Monday, November 15, 2010

In need

Hello candy,

Well, I've been in a really bad mood lately and I have no idea why. Yesterday, Arief cheered me up a lot by making jokes and playing games with me. He even explained that maybe I was lonely that I felt the way I did yesterday. I didn't have any friends in this new area of town or place i'm living in. So i got lonely and I got terrified. He even said that I was used to being with my nephews and them being noisy and stuff, and honestly, I do missed it actually. I miss many things that I think I took for granted. I've realize it now. It didn't took my days for it but months! I didn't even notice it until yesterday, I did what i usually do on daily basis I guess i just got bored and didn't know what to do. I used to play with my cats outside, yelling their names and calling them and well feeding them but now, I can't.. It's different here. Everything is. My nephews can't come regularly and I love cooking for them, their my food experiment well actually I made them test my food. If they don't like it than I yell at them or don't cook it anymore :p but honestly? They liked some of my food especially my spaghetti with white or red sauce, my cookies, my fried mee, or fried dumplings. I miss that actually.

At my old place, I love to cook and I always wanted to cook but here living in this new area I guess I just lost touch and I kinda felt like who am I cooking for or what am I doing? right? Huh~! I need a friend desperately.

Anyway, I was blogwalking and I stumble on two or three blogs which has really long and winding post. I thought it was fun to read but then It wasn't. Sorry! but I have to tell you, it was really that long! like long long long post! not like my long post but exceptionally long! I fell asleep on the 2 blog! huh~! It was fun though, it was interesting but it wasn't my thing. Sorry, but I like your HTML and your music. it was nice.

blablablablabla huh ....
okay! it's 6pm and I'm so bored.. I've finished sweeping and mopping the floor again~! that's twice in one week.. hmmm.. i need a life! i went out with mama today, we went to carefour wangsa maju and i saw this lady who wore this really tight striking pink leggings and people were literally looking at her. At first I was like oh that's nice then! I saw her shirt and her inner shirt and it was just not a vision you want to look at! I'm sorry suddenly I'm a hypocrite?? well, she wears a hijab like me and I also wore tight leggings but I don't wear see through cloths that literally see some part not requires by the eyes.. do you get what i mean? I was wearing tights today and when I saw this old lady looking at her I didn't mind at first then she look at me i was like what? then she said "so embarrassing, you could see her !@#$$%%&*($@!!!#" yeah! I was like ok, i'm gonna go away now! I was even more embarrassed! She was comparing with to the other lady! Ok never mind. I hope some of you got my point but i think none of you really got my point... blablablablabka...

I'm tired. Lets watch the biggest loser shall we? One day part 2 is seriously mind bothering me! I need to rest my head. Never thought writing would be so hard!

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