Friday, December 3, 2010


Hello candy!

I'm going back home today! Yippie! I miss mama so much, i just want to go home today. Well I am! After friday's prayer, we're going back. Me and yaya. She's my friend from Uniten. A smart litlle person such as myself only thinner. Haha! seriously she is thin and small and she has a brain that is gigantic!Well, since new year is near and I will introduce you to my friends here in Uniten as well as my friends from CBN.

I've got something to say, well rather something very shocking for me. I mean, Well there's this person whom I know once a few years back, we were friends and now I think we're just acquaintance. So, there's this rumous around and about and people come and go talking and I'm hearing things here and there. Honestly, I'm shocked to hear how this person can become so different then till now. I know people change and things but to hear this person change drastically for me was OMG I DON"T BELIEVE IT!! For me, this person before was just simple and tidy but suddenly I'm hearing things like this person is saying things that are just B*** and this person is a backstabber and ETC. I heard that this person has a friend whom this person never really liked and in front of this friend that person is all nice and shit and behind them, this person mocks, talk stuff and others. I don't give a hoots about this person anymore since the day we both stop being friends but that friend is a very nice and sweet and how could you talk shit about her? I mean what did she do to you that offend you so much?! I know this things is girl stuff and kiddie stuff but seriously?  You've changed big timed! I wonder if you did the same towards me when we were friends back then? hmm.. i seriously cbf by this! WTV!

Maybe my mood is off by now but I'm listening here and there and there are so much rumours and gossiping going on, CBF by this stuff. I need to focus and sure it's nice to hear but I don't like to hear when it comes to my friends and i know my friends, i know how they are, i would absolutely defend them because I know they'll defend me, but it's not something I would tolerate or i'm proud of but don't ever mock anyone of my friends. they are dear to me as I am dear to them. OKAYH?

PS: kepada siapa terasa, ikut awak la termakan cili api. this person has no idea Its about he/she.

bye candy

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