Saturday, November 20, 2010

A funny joke

Hello candy!

I'm blogging again, hahaa guess what happened today? Malaysia lost to Indonesia in Badminton Mens Doubles today, we got silver. So now I'm watching Dato' Lee Chong Wei perform at his very best. All the luck he needs! Goodluck! :)

Mama made a funny joke today. okay here it goes

mama: alya, whats that sound?
I'm trying to hear the sound
mama: Alya is that your stomach?
alya: mama does that sound like a stomach?
mama: yes it does sound like a stomach
alya: mama that's fire crackers popping.. how could that be my stomach?
mama: you're stomach is always making sound that's why.

it's lame but i hope you get it. :) tralalalala continuing watching the game bye!

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