Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life's too short

Hello Candy!

How are you today? I'm swell dear internet friend... I'm not on my mind actually. I'm more of a...a... crazy? I don't know why... Maybe because I've lost communication with my brain or my heart or well.. something..

I've been reading The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho.

It's rather good actually. I mean if you're in searching for yourself then you should definitely read this book. It's some how, realistic.

The story is that, Santiago, the shepherd whom had a dream of treasure in the pyramids of egypt. Being uncertain of his dream, he had help from A King, A Crystal Merchant, An Alchemist and Gypsy Woman to find those treasure and also his destiny. I found it rather entertaining because it teaches about self-enrichment, empowerment, self understanding. There's also a bit of a fairy tale I think hehe.. Not quite sure but I found it has a bit of a fairy tale and amusement with all the magic, prophecy and dreams.

This book really teaches you to follow your dream and not to let them go cause if you do, you'll end up being haunted by them or you'll be thinking what would happen if I do these or I do that, you know? I've been there so yep! I don't know about my destiny actually, because I'm not sure but Santiago found his destiny in his dream so... My destiny will be coming in my dreams??

Anyway! I love the book because the plot is twisted in the end. WHY? read the book OK! But i'll tell you anyway, Santiago was suppose to find the treasure in Egypt but it turns out the treasure is actually back where he had his dream.. see.. there's the twist. But I know you'll be like what? what r u talking about?!! I'm telling you to read the booookkk!!

Oh! I've learn a new word to Maktub, it means "it is already written". In the book it says about how life goes and everything, but seriously.. It is the truth, everything we do in life is already written, no matter how much we tried to change it, you'll only ended going to the same direction.

So if you all please read it. I'm sure you'll find it amusing too. because i've found it very much fun to read! I didn't let go of it!

so if you please my dear friend. Read the book!

bye candy!

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