Tuesday, November 23, 2010

surreal part 2

Hello candy!

I saw this cute photo of a guy playing with his kitten. It was so cute, he looks like a big tough guy with tattoos and all, it turns out even tough he looks tough, he also has a big heart. I always imagine guys as mean and big and well by definition mean says a lot right? so yeah, i know they have a tender heart too but I'm quite unsure about it until I saw that photos. To be precise, I can now agree with myself that man with tattoos have feelings too and they are sweet as can be. Hehe..

I know some people are like "she's always posting photos of people" and 'those are even hers"... well.. I want to take photos but i don't have the proper equipment for it. If i do, I definite post them! That I promise.. I'm looking for the greens and when I found it, absolutely I will do something with it.. Just wait for it.. I'll try my best on earning my own damn cash!

I'm playing this game on facebook, it's city of wonder and it's fun. Arief introduce the game to me and I felt like playing something so I gave it a try. I'm now in level 11 since last 2 weeks i think.. I forgotten but it was either last week or the week before.. it's quite fun rather than playing with baking, and making cities and stuff.. but for me, it gives me time to decrease my boredness.. Yup i'm bored!

Anyways, Maybe I'll be blogging again tonight we'll see about it. I don't know who even reads my blog. I only know there's a few people which is my friends and relatives but are there any people who really like my blog or do you just simply come and go without notice? well it's up to you right? Just come again if you like mine. No matter how hard I try, there will always be a hurdle. It's beyond your imagination. Anyways, trlalal

Bye candy!

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