Friday, December 24, 2010

Haven't we meet before?

Hello candy!

I'm updating my blog soon. Trying to look for a new layout and something well--- some of my friends says they can't comment on my blog so I need to fix it since this HTML does not support comment or i can't find it anywhere. 

Anyway, I'm pretty pissed with a few things! firstly, i'm stuck in the woods! booray! y? well, Christmas is coming tomorrow and it's a holiday and every NOT every students of United is going back home but there are a PLENTY i repeat A LOT are at home CURRENTLY! except for hazz my roommate and yaya my beloved friend whose actually travelling to new places as we speak! grrrr... I didn't follow either because well here's the second reason MY PTPTN isn't bank in yet! I'm seriously pissed because some of my peers already have their loan with them and me?? why am i always the one whose late in this kind of stuff?? honestly? C'mon man! I need the doe! I need it!!!! Not because I want to go shopping BUT i want to stop asking mama for money. 

The third thing why i'm pissed is easy, I"M SOOOOOO BORED!! I don't know what to do or what to think. I kinda have work but I don't know yet what it is.. stupid isnt 't? Can't say why i don't know my own work! Being a writer is tough man! I borrowed a book from the library title "Writing as Craft and Magic" by Carl Sessions Stepp, it's actually a very good book. Some how, it helps me develop my writing a bit better in lots of ways though I honestly have to say I didn't get to read the whole book because i'm kinda distracted by 2 books which i will review later with to kill a mocking bird. I want to write a review of 3 books that i've read recently. Including Stepp's book I guess that'll be 4 books total then? Okay!

Since, my friends all went somewhere! I'm actually stuck in MUADZAM SHAH the most I don't know what to do place in the world! I went to eat dinner with Mr U. Arif me sexy lover! and then we both ask ourselves, what should we do next? and I was like well.... well... there's tunas manja... and I was like what? tunas manja??!! WTH do i even go there for in times like this? right? it's like a small mini jusco or giant only smaller I think.. NVM.. it is so aggravating! ughhhh.... then, we drove around this 5km or smaller TOWN for like 10 mins and I told me "U, I nk pegi bank, nak check pt dh masuk blom" he agreed and we went. while waiting I was praying and praying and praying.... and TADA RM10.00 hahahahahaha I can't even take that RM10.00 out! hahahaha... what to do what to do... so, I know if Yaya or Nealy is reading this, they'll be like "ALIA, we told you to come" or "Padan Muka! Tu la org suruh ikut xnak!" or somewhere there! but i know their reaction because they begged me to follow them to nealy's house this week only I felt a heavy burden following because I GOT NO MONEY! and I don't like to borrow people's money that is more than RM10. It's because I know I'll forget to pay! talking about paying, remind me to pay Kak Lyn the foodcourt lady I owed her RM3 for this mornings breakfast... SEE???? I forgot! My bad though! I'm such a forgetful person!

Now, i'm here bored. yearning. having nothing to do but read 3 books and well, i'm a reader of course but at times like these it's the only thing i could do... 


i forgot! I was watching these blog by Maria Elena. And she is SOOOOOO SUPERB! I like her very much!
I mean she speaks english like i do! and she is more hyper and more cheerful and OMG OMG OMG SHE IS SOOOOO PRETTY!!! I serious adore her! I actually wore how she wore her hijab today, but Mr U. Arif does not like it... he said it was weird.. hmmm...

but!!! she looks so gorgeous wearing it! maybe she's the only one who can pull it off since it is her look after all... yep... Oh! If you want to learn how she wore her hijab, she actually made a tutorial and it was easy! I must say... Maria Elena is so preeettay! I envy you lar! Keep updating if you're reading this. I just love it!

Oh here's her blog. read it guys or girls or yeah inbetweeners... she's nice too! very nice! (angguk angguk) :P she's fun to watch.. so funny lar!

isn't she kewl?? and a fashionista i must say! kak maria elena how to skinny mcm u? serius jeles! 

okay candy! I must go and be bored again or fantasize i've shopping or well.. I'll find something to do.. thanks for reading~!!

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