Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hello candy!

I've been MIA and it wasn't easy actually, I'm back in the jungle, My University which ins't a university. Well, we were told that our house (my apartment) need fixing, and when we were on holiday for 3 weeks, nothing change, the same thing is broken and well they want to move us to the 3rd floor but we insisted that we want ground floor and no matter what, its a ground floor house that we want! we were told that but nothing changed everything is the same. SO it's a bit for a bust! Anyway, wanis already finished and she is currently doing her practical training and if you're reading this HI NEK NIS! :P she is called grandma nis because she nags all the time! Always! Shouting, and other stuff but most of all she is a trusted friend whom always been there for me. So, it's a bit sad not to see a familiar face here again, and to hear her nag and gossip with her. It's always a good memories.

Anyway, I'm alone. All my housemates are headed home and I'm still in the jungle frustrated whether to go home or not. Hmmm.. Don't know. So if I'm not going home tomorrow than I'll be alone for a very long time like 3-4days. Hmmm... What to do.. what to do.. its a very long long time okay! Hmmm..

I've beginning to wonder is there anyone out there whose reading my blog entries? I always have like 2 hits for russia everyday, which is nice but i'd like you to follow if you can but some how I'm judging myself and my blog. Is it not interesting or what? do tell me. I really don't know. I would like to know. I need to know. So if you can, please comment on my formspring since this HTML doesn't serve the comment purposes. Sorry. for those whom always reads my blog, please do follow and come and visit if you can. I'd appreciate it a lot!

bye candy.
P.S:Suddenly nowadays i'm clueless. I don't know why! but i'm currently still reading to kill a mocking bird.

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