beauty about life.

I may not be perfect to some eyes, but I am proud that I am me and I can try for things I believe is great for me. Therefore, I'm sure in life you'll regret in doing certains things, should you be?

off course, that's what teaches you. Those mistakes teaches you to be strong and have a bountiful heart. Life is never cut to short. Move on. Live. then you'll see.

Get what i mean?

Bye candy! Sorry for everything.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Hello Candy!

I've been very pissed off these past days, honestly I would love to tell you about it but maybe later. I have something to consider before publicly posting it. It's sensitive because it involves a few parties. But if I don't post it then maybe it means i'm in good terms, maybe i'll just tell you a bit. But that's later. I'm sort of busy.

Happy being busy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Language Is My Creativity!

Hello Candy!

My title has no relation what so ever with what I'm about to say. Oh wait! Green Bee is not suitable so I'm going to change it since I've got something relevant to say.

So, As you can see, My blog is fully English, only minor here and there but it's okay. I hope some people can read or understand. I know it's depends on circumstances of that particular person and also the knowledge that those people have to acquire those knowledge. But, let me say BUT not everybody knows english very thorough like scholars and english teachers would. Well, there's classical english and modern english and NOW there's uhmmm internet english?? Hehe like short term for oh my god! or be right back??

why? would? you? ruin? it?

I know I said OMG a lot but I kinda realizes that if I keep on writing in short or slang, I might actually forget the actual meaning. You know what I mean?

hmmm.. you don't?

Okay, so I heard stories from teachers, lecturers and even friends. I mean like Bahasa Melayu also have short slang stuff.. erghh I don't know what to call it... hmmm.. arief did a thesis once and theres actually a name for it... hmmmm.... never mind.. but the stories is that STUDENTs now a days, forgotten their language very abruptly! I mean like, in an essay, majority of them can't spell well or read well. Seriously? is this how we've become? I know it's like not everybody is stupid...

I'm not saying anyone is stupid but what I'm saying is what happen to the dedication and love towards the language?? there's used to be like novelty writers such A. Samad Said and Keris Mas.. what happen??

Sure some might say, "you're writing in english! why can't you write in malay?'
my answer would be "did you know that in todays working environment, people are majority looking
for people who are fluently speaking english so that can interact with overseas easily?"

So Do you get my point? I mean I speak malay sure I have flaws in speaking or understanding them but at least I'm not faking it!

I mean nowadays teachers are complaining that their students writes awkwardly?

example of proper malay : Saya sangat bahagia hari ini
example of not proper malau : Sy sgt bhgia hari ni.

See what I mean? Doesn't it ruin the beautiful pronunciation towards the lovely language we have?
It's not just that, even in english. Not all can read english and not all can understand.

What I'm actually saying is........

what happened to when we once love our language and fight for it? 

Tell me your thoughts. 

Kittens Upgrade!

Hello Candy!

So I've updated the blog to a new layout. A more simple and something which I think is a great new way to express with the colour and bashful. But I'm not so sure since I kinda think my old layout is better than this one. However, though the old layout sort of had navigations and some error in terms of the comment. Not everyone can comment on it, so I've decided to change to allow people to comments.

I hope you'll like as much as I do. All the backgrounds are from blogger. There's no more from other sources maybe just the pictures I've posted. When, if you look at it very thoroughly you might find some thing new in which I'm not going to tell you. If your a loyal reader, I'm sure you'll find it.

Anyway, I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow I have 4 classes! and 3 are direct from 8am to 1pm and the last class would be from 5pm onwards.

Good night my little lovelies.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's the great ravine!

Hello candy!

I'm not sure how I should begin  but let's begin, I think I'm having a writers block. I'm not sure what it means or what the heck it is but I'm finding a dead end to my creative writing blog. Hmmmm... I mean I've read others blog and other creative writing tumblr, but those people are like damn man, I wanted to write that and it was so superb the way the wrote it. Compared to mine, I'm like mediocre. I don't know. I starting to judge myself now. Is it worth it? or Is it damaging me? You know? I'm not sure if you do but I hope you do. 

So, I'm gonna be truthful to you, I want to change my layout for my blog (both I think) but we'll see.. If I found anything interesting then maybe. 

