Friday, November 12, 2010

Forgive me

Hello candy!

Sorry for being MIA. How long has it been? Seriously that long? OMG! I didn't realize I was away that long! I'm so sorry. I was busy with final exams and adjusting to holidays.

I am currently on holiday! yea! The finals were rather tough though. I mean, I couldn't do some of it and I was so pissed off. I am praying that I did my best and I do hope my results will get better. Pray for me will you?

This week was fun! I spent time with balqis! She's a blast to be with, we watch the exorcist and it was scary with the sound effects, the face and urghh the vomit! I nearly vomit myself! I like that movie. Anyway, Balqis even baked chocolate chip cookies! Mama liked them. Mama thinks it's delicious. Way to go balqis! I've noticed something that I think as a sister I would be embarrassed no to see! Balqis is quite unique in her way. Well, for instance, she can't sit quietly, always walking about and if she were to sit still it would be in front of a lappy reading blogs and surfing the web. That's my sister! Anyway, after watching the exorcist, I went to sleep while balqis went on an expedition not sleeping the whole night because she was afraid and she wanted to watch poltergeist in the morning. It was funny, she woke me up at 8-ish and we watch about half an hour through the movie, i've noticed she fell asleep! Haha.. She is just adorable! It was nice spending time with her. I like it! It was very rare and I didn't get to do that for ages!

Anyway, Balqis's cat susu gave birth to 2 kittens!! yea! more nephew and nieces for me! hehe.. Abrahem my brother wanted to call them muzu and zuzu i think, But i wanted to call them sisi and soso.. funny right?? Well, i love kittens and their so sweet! I missed mine. How i want to pet a kitten right now.

Well, that's all about it for me for today. sorry candy!

I'll post more okay?

love ya!
bye candy!

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