Friday, November 12, 2010

surpassing inspiration

Hello candy!

Well, I went out with mama today and we went to the some office to sent out my sister's resume. We met a lot of mama's old colleague. Chit chat a bit. It was nice hearing their stories about life, work, husbands and other things too.. I'm going to tell it all today. Not exactly all just somethings that might be interesting for you.

One of mama's friend said that the HR people can take resume and well I need to find a company for my practical training like internship, honestly? she said that one of mama's friend can help but you need a 3 pointer to get a job there and if you're below that than your file will be underneath every heaps of file there is meaning they wont even look at it! seriously? when I heard that I was like "OMG! I need to get my grades up!" then i thought to myself, no wonder there so much people jobless and well "mengganggur". You didn't look at their file, nor did you look at other qualification they might have! I mean like there must be other qualities available right? you just can't assume some one below that grade is stupid? How could you?? I'm not saying I'm below or above or average.. i'm just gonna say "I'm looking" seriously?? Even if i got rejected and not qualified, i'm just gonna say to my self, there are other places and you have other qualities. Look at the bright side, their losing a writer, account student and some one whose mind is awkwardly exquisite! ;p FULL STOP! do you get what i mean candy? there are other qualities in people, even if they don't match the criteria you're looking for then find a suitable place for them to work. right? don't simply reject them! you might eventually reject the next billionaire who invented something..anything.. right? who knows the world is a big place and big things happen! seriously!

onward candy! I'm so hyped about today topics, i have no idea! OK! Well one of mama's friend husband is sick or ill. and it's about marriage, love, lost, divorces and MONEY! well, assuming you guys can tell when i gave you the hints. If you think marriage life is easy, think again. Being in a relationship is simple rather than being married for 1+ or 2+ or 3+ years i mean the trends today are divorces and quickie marriage and young marriages and kiddie marriage.. Divorces?? mama's friend is not yet divorced or will be divorce.. not in that criteria so that get the wrong idea ok! anyway, she was talking about her life, her husband, his illness and things. I wasn't paying too much attention to it but i did pickup something. Like these days people get married because of money. I agree some do look for money sorry if i've offended some body. I mean when you have lots of cash, women or guys come running towards you like tornado! and if you lost all that they go running away also like tornado.. i mean is that what you really see in the people? do you not see love? i'm a hopelessly romantic type of person and i wouldn't want that to happen. i think that's how a quickie marriage comes in. I have no idea what that is actually but i think its where you met the person for a short period of time and you're only married for 1 day.. funny right? or maybe more than that but less than a month period! huh?? why did you get married in the first place? right? right? don't get me started on young and kiddie marriages! ughh yuck! yuckie yuckie yuckie! okay, it's monkey romance but why?? you're 17 and you're getting married and at 21 you're divorced?? hmmm... I want my life to be perfect so i am on my not so perfect path but working on it. get some sense into you! really! really! think about you're future as well as others too you know!

this might be a long post! but anyways...
i watch the biggest loser finale at 2pm just now! it was so fun!! I was so amazed, dazed and i was crying literally! i mean i was sobbing, smiling and tears were coming out! I really like that show. It's a show where they are telling you that you can do things in life in which you thought you could have never begin to do or think of! a 64 year old man named jerry just lost weight in won $100000 USD! and helen a 48 year old if I'm not mistaked won $250000 USD and she is the winner! I mean like OMG! OMG! I'm so like wh-what? no way, i thought tara was going to win and mama thought that mike was going to win, but helen came out of nowhere and WON! Oh.. it's last season or the season before that or some season before that. But I love this show! My sister doesn't think so. I'm not sure about arief but mama is hooked too sometimes hehe.. You guys should watch the show since now there's the biggest loser asia season 2.. watch it at the astro channel 702.. i forgot the name of the channel.. opps sorry! ;p hehe  this is by far one of the stories or tv shows i like to see... it shows you how focused and determine some one is just to get that they dreamed of. if they can do it so can u! right? start doing it! never say never! i think this is why i'm so hyped up.

well..... i'm going to start writing my novel again, and blogwalking at the same time. I hope I can finish in time since i did the whole schedule and boxes thingy to get me align. NATALIA! REMEMBER THE BIGGEST LOSER!! okay! i'm hyped up!

Bye candy! Oh! before i forgot, i've started this online story called one day i haven't really gotten an idea what i wrote or how the story is going to end up or what the story is but let's see won't we? I do hope i gain something from it. You guys can comment on it and criticizes about it on my formspring. so yeah

you can click on one day

thanks candy! 
bye! see you later :))

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