Saturday, November 27, 2010

I need to change

Hello candy!

I'm very tired today, I'm tired of everyone around me. I don't know. that is all I can say. I don't know.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hello candy!

I know it's a bit late but i just have to blog about this. So today I'm like hype about movies, songs and now I've remembered that I actually like this one writer and I totally forgot about her because it was ages ago! Omg! I think you should read ella enchanted before you look at the movie. I fell in love with that book, it was when I was still in high school. i read that book like dozen times already. I just love it! I also remembered about another book "the wish" it was nice and very typical according to ilina, my best friend but i liked it a lot just like ella enchanted! It was magical and she really wrote magic! I don't know, it profounds me a lot! Well.. Please keep on reading, it's fun and full of wonders!

Trala! Bye candy!

10 things I hate about you

I love the movie so much, I literally can watch it every time. It doesn't bore me at all. I like the movie because I don't know you know, it's not like all the magic movies and other type of movies. And heath ledger is hot! RIP And Joseph Gordon Levitt was so adorable in this movie and he grew up and acted in 500 days of summer which is also the bomb for me! Ahh... What wonderful movies.. I like indie movies just like I love indie music.. I don't know. My mind is weird.. anyway, the reason why I blog again in 10 minutes or so I don't know i didn't watch the time is because I was trying to post something on my wall at FB and the lyric for this movie 10 things i hate about you came up to my mind, its the ending song where the band was playing on the roof. Yup that song. So i'm going to post the lyrics since it's being played on my head and I don't have the song so I have to watch the movie yea! Just love..

Watch it! So cool!

Songwriters: Nielsen, Rick

I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
And I'm begging you to beg me

I want you to want me
I need you to need me
And I'd love you to love me

I'll shine up my old brown shoes
I put on a brand new shirt
I get home early from work
If you say that you love me

Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying
Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying
Feeling all alone without a friend you know you feel like dying
Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying

I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
And I'm begging you to beg me

I'll shine up my old brown shoes
I put on a brand new shirt
I get home early from work
If you say that you love me

Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying
Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying
Feeling all alone without a friend you know you feel like dying
Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying


Feeling all alone without a friend you know you feel like dying
Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying

I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
And I'm begging you to beg me

I want you to want me
I want you to want me
I want you to want me
And I want you to want me

surreal part 2

Hello candy!

I saw this cute photo of a guy playing with his kitten. It was so cute, he looks like a big tough guy with tattoos and all, it turns out even tough he looks tough, he also has a big heart. I always imagine guys as mean and big and well by definition mean says a lot right? so yeah, i know they have a tender heart too but I'm quite unsure about it until I saw that photos. To be precise, I can now agree with myself that man with tattoos have feelings too and they are sweet as can be. Hehe..

I know some people are like "she's always posting photos of people" and 'those are even hers"... well.. I want to take photos but i don't have the proper equipment for it. If i do, I definite post them! That I promise.. I'm looking for the greens and when I found it, absolutely I will do something with it.. Just wait for it.. I'll try my best on earning my own damn cash!

I'm playing this game on facebook, it's city of wonder and it's fun. Arief introduce the game to me and I felt like playing something so I gave it a try. I'm now in level 11 since last 2 weeks i think.. I forgotten but it was either last week or the week before.. it's quite fun rather than playing with baking, and making cities and stuff.. but for me, it gives me time to decrease my boredness.. Yup i'm bored!

Anyways, Maybe I'll be blogging again tonight we'll see about it. I don't know who even reads my blog. I only know there's a few people which is my friends and relatives but are there any people who really like my blog or do you just simply come and go without notice? well it's up to you right? Just come again if you like mine. No matter how hard I try, there will always be a hurdle. It's beyond your imagination. Anyways, trlalal

Bye candy!


Hello candy!

It's late and i'm blogging.. I just got back home from Negeri sembilan for something, heeee.. i'm getting married :P trlalalala hahaha nope not actually Just went there to get some fresh air and see the scene there. So yeah. it was fun but tiring. anyway, I saw these nice photos on tumblr i think.. i dunno.. havent check that out yet but It's nice and I love the photo I just love photos with nature, retro, old effect and sun effect.. i dunno.. it's so nice that i just love these. but not as much as i love the teddy starbucks picture a few post below.. it's so cute that teddy bear~!!grrrr~!!! OMG! just look at them! i hope you'll love them.. tralalala enjoy~!

