Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pricing should be fixed!

Hello Candy!

Well, I went out to eat dinner today and Nealy, Ili and I went to this place near Uniten. Well, since Uniten that I'm in is at a rural area I don't think I should tell you which place it is since there is a lot of students whom eat there too. So, I ordered Tomyam Mushroom and Drink Hot Lime. When I was eating, I thought of how delicious it was and I'd like it because well it's my fave soup and then when I went to pay for it. I told the lady what I already eaten, at first I thought she wanted to calculate it but then she decided not too and then she said "RM8" and I was like WTF?? That can't be! So I asked her "Kak, How much is the tomyam?" her answer was sooooooooo oblivious! It was so unexpected! "The tomyam is RM7" and I was more and more mad! I was furious so I told her that the menu said the tomyam is 'RM3.50' and she was like really? I didn't know that let me check, so she went to asked her friend whom worked there and said it's "RM5" and I was even more mad! excuse me?? RM5?? the menu said rm3.50 and why did u mark up the food for RM1.50?? I was like look the menu said RM3.50 and I didn't want to pay at first then she went on bragging saying that's the old price and the new price is RM5 and I was even more mad then nealy who was also shocked asked "why would you put that price? change it" the lady answered "i already told her (her friend) to change but she didn't change it blablablablabla..." excuse me???? WTH??? ughhhh... I think there is need for rules with these food I mean sure vendors are allowed to sale but the price should be fixed and no mark up! it's not like you gain anything like that, you're only losing customers!

I seriously would not want to eat there again! trust me! I won't! I don't care if I have to strave or go to Segamat or Kuantan! Ughhh.. I said to nealy that with RM5 I can eat Paprik Fried Rice or even Kuey Teow Kung Fu! The rice cost RM4.50 and the Kuey teow cost RM5... or even fried noodle nealy eaten was only RM3.50 and that is even more fulfilling that the tom yam! I am so furious! I'm not rich lady! I have got no income to generate sale or profit! Be fair! We're just students and we have no job! As for me!! I have no father to go to for money! Keep that in mind! Your just being selfish for that! I can even buy Mcdonald Fries that cost less than that!

Bye candy! I'm just pissed off! PPTBMFHGFRTYED!!!!

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