Friday, December 24, 2010

my dear religion!

Hello candy!

It's 12.30 in the afternoon on a very religious friday. It means that fridays prayer are going to be held soon. So i hope some of you men and boys go to SOLAT! OkAYH!! 

This morning I sort of woke up later at like 8.15 something like that when I have class at 9???! no big deal?? HELLO!! I sometimes can get easily dressed or well I want to look pretty but doesn't achieve any! So yeah. Me and Arief nearly got into a fight because I was late getting ready.. Prolly because I was in the toilet with stomach ache. Nonetheless, we made in time. At first I thought my class was canceled because I saw a few people heading back or i thought that was my classmate... Maybe I should interact some more?? I'm such a snob! haha! I'm not sombong okay! Just malu nak tegur org... seriously! Anyway, we were suppose to have tutorial but it turns to be a ceramah or something... it was my lecturer husband (Ustaz R) (im not sure whether i should call me ustaz or not)(i'll check later on it) whose speaking at the front and he spoke a lot of good things! I mean, i paid attention alright with the coldness and the air cond and everything, I paid attention when he said that some of us weren't paying attention due to shivering and being in winter! so that caught my attention.

What he said was seriously true because As A Muslim we are responsible for our action. We were taught about Iman and Ehsan and Doing the Right Thing and Avoid Fraudulent and Misstatement and Full Disclosure.. I'm talking about accountings and accountants and accountable for your action. so yeah. My lecturer actually said a few weeks earlier that accounting was actually apart of our religion that we as muslim should know already! It was already written in the Quran and to my surprise! I was like really?? Wow we invented accounting firsts! So if your wondering which part of it; It's Surah Al-Baqarah verse 282. This refers towards how as an accountant we are accountable for our action and not to do what we're not suppose to do like you know.. uhmm fraud, lie, cheat, steal, mishaps, embezzle, gambling and stuff. He (Allah) sees everything and everyone. I'm quite intrigue by it actually. Before I ran off the topic, Ustaz R talked about the Angels and how Satan was mad about Adam and Us human being too weak with temptations. Its true actually, I must agree, We are taught that there's life after death like heaven right? And as A muslim, we prayed 5 times a day and that does not include all the Sunat prayers and the recitation of the Quran and Fasting and Zakat and everything else, those are actually what should I say, a deed, every good deed done here in earth, we earn more "Pahala" and we entitled ourselves to His and Heaven. So these is what's important to never forget to pray and the "WAJIB" is always always a must! Never forget! or NEVER EVER EVER EVER!! Leave any of it because on Judgement Day, we will be question! I think I went off the topic.. anyway, it's the same point actually because On judgement day, even if we did all those lie in account and how corporate failings and such, we will be in question too.. Does that make sense to you? I hope it does. 

Thus, every one of us has an angel on their shoulders right? Angel in muslim is "Malaikat" and they sees everything we did right or wrong and they wrote it down. If I say a bad word that, it is most likely wriiten down. So, there's no need to lie or to be weaken by temptation of money or anything. I mean who isn't on a situation where Your told to do something bad and in return you get paid triple the amount of your salary or better 10000x more... right? who isn't weaken by that temptation. especially when you have wife ,children, bungalows, cars, etc..etc..etc.. right? I would feel it too but we must think differently. As a muslim, I need to know better. If in earth I live like this than in return what do i get for lying? only grief, resentment and regret. right? so think better. really think harder. 

credits to My lecturer and her Husband.

Sorry if i've offended some people or anyone with the written above. i didn't mean too. I do hope however in return I gave you a rather good information or knowledge that was shared to me by two people whom love and adore each other and also whom know more than I do and I just thought maybe I should share it to you guys.

SO thanks!

Bye candy! Love ya!

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