<="" div="" src="">

all from:

Aren't these lovely? I hope you love them.. :)

bye candy!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello candy!

Let's read shall we?? I want to recommend to you some books at is utterly my most favorite! I just love to read em! Have fun...

1. My sister keeper
2. The lovely bones
3. Diary of Anne Frank
4. Dead Girls Don't write
5. Catcher in the Rhys
6. Perks of being a wall flower
7. the time traveler wifes
8. the kite runner
9. eat pray love
10. the little princess

I hope you love them. Oh these are not my top ten favorite books but there are some of them that is my loved and treasure like jodi picoult, khaled hosseini, alice sebold and many more. Enjoy!

I'm currently reading to kill a mocking bird.. yea! looking to buy new books especially from john steinbeck and mitch alboms.

OMG! I've just read on IMDB that perks of being a wallflower is being make into a movie!! It's still pre-production so I'm waiting for it to come out.. wait if it comes out on 2013 i will be 25.. it's a teen movie.. ughh!! NVM It's still a good book to read and I can escape being a 15 year old :P haha

love ya candy!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A funny joke

Hello candy!

I'm blogging again, hahaa guess what happened today? Malaysia lost to Indonesia in Badminton Mens Doubles today, we got silver. So now I'm watching Dato' Lee Chong Wei perform at his very best. All the luck he needs! Goodluck! :)

Mama made a funny joke today. okay here it goes

mama: alya, whats that sound?
I'm trying to hear the sound
mama: Alya is that your stomach?
alya: mama does that sound like a stomach?
mama: yes it does sound like a stomach
alya: mama that's fire crackers popping.. how could that be my stomach?
mama: you're stomach is always making sound that's why.

it's lame but i hope you get it. :) tralalalala continuing watching the game bye!


Hello candy!

I haven't blog for a few days, I haven't have much things to do so I thought what should I write? I was infront of the laptop for a while then I went to brain freeze for thinking too much and well I tried writing one day again pt2 and still no improvement. Someone said it was like a romantic story but I have no clue what a romantic story would be like so yeah.. I'm figuring it out since One day was written in only 30 mins with no background, synopsis or even a summary. I just wrote it in pure sense and no acknowledgement of continuing it. So i'm still struggling with it and I'm also in deep depression! Well, my results for my final is going to come one in any due time soon, I'm really worried~! absolutely worried! Horrified and terribly trembling right now! It's the worst I've been so yeah.. I do hope for the best of luck but I want to best I can! Ughhh... It's scares me!

Today, Mama and I went to Papa's Tahlil and we did a doa selamat for amer (my brother) whose taking his SPM this year, we all wish you a best of luck, and for me for my results and for everything else.. It was fun, hectic and chaotic. There were so many people, it was suffocating. I've got to meet up with my cousins and aunts and my younger siblings. It was nice to see them since I'm alone here, no friends, no one to talk to.. I've to spend about 3 or 4 hours talking and gossiping and well helping. My aunt asked my if I wanted to follow her when she wants to go back to johor, I was like I would love too but I need to ask the big mama.. I wonder if mama would let me?? UHmmmm I'm also wondering if arief would let me... hmmm... Anyway, she said it was nice to know there's a relative who have another relative there.. get what i mean?? I hope you can pick up ey? Well, overall the event was nice, people were nice and food was nice but there are some mistakes here and there especially with the food. Balqis brought her friend over, who is handsome according to mama. "EHEM-EHEM" I'm so jealous~! Well, he is her friend according to her but according to abrahem and amer "it's her 'BOYFRIEND'" so.. I'm gooooing to follow with what balqis says since they called arief "brother in-law' yupp.. that's what they called my lovely boyfriend.. hahaha Balqis doesn't have a boyfriend. But he is cute, i agree with mama and balqis if you're reading this "keep him".. mama likes him. She thinks he looks like a korean actor especially with his looks and well he is well mannered. If he is reading this, welcome to the family :P as a friend and as a person. :) smiling!

