Sunday, November 14, 2010

Malaysia Vs China

Hello candy!

I was watching the gangzhou asian games just now, it was football where Malaysia was fighting against china. Well, Malaysia lost to China, 0-3. It was embarrassing and I was cursing, yelling, screaming and well I was practically pissed! Haha, Imagine me scream and all that. It was a funny scene. I watched it with mama though. She was even more pissed than I was. In fact she was asking too much question like why that happen, how could that happen and well Why is it that we played so bad? ughhhh... yuck yuck yuck!

i'm not gonna give comment on the game played since I did it for Spain Vs Germany. It was very hard, i had to focused so I wouldn't miss anything. Anyway, I going to tell you a few of the words I'd say during the game also what mama said too. I hope you enjoy!

1. Look! Look!
2.  Aiyaa.. Ape ni? Xreti main ke?
3. Malaysia Main kasar!
4. Tgk tu! Die sepak org tu buat dunno yg die sepak!
5. Ya Allah, Malaysia ni..
6. Kad kuning lg?
7. Kad MERAH LG??!! MasyaAllah
8. Tgk to no 9 tu.. nakal betul die tu.. patut ade plaster dkt hidung
9. mane pemain malaysia xde dkt depan? sume defend je? uish2.. mne nk menang ni
10. Ai kalah la kita!
11. ape ni! 3-0..
12. Goal! Goal! Alaa xmasuk goal tepi tiang..
13. Malaysia dh marah.. hehehehe
14. aih kuna ni.. aih.. kad merah lagi
15. ape nk jadi la game ni...

imagine my mother said all those stuff! it was funny watching it with her. I'd love it! it was fun and the game kinda suck.. sorry to the malaysia player and to malaysia as well. Play better next time!

What I said:
1. penjaga goal tu sabahan mama kn?
2.eeeee... nooooo!!!
3. ya! mata tu mana!!
4. eh handsome nye pemain china tu
5. goalll!! alaaa china punye goal
6. ape ni sepak kaki org!
7. hello? mane pemain lain.. dh la pass bola ke depan tp xde org!
8. eeee...eeee... amin! xmasuk goal
9. hahahahah die tendang org tu.. die wat dunno
10. tgk tu mama... diorg tendang pas2 bila bunyi wisel suma angkat tangan mcm kena tangkap polis
11. ape ni ref! xcit la xcit
12. omg! omg! 3 goal??!! xley bla la
13. china dh mula melengahkn masa!
14. heh... kalah la kita.. 5 minit lg
15. mne la kembar dua org tu?

Arief called me on half time and I asked him about the malaysian twins whom is on the malaysian team and he answer they are injured so they can't play.. I was like uhmm.. ok... Malaysia played horribly! I'm so sorry! but no offence I think they can do better, I know they can.. if they can defend greatly they might as well score even more better!

I must agree with the commentator he said that if the ref didn't give 2 red cards to the malaysia early in the game, malaysia might have a chance to win. Yup yup.. I agree!!!!!

Oh-kay, I'm sad malaysia lost.. Sorry malaysia...

What candy? What was I saying?? Haha it's in malay and short written malay words.. like when you say how are you but most people would say u ok? something like that.. for malaysian, i think some can understand.. hehe

ok candy!

that's all for today! please wait for one day pt 2 k? I'm currently writing it now.

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