Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happiness in the wind

Hello Candy!

I am terribly happy today, honestly, I got to spend time with mama and someone Hehe... We went to MAHA 2010 and I bought chocolate and kek Lapis Sarawak, it was so nice and tasty! seriously, i would go buy them again only if they have a store where i could go but sadly, only the chocolate shop has a factory which does not sell... yup.. NVM... still their delicious and sweet and ouhhh.... i don't want to finish them! grrrr.... The event was fun actually, it was crowded with people whom can't walk properly nor see properly. always trying to hit people and push them. "PLEASE BE PATIENT" we're heading the same way. huh. I'm pissed off because of that. People just push and kept pushing and it was suffocating! I can't even breathe until at one point I just wanted to scream because they were just rude even the children were bothering, they kept screaming and yelling and crying and i'm just not suitable for places like that.

Okay, i'm going to stop mumbling about that and talk about the event. I went to 3 hall actually, One was the international thingy and two were something. I didn't get the name but I thought it was interesting. Firstly, I got to see a grouper which is a fish that has spots like a tiger. hahaahaha in malay they are called kerapu harimau. AND they aren't here, but the business is breeding this fish so we could have them. something like that. Mama asked if we could eat them and the guy said we could but if we wanted them we must go to pangkor or some places to fish them. The species is not here in any of malaysian waters only to those who is breeding them. WOW! I like them but i don't want to eat them I think their prettttyyyy.. :P okay! next on I saw turtles!! hehehe NINJA TURTLES!!! yup2.. they were swimming and so cuttteee!!! grrrr.. later, a dugong but it's dead and well it's been mummified for a while. uhmmm it's creepy but for me i didn't liked it much! next on!! We went and saw some more fishes but the most interesting fish to me is the LOBSTER!!!!! why?? easy they were HUGE!! HUMONGOUS!! Mama and someone tried to touch their antenna but I screamed because i was scared and well I was scared because i thought of a movie called the mist which have an alien being that eat people that look like the lobster. hehe.... i want to eat that lobster. YUM! :P sorry dude, lobster is my fave seafood because i rarely eat it! we even saw something called a belangkas and it was uglyyy and yucky and i thought it looked like a coachroach! I don't want to look at it again or eat it too... not my type of seafood! i'll show a picture from the internet but its uglyyyy!!
its this ugly guy!
this one is a female one... hmmmm.. ewwww.... dont like it!
pictures are from wikipedia and someone's blog I forgot the name sorry.
in english it's called a horseshoe crab. OMG! I got goosebumps from looking at the picture! eeewww... eeewww.. yuck yuck yuck!! click on horseshoe crab to see the wikipedia info! okay.. off to a more delicious and delicate thing than this yucky thingy! 

after that, we went to one hall which is filled with linen and cloths and some stuff but when we're on our way out we nearly got lost, thankfully we found our way out. so we went to a new hall and the first thing I saw was a huge oven with 3 door panel and I was OMG OMG OMG, a baking oven! I want one! I want one! I told mama, even mama was take the business card maybe later when we need it we can call them. They have machine for the mixing stuff, oven, roller, and some other things, etc,etc,etc but i want to huge oven! i don't care! saving money. uishhh I"M SO GREEDY...! later, we walked and walked and stumble on a few things including some more seafood, yup yup.. yummmmm... okayh! then we saw this car which have 3 tyres. and it was a prototype.. but it was cute.. and other machiine... hmmm.. then we walked again.. someone talked to us and i wasn't listening till he/she said it's chocolate! i was like really?? so i tasted some and i wanted to buy the rm30 which have 6 types of chocolate but mama didn't let me. so i was disappointed so i asked is all this your shop, they said only the small section was theirs. I think the chocolate section have like 10 shops.. if i could tasted them ALLLLLL!!! I love chocolate! who doesnT! I ended buying rm10 for 2 one is a tiramise milk chocolate which is sweet and fine, another was latte milk chocolate which is less sweet but more fine! ughhh... when are you going to be in store??!! I want some more!! I practically don't want to eat them because they taste too delicious i just want to keep em! hmmmm... than some guy yelled KEK lapis.. I came directly to the shop because it's my fave cake other than mama's "sarang semut" and Kak Long kek lapis and Auntie Kamariah Chocolate cake. YUP now! the cake has taken over my taste buds! I was exactly the same as I tasted when Angah's friend brought from sarawak! so moist! yumm.... keeping it too! grrrr.. they don't have a shop! they only send to houses! heeee.. can i call?? tq! I got their numbers... so later we walked outside in the rain and arguing whether or not to buy umbrella but need it badly! so went down to see some more and didn't find anything fun so we went back home. The only thing I want now is an orchid tree.. They have some amazing and pretty flowerss! mama even wanted to buy a tree i think it's called a soursop tree or in malay durian belanda. so we could buy it since the place we lived is a bit different.. hehheee

anyway, today, i went back to the jungle and i think i can plant trees here ILLEGALLY.. well i'm not going to do that. we went to the mall near PWTC which is a massive traffic jam! afterwards we travelled back and it was raining and here I am now! blogging how happy i am with the weekend spent with mama and my friend. It was nice, i want them to spend more together. I had fun so did they. OHHHH i forgot to tell you! after we all went to MAHA 2010, we went to eat near the shop at my house which sells this very delicious steam fish with lime! yummy yumm yumm.. at least we got to eat some seafood! 

bye. I'm off to bed!

love ya candy!

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