Afterwards, we went to visit papa's grave with the whole family excluding 2 of my nephews and mummy couldn't come because there are still visitiors, so me,mama, balqis, my sister along, amer, shafiq,abrahem, elida, adam and balqis friend. It was nice to have the whole family together praying for him. Shafiq said it looks nice with the flowers and all, I planted a flower right in the center of papa's grave. my younger siblings had they words shared with papa's especially amer whose taking spm and shafiq whose next week is going to go through a tough tough thing for growing up. It's a boy thing to do... hmmm we teased him about it. lasers..knife..scissors..needles and other medical equipment. I don't want to say what's he is going through next week but it is important to the muslim heritage for a boy growing up. So yep.. If you want to know about it ask me at my formspring.. hehe..

Now I'm home with nothing to do but blog and help mama with the chores and clean my room again since my laundry is cleaned and my wardrobe is empty! Oh well, that's my life but i love it every day. I know people sometimes wish they have something better to do like a wisdom that something is going to happen but i am happy with my life and yes sometimes you do want that but in any situation, i'm guessing my life is already perfect all i need is to get married, have kids, get a job, and well grow old with the man i want to spend my life with. Hahaha did i put get married first?? Woowwww! Get a job is more important *wink wink*

well, that is all from me candy. I wish you all well as my life will continue in this journey and oh! i forgot! I saw this bunch of pictures last time it's so beautiful but i lost it.. But i found something else that's interesting. My love for shoes.. I never told anyone about it! but this is what i current crave for shoes looks like.. ughhh... money money money... i need me some green~!

I would so love to have this! ughh.. can't i?? please

Don't you just love them?? Ughh

Bye candy! Wish me well for my results and well I hope i got this shoes some day..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

cutie bear

Hello candy!

I've found this adorable picture! It's so adorable!! I'm so gushed! and like OMG!! That is so cute.. I don't want to let it go.. so i've decided to post it here for all to see.. SO gullible~!! grrr..

Isn't it cute??

Have fun~!

Monday, November 15, 2010

In need

Hello candy,

Well, I've been in a really bad mood lately and I have no idea why. Yesterday, Arief cheered me up a lot by making jokes and playing games with me. He even explained that maybe I was lonely that I felt the way I did yesterday. I didn't have any friends in this new area of town or place i'm living in. So i got lonely and I got terrified. He even said that I was used to being with my nephews and them being noisy and stuff, and honestly, I do missed it actually. I miss many things that I think I took for granted. I've realize it now. It didn't took my days for it but months! I didn't even notice it until yesterday, I did what i usually do on daily basis I guess i just got bored and didn't know what to do. I used to play with my cats outside, yelling their names and calling them and well feeding them but now, I can't.. It's different here. Everything is. My nephews can't come regularly and I love cooking for them, their my food experiment well actually I made them test my food. If they don't like it than I yell at them or don't cook it anymore :p but honestly? They liked some of my food especially my spaghetti with white or red sauce, my cookies, my fried mee, or fried dumplings. I miss that actually.

At my old place, I love to cook and I always wanted to cook but here living in this new area I guess I just lost touch and I kinda felt like who am I cooking for or what am I doing? right? Huh~! I need a friend desperately.

Anyway, I was blogwalking and I stumble on two or three blogs which has really long and winding post. I thought it was fun to read but then It wasn't. Sorry! but I have to tell you, it was really that long! like long long long post! not like my long post but exceptionally long! I fell asleep on the 2 blog! huh~! It was fun though, it was interesting but it wasn't my thing. Sorry, but I like your HTML and your music. it was nice.

blablablablabla huh ....
okay! it's 6pm and I'm so bored.. I've finished sweeping and mopping the floor again~! that's twice in one week.. hmmm.. i need a life! i went out with mama today, we went to carefour wangsa maju and i saw this lady who wore this really tight striking pink leggings and people were literally looking at her. At first I was like oh that's nice then! I saw her shirt and her inner shirt and it was just not a vision you want to look at! I'm sorry suddenly I'm a hypocrite?? well, she wears a hijab like me and I also wore tight leggings but I don't wear see through cloths that literally see some part not requires by the eyes.. do you get what i mean? I was wearing tights today and when I saw this old lady looking at her I didn't mind at first then she look at me i was like what? then she said "so embarrassing, you could see her !@#$$%%&*($@!!!#" yeah! I was like ok, i'm gonna go away now! I was even more embarrassed! She was comparing with to the other lady! Ok never mind. I hope some of you got my point but i think none of you really got my point... blablablablabka...

