Friday, December 17, 2010

Shall we dance?

Hello candy!

I know the title is a bit weird but I like it! Well, I'm home now at ampang and I'm bored because ASTRO is causing trouble which makes mama's life a bit bored! Seriously?? HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO FIX A BROKEN ASTRO DECODER??? A MONTH????? WTF MAN??!!! I'm so PISSED literally! I want to yell at the man for ruining my mother's whole month of boredom! syhushshhhh... FU man! FU man!

phheeewww.. onwards with my life, I haven't been blogging for a while i'm guessing its because I didn't have the time or I'm busy or I'm just plain lazy but all in all I'm trying my best with myself to do some adjustment and some refreshment about my peculiar behavior. I'm still poor if you get what i mean... when is PTPTN going to bank in? I don't know or well I'm searching for my practical training centre and it's hard comparing on to another and the salary they give you and such but I'm in need of a place with good people, good interaction and good moral support so I can have the least of my worries in my future. yup that is all I need for the moment.

Well, I think this might sound stupid and awkward but I'm currently reading harry potter and the goblet of fire, well i don't collect all the series but I only have that one book so i took the liberty to read it and see how it goes and i'm on the 114pg currently, i must admit it is quite a good reading. Frankly speaking, i'm 22 years old turning 23 and reading HARRY POTTER??? wow! WTV! I think the movie have got some loose end that i'm confused with so I decided to read it to understand it better. So it is embarrassing to say but I might go buy the whole series if I may but I don't know if I will.. hmm.. we'll see... After all, I do have the complete series of twilight and I have to stress upon how I do not like the movie! FULL STOP! I don't know why i don't like the movie... I only watch the 1st but the rest is history for me. I even got the host by stephenie meyer. hmmm... didn't get to read that one yet. Anyway, I've finished with to kill a mocking bird by harper lee and i'm going to return it to balqis who is the rightful owner. it's a classic which i like especially with how scout is think and jem is the brother who always take care of his beloved only sister. I find it very sweet and lovely to have family like that. And the book really is cunning to began reading with. I found it to be memorable and well, sure it's ending is fast with Mr ewell dead and all but I was hoping that harper lee would write some more.  hmm maybe i'm thinking too much about it... NVM....

continue with my weird mind right now, I'm hungry for no reason at all... its sound means I need food! Feed me! feed me! I just ate like at 1pm just now.. hmm.. what is wrong with me... i've suddently became the fatty bumbum i've been avoiding... need to exercise!!! urghhhhh!! talking about being skinny, i want to dye my hair read I'm father fond of it. Maybe because I'm pale and that colour may make me look more stunning even though i wear a hijab. but nonetheless, it's a very nice colour and i want it badly!!! See this picture.. she's beautiful with that hair colour.. hmm... envy!

My hair is currently like this long but i think it's a bit more longer.. i dunno i didn't measure it properly

You guys know how i'm fond of cats right? Aware of it that some of my previous post have pictures of kitten?? Even my blog URL is based on kittens too?? Well, I just found some really cute and adorable kittiess!! UGHH... SO cuddly!  I want one! but i can't this place where i live, i'm not sure if we're allowed too but i think its safer to not to adopt a pet. Maybe if I move to a better place than it's likely i'm having one pronto!

so here: the adorable cute and debonair kitten!
isn't he cute!! I found it on a page but i couldn't link it to it's rightful owner. SO if you know, please tell me

I'm loving the books! Its propotion and well i don't know what type of books this is just love the cat and how it fits with the books and the shelf

from someone's facebook.. didn't catch the name of it.. do tell me if you know thanks!

well, i guess that's all for it now!

bye candy!

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