Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello candy!

Let's read shall we?? I want to recommend to you some books at is utterly my most favorite! I just love to read em! Have fun...

1. My sister keeper
2. The lovely bones
3. Diary of Anne Frank
4. Dead Girls Don't write
5. Catcher in the Rhys
6. Perks of being a wall flower
7. the time traveler wifes
8. the kite runner
9. eat pray love
10. the little princess

I hope you love them. Oh these are not my top ten favorite books but there are some of them that is my loved and treasure like jodi picoult, khaled hosseini, alice sebold and many more. Enjoy!

I'm currently reading to kill a mocking bird.. yea! looking to buy new books especially from john steinbeck and mitch alboms.

OMG! I've just read on IMDB that perks of being a wallflower is being make into a movie!! It's still pre-production so I'm waiting for it to come out.. wait if it comes out on 2013 i will be 25.. it's a teen movie.. ughh!! NVM It's still a good book to read and I can escape being a 15 year old :P haha

love ya candy!

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