Maybe that could help me, find better idea. 

But truthfully, there are people reading my blog and the respond is so nice but I'm judging that too. I guess I need to kick it up a notch yeah?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Saving require commitment

Hello candy!

I know I've been posting something a bit smaller then usual, but anyway, I don't have anything interesting particularly. I'm back at uniten and I'm a bit because well, mama is at home and I'm here.

Well, to my topic, I've decided to save up some money and to do so I decided to fast! I mean it's a good thing and I can diet too. Hehe

Wish me luck.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Away on a cold day

Hello Candy!

Well, today's saturday and tomorrow, I will be going back to Muadzam and I'm kinda worried because of the flood that's been going on and stuff, so I'm a bit worried if the road is okay or not, or you know. I'm just that worried!

Another thing is that, I'm going to be leaving mama. And it sort of a burden for me to leave her, she's going to be home alone with no one to take care of her, I know she can take care of herself, but as a daughter and I'm literally living with her, I am sorry for doing so. I only have 2 more months to go and I just want her to be happy and in 2 more months, I will be back home working and taking really good care of her. I hope I do well, and I appreciate it if people would help me too.

So It rained today, Hmmm that's not a good sign. Pray that tomorrow will be sunny and lively.

Bye Candy!

Friday, February 4, 2011


these are my curremt addiction!

sweet disposition

Hello candy!

It's friday, and there's something special today! I'm FASTING! Yeah.. :P well, Since during ramadhan I had a week of because I'm a lady and we have those days in the month so yeah, I'm replacing or something like that since I have missed some during ramadhan. And It's compulsory that you replace it!

So my menu for today is Fried Noodles and Dumplings! Hehe, I'll try to take pictures of it and post it if I can.

Happy fasting!

(500) Days of Summer [Bank Dance]

Hello candy!

I've found this video on youtube and I kinda lovin the dance and the movie is just so surreal and sweet to watch. So i hope you enjoy the video. I do! I was smiling, it's like a tingle in my body.


Music: Why Don't You Let Me Stay Here?
Performed by She & Him

Lovin it!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Loveable Lane

Hello Candy!

So if you hadn't notice on my Facebook that I recently went on a DATE!! With two of my high school friends! Ct and Jay! Yeah!! That rhymed! hahaha Anyway, I'm going to tell you all about it! it's so fun yesterday!

First off, the night before, I set up an alarm on my phone to rang at 8.30 so i could get ready and make up and blablabla, but, the phone never rang!!! UHHHH!! My mom woke me up and like 10am! I was suppose to be at Pavilion at 11AM!!! And I got ready as fast as i could, I mean I was like in fast and furious with my self! I dislike my make up so much but my friends said "it looked good" but you've should seen how mane times I tried to changed it.. I tried like 5 times but it came up like that? huh... I really dunno! Another thing was that, I was suppose to wear purple but I couldn't find my dress, and it was somewhere there?? I think so I've decided to wear brown or warm colour tones. I think that's why I'd changed my make up a lot! So guess what? with the spinning in my room with make up all over the place and my scarf being changed so much too in an hour or less? I could say like 45mins?? tops hahahaha So fast! But it wasn't fun. But I made it out with looking great according to my friends.. you'll see

so, at around 10.45 or so, I got out of the house and rushed my way through the streets, calling arief telling him I would be going out with my friends and Well, I was walking, i'm out of breath! My new home is really near to the train so it's in walking distance like 500m or something like that?? I dunno I suck at measuring and math.. (yet you're an accounting student?) oh ok! so I was walking or run walking or whatever you call it, and ct called saying she'd arrived but I was LATE! uuuu!! Hmmm I wasn't too happy but I made it to the train like 5 mins or so, and waited for the train like 5 mins or so, I was pissed sweaty and I think i'd put perfume on.. wait... wait... yup I did! while waiting, I texted with arief, my mom and ct telling them i was waiting for the train and well the train was late! i was late! and I was sweatyyyy!! YUCK! So when it'd arrived, i counted the stops like first i thought it was 8, then I look again it was 6 but actually it was 7 stops from where I was.. huhu.. and thank you I didn't embarrassed myself! after getting of hang tuah, I went to monorail and decided to take a train since from there I could walk rather than walk from hang tuah, which would make me more sweaty, yucky and late! Ughhhh.. so waiting for the train and I'd came fast! I was happy. And I walked all the way from Lot 10 to pavilion with sweatyness and yuckyness. So i arrived but I went to the ATM first.

