Monday, December 6, 2010


Hello candy!

It's monday and my first day of class for the week since last week I only have 1 day which was on thursday but the rest is history! Anyway, I have assignments already?!! Haha... figure! SO i'm going to look for the New Economic Model (NEM) for my paper in Malaysian Economics as well as Sime Darby for individuals assignment. Need for info! If anyone has information regarding this two please do contact me. Thank you!

Well, I just had dinner with friends, Nealy, Hazz, Yaya and Kak Meen. We chit chatted about the mysteries of ghost, ghouls and something between. Kak meen a lot of stories but I didn't hear much of it because I was afraid or well I'm not welll.... you get what I mean. Every one has their fears and they have to be strong. I will try to be strong. Okayh2... on wards... Still reading my book, and still thinking on what to write for part 3 of One Day but I'm going to halt on for a while because Its a dead end. If I write it like this, it'll be one litre of tears according to Is and if I write it like that It'll be well much predicted. SO... I'm going to be thinking about it and fixing it a bit so, it will be different and much more not expected I think. Okay! Bye2.. going to play city of wonders.. fun!

Bye Candy!

PS: having fun!

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