Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hello candy!

I haven't blog for a few days, I haven't have much things to do so I thought what should I write? I was infront of the laptop for a while then I went to brain freeze for thinking too much and well I tried writing one day again pt2 and still no improvement. Someone said it was like a romantic story but I have no clue what a romantic story would be like so yeah.. I'm figuring it out since One day was written in only 30 mins with no background, synopsis or even a summary. I just wrote it in pure sense and no acknowledgement of continuing it. So i'm still struggling with it and I'm also in deep depression! Well, my results for my final is going to come one in any due time soon, I'm really worried~! absolutely worried! Horrified and terribly trembling right now! It's the worst I've been so yeah.. I do hope for the best of luck but I want to best I can! Ughhh... It's scares me!

Today, Mama and I went to Papa's Tahlil and we did a doa selamat for amer (my brother) whose taking his SPM this year, we all wish you a best of luck, and for me for my results and for everything else.. It was fun, hectic and chaotic. There were so many people, it was suffocating. I've got to meet up with my cousins and aunts and my younger siblings. It was nice to see them since I'm alone here, no friends, no one to talk to.. I've to spend about 3 or 4 hours talking and gossiping and well helping. My aunt asked my if I wanted to follow her when she wants to go back to johor, I was like I would love too but I need to ask the big mama.. I wonder if mama would let me?? UHmmmm I'm also wondering if arief would let me... hmmm... Anyway, she said it was nice to know there's a relative who have another relative there.. get what i mean?? I hope you can pick up ey? Well, overall the event was nice, people were nice and food was nice but there are some mistakes here and there especially with the food. Balqis brought her friend over, who is handsome according to mama. "EHEM-EHEM" I'm so jealous~! Well, he is her friend according to her but according to abrahem and amer "it's her 'BOYFRIEND'" so.. I'm gooooing to follow with what balqis says since they called arief "brother in-law' yupp.. that's what they called my lovely boyfriend.. hahaha Balqis doesn't have a boyfriend. But he is cute, i agree with mama and balqis if you're reading this "keep him".. mama likes him. She thinks he looks like a korean actor especially with his looks and well he is well mannered. If he is reading this, welcome to the family :P as a friend and as a person. :) smiling!

Afterwards, we went to visit papa's grave with the whole family excluding 2 of my nephews and mummy couldn't come because there are still visitiors, so me,mama, balqis, my sister along, amer, shafiq,abrahem, elida, adam and balqis friend. It was nice to have the whole family together praying for him. Shafiq said it looks nice with the flowers and all, I planted a flower right in the center of papa's grave. my younger siblings had they words shared with papa's especially amer whose taking spm and shafiq whose next week is going to go through a tough tough thing for growing up. It's a boy thing to do... hmmm we teased him about it. lasers..knife..scissors..needles and other medical equipment. I don't want to say what's he is going through next week but it is important to the muslim heritage for a boy growing up. So yep.. If you want to know about it ask me at my formspring.. hehe..

Now I'm home with nothing to do but blog and help mama with the chores and clean my room again since my laundry is cleaned and my wardrobe is empty! Oh well, that's my life but i love it every day. I know people sometimes wish they have something better to do like a wisdom that something is going to happen but i am happy with my life and yes sometimes you do want that but in any situation, i'm guessing my life is already perfect all i need is to get married, have kids, get a job, and well grow old with the man i want to spend my life with. Hahaha did i put get married first?? Woowwww! Get a job is more important *wink wink*

well, that is all from me candy. I wish you all well as my life will continue in this journey and oh! i forgot! I saw this bunch of pictures last time it's so beautiful but i lost it.. But i found something else that's interesting. My love for shoes.. I never told anyone about it! but this is what i current crave for shoes looks like.. ughhh... money money money... i need me some green~!

I would so love to have this! ughh.. can't i?? please

Don't you just love them?? Ughh

Bye candy! Wish me well for my results and well I hope i got this shoes some day..

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