Later, I saw ct and I was like hugsss.. (eee I'm sweaty) but who cares! i didn't meet them for like ages! I missed them so much! Afterwards, I saw a GAP bag, i was like did you guys go shopping?? it turned out to be my scarfs that I asked ct to buy for me and she gave me 5 scarfs but since jay was there i gave her 1 of it. It was nice! Ohh.. I loved the scarfs! THANK YOU CT!! so we went to buy our food and chitchat a bit. About the crisis in egypt, ct is a dentistry student in egypt, so yeah i was worried about her and jay talked about her ex and school she's a teacher. I talked about crap, i dunno? I didn't remember :P but anyway, About the food?? uhh.. I was eating korean! it was my fave dish in the whole of pavilion! kimchi ramyeon! but didn't take photos because it was drying up and the ramen was getting over cooked! so I'll post photos later of the foods.. swelll!!!

later, we walked and found the times bookstore, I was like being uhmm a promoter? to ct which book to buy or which book not to buy, she decided to buy one it's from kazuo ishiguro. It's a wonderful book, i mean the writer is noted "the best writer of the century" right? Who wouldn't like it. So Ct bought the book and it's this book "never let me go" 
oh before i forgot, the photo link is from So i'd recommended her the book. I haven't finished reading it yet but I loved it from the first few chapter i'd already read. 

Later, we watch the movie "the green hornet" ahahaha i actually wanted to writr the green lantern! hahaha I'm laughing myself off it's was funny! Oh yup... The movie was a bomb! It was funny and though there's not much action involve I mean i was expecting like kung fu man! Jay chou! Yea. he was handsome! I'd love him it the movie, I'm a fan of his actually. but the english, I didn't think it was great, I didn't get some words jay chou was saying. So that's not a good thing. It's his amercian debut but i do wish he did his best and the american accepted him there. I wish you the best man! You're like a very good singer and actor. Plus you're handsome!  I'm not going to comment on the movie but i thought it was funny and cool though there are mishaps but I had fun watching it. I was laughing my ass off haha.. But actually we were chosen to pick two movies, it was either the green horner (there i go again the green lantern???) or KHURAFAT a scary malaysian movie. But me and ct didn't want to because the reviews were scary and I can't sleep at night! 

After the movie, Ct had to go home, so yeah we separeted and Left for our homes. I didn't tell you much about my time with them because It's best If I only know, it's my memories of them. I love them dearly and I do hope they do their best in the future, get married have kids, great jobs and well Friends Forever! 

For ct:
"I wish you all the best in your life. I hope you take care of youself there and hope that no harm is done on you. I'm worried hell that if anything happens to you, because I can't help you there since i'm here but I will pray for your safety as well as your health. Thank you for spending time with me and jay, and thanking for the lovely scarfs! I do want more hehehe I love you for being my friend and you're always in my mind."

For jay (jay chou :P)
"there are other great guys in the world, I know someday, you'll find him. Don't go looking, It'll turned up. Life must be lived in the fullest and fastest way possible. You're beautiful. You know you're beautiful. I know you have a very big heart and that you'll always make your way. It takes time to handle it. You'll manage it. Don't worry. I'm hoping you have a great adventure as a teacher and you'll teach all the great things in life for them. Train them and have them to expect the world as we all know it!"

Oh here's the photos!

this is ct lunch for such a small girl! nasi padang and gimbap!

Jay's luch, ikan bakar! yummmyyy..

kerabu manga or mango salad. Jay's lunch..

this is us!
(blue: jay, purple and pink: ct, striped brown and grey: your's truly!)

me doing funny faces and habit 

I so agree!

me and ct

me and jay

ct and jay

ct and me with funny faces..

as you can see, i need to lose the weight. Oh so help me! hahaha No food! Yummmy nyumm nyumm :P

Bye candy! 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Help the need!

Hello candy!

I'm on my holiday but it's not really a holiday since I've got mid term and assignments to finish but yet,, i'm too lazy so yeah. Yea me! but i really need to enhance myself I mean I'm going to get a job and I'm going to need to be more ethical and NOT lazy. We'll see..

Today, Is actually My sister's birthday but we celebrate it yesterday. Since yesterday is a sunday it's easier and no one's working on that day. So it was fun, food was DELICIOUS if I may add... I mean like Nasi Minyak, Kari Sayur, Ayam Kurma, Daging Sambal, Sambal Taun which is a seafood very nyum nyum, aca nenes and I made my specialty of course chocolate chip cookies. I wanted to make a cake but mama said NO! we BUY it.. So it's that my cake are bad, but i do agree i'm still a first time baker and i need to improve if i want to make a birthday cake not like those cikai2 cooking kan? so much needed for enhancement. my cooking, my habits and well my sleeping habits too. Hmmm.. So much... 

So okay, today, we went to pay some bills and eat at this very tasty place near Pasar Gombak. Just right next to it actually a small minangkabau eatery. I was eating and when i was finished, I saw his begger and I think his from pakistan. He gave this small gift for people to pay.. you know? like you pay some money i gave u this as a token. Well, its a 1000 dinar and firstly, my thought was like don't come here because I'm myself don't have that much money since I'm an orphan and I have no sources of income but he came and My mom was like giving him coins instead of dollar bills because like i said, even we don't have enough that's all we can afford to give him. I'm not lying! it's the truth. So I think my mom gave him like $3 something worth of coins and he went to other people but they sort of ignored him, I was feeling bad really bad and i remember I don't have any cash on my hands so I couldn't do anything. When my mom went to pay at the cashier, I saw him sitting down, expecting some one to help him with food, and NO ONE CAME!! and I was like please man help the guy, give some food to the needy! and I was so embarrassed by it! I smiled at him though, He smiled back and That's all I could give him, a very generous smile with a heavy burden heart. If i have enough, I would seriously pay for his food. He was that hungry, but i didn't have that much in my wallet. When I left the eatery, I saw him going to the waitress pointing the coins my mom gave to him and the lady just pushed him away and told him to leave. I was feeling rather bad. Seriously. I was. I told my mom but she said, even we couldn't afford to help him. In my heart, I wished dearly that some one would help him, I know this why? I knew it deep in my heart that we have to help no matter what the races are. Just like them. 

Why am i talking about these stuff? I saw on Tv last friday 2 days 1 night. koreans tv variety show. And I was  amazed by them accepting their foreign workers and treating them so well. I mean if you'd watch it, you'd feel it too. I was touched seriuously! I don't know how much I said seriously? but seriously. Think! they came here for work, for money, not for themselves but for their family back home. They have no one else here but themselves and they came here with expectations of us being all kind, and generous like the promotions we did on tv being all nice and stuff but are we? are we being truly nice to them? I'm not sure because I'm seeing doubles. I mean I know foreign workers whom came here so much and some of them works at factories, mamak stalls and much more. I just hoped that their manager and employer are being nice to them as they were expecting. It's hard you know being in some body's else country. A place you don't know and A place where you hoped to have a better life but people treat you differently and rudely. It's just not nice. 

Imagine yourself, being at their place. I know the feeling. Even though I haven't been through it but I know have hard it felt. If I were in their place, Deep down inside, I know how sad it would be to actually have to go through life without support and friends. It's that hard. People kept whining here and there but You need support to get you going. So that man, was in help but I couldn't help but I hope for others who read these and feels the same way I do to help them. Don't ignore them. If you have a bit of decency, gave a little money. It's not hard. Just $5 would do. It'll help them to eat for one day. I mean for just one day, they can eat and feel happy because someone out there help them. I'm sure those people wouldn't forget the kind hands that help them. 

If you see a man, in blue shirt (not t-shirt) and black pants, that's the man I want to help, in turn please help me, help him instead. He needs it more than i do. I have my support but he doesn't. Please, it will give you great feelings as well as deeds. He have a kind heart too, it's in his eyes. 


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hello candy!

I'm sorry I didn't wrote for so long or should i say I rarely blog nowadays?? well, since I have the free time starting today but ending tomorrow I might as well spend it with you! So what have i been up to? hmmm not much really just studies, boredom and well spending time with arief. 

Truthfully, I've been having exams for these last 2 days and assignment as well as presentation since 2 or 3 weeks ago. SO....! I didn't have that much time to blog. But I did blog I think a few weeks ago about cakes? I wanted to do a part 2 which was more about how the cake looked like sweet, simply and delightful but I didn't get the time so I might as well start later (hmmm not sure when). 

I've had these done:
1)malaysian economy presentation
 2)Islamic Accounting assignment passed up. 

The only assignment needed to do now: 
1)individual and group assignment for malaysian economy
2)specialised accounting group assignment
3)specialised accounting mid term
4)job interview
5)malaysian economy individual assignmnet presentation
7)i don'r remember!!!

so there you go... this is my last semester studying and next semester would be working as an intern. I'm not sure how that'll be like but i do hope it's not stressful or hard (some stories i've heard). I must well spend my time living as a student and pretty much well.. be a student. when will i get to be a student ever again right? to feel young again? (i'm not that old!

yup. let's get my study life over on this road and so that i'll be ready to be a worker soon and not brag how much i miss my life as a student. Since, i didn't want to grow up early or well i'm not that matured yet i think...


I had my mid term exam for islamic accounting yesterday.. yea! guess what? i flunk it! I couldn't do it as much as I wanted too! I mean, i studied the whole 5 out of 6 chapters and I was expecting something else but It turn out to be what i wouldn't expect! grrr.. even arief couldn't do it. So yup.. I wonder how my final would be like.... since EVERY CHAPTER is in!! ughhh.. damn.. 

get the books out.. :P not yet! 

i'm tired today.. why? I had two quizzes today. One is Malaysian Economy which i forgot to put on the list and second would be specialize accounting.. both were okay. thank you since i studied that part and i didn't even know it was all theory i didn't even focus on it. It was just a hunch that I've read theory. pheeww.. lalala

so now im here with you. well, i'm currently having a neck pain from a few days of studying but i need my rest. Oh well.. i'll see u soon.. oh not to forget.. i've found this so cute pictures which i thought was very humane! and I want to share it with you. I hope you like it. it's funny and cute. Enjoy! 

from tumblr

from tumblr

isn't this cute? I was looking for a picture about mad behavior actually haha i was just typing and seeing if theres any picture relevant. I want to continue with notes to dotts but these pictures came out! I mean like OMG so cute!! how is it even angry?? right? irrelavant! 

omg! i haven't literally wrote a story for like ages! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hello candy!

I'm currently enjoying my eating time haha I'm eating ABC not as in the alphabets but Air Batu Campur. In englist it would be Combine Rock water haaahha funny... -_- hmmm not at all... huhu

Well, if u do come to malaysia, it's a must eat thing especially if the whether is hot and its in the afternoon, just like how u would drink tea in the afternoon right?

so enjoy!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

splendid serenity Pt 1

Hello candy!

I'm sure you all will be at auwwww or OMG or uhhhhh or lalalala or maybe just hmmmm so? right? right? right?

but for me when i saw these photos i'm like shhhhhhh.....!!! omg!!! waaaa!! damn i'm hungry! seriously??

ughhh.. why do you look soooo goood??

so for all you wondering here what i found to be like so hungry for... really I still am just thinking about it..


this is just a preview...! I have like tons more literally tonss! i don't know! 

chocolate!! ohhhh... i know right?

i'm droooling..!

ughh.. ok stop! think rationally!

what do you think?? right right? don't lie if you didn't drool! u must have.. if you didn't.. i have more!
but.. don't like the one's above.. this one is different.. just splendid!


nice one right? pretty too.. 
cake's like these are suitable for any event! but the price is pricy like wow! 

see? these are so festive!

as you can see it's for a baby birthday's theres no limitation for it! 

amongst what i think is just so beautiful to look. I mean they must've spend like hours really long hours too make it look so beautiful! the moolah, the cash, the $$$ is very much like $$$$$. know what i mean?
credits to the

hmmm.. i just want to taste it! 
here's some more that just simply delightful..

don't you feel hungry? I know I am...

okay! bye! see you next time...