I'm tired. Lets watch the biggest loser shall we? One day part 2 is seriously mind bothering me! I need to rest my head. Never thought writing would be so hard!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

help me please

I'm Suffering

Hello candy!

Is it me or did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? Honestly I don't know! seriously I am bored to death and lonely! I can't put my finger on anything. I cleaned my room today, half of it the other half needs equipment that is missing. I don't know. While I was cleaning, I was sitting down and folding my cloths and stuff, i let out a huge "SIGH" I was like, what is wrong with me today? I don't know... I really have no idea. I text a few of my friends but none of them replied.. i called arief but he is too busy.. I tried blogwalking but it's get boring from time to time... I tried writing part 2 of one day and i got stump! a writer's block! and i tried sweeping the floors and the bathroom but nothing is fulfilling me... I really have no idea! no idea! i think today would be the 4 or 6 time i called arief and he is definitely bored listening to me calling him.. i know it btw.. i got the feeling through his voice.

sometimes, i feel like i'm alone. all alone. I've got something I need isn't that enough? Do i need something else? Please help me ease these pain on my chest! it's killing me! I don't know! I seriously don't know what is wrong with me... i feel like i want to cry and there is no reason to cry.. i feel like killing myself for what reason? i feel like hitting things and smashing them but for what? FOR WHATT??!! insignificant reason! I don't know.. i don't know..

Malaysia Vs China

Hello candy!

I was watching the gangzhou asian games just now, it was football where Malaysia was fighting against china. Well, Malaysia lost to China, 0-3. It was embarrassing and I was cursing, yelling, screaming and well I was practically pissed! Haha, Imagine me scream and all that. It was a funny scene. I watched it with mama though. She was even more pissed than I was. In fact she was asking too much question like why that happen, how could that happen and well Why is it that we played so bad? ughhhh... yuck yuck yuck!

i'm not gonna give comment on the game played since I did it for Spain Vs Germany. It was very hard, i had to focused so I wouldn't miss anything. Anyway, I going to tell you a few of the words I'd say during the game also what mama said too. I hope you enjoy!

1. Look! Look!
2.  Aiyaa.. Ape ni? Xreti main ke?
3. Malaysia Main kasar!
4. Tgk tu! Die sepak org tu buat dunno yg die sepak!
5. Ya Allah, Malaysia ni..
6. Kad kuning lg?
7. Kad MERAH LG??!! MasyaAllah
8. Tgk to no 9 tu.. nakal betul die tu.. patut ade plaster dkt hidung
9. mane pemain malaysia xde dkt depan? sume defend je? uish2.. mne nk menang ni
10. Ai kalah la kita!
11. ape ni! 3-0..
12. Goal! Goal! Alaa xmasuk goal tepi tiang..
13. Malaysia dh marah.. hehehehe
14. aih kuna ni.. aih.. kad merah lagi
15. ape nk jadi la game ni...

imagine my mother said all those stuff! it was funny watching it with her. I'd love it! it was fun and the game kinda suck.. sorry to the malaysia player and to malaysia as well. Play better next time!

What I said:
1. penjaga goal tu sabahan mama kn?
2.eeeee... nooooo!!!
3. ya! mata tu mana!!
4. eh handsome nye pemain china tu
5. goalll!! alaaa china punye goal
6. ape ni sepak kaki org!
7. hello? mane pemain lain.. dh la pass bola ke depan tp xde org!
8. eeee...eeee... amin! xmasuk goal
9. hahahahah die tendang org tu.. die wat dunno
10. tgk tu mama... diorg tendang pas2 bila bunyi wisel suma angkat tangan mcm kena tangkap polis
11. ape ni ref! xcit la xcit
12. omg! omg! 3 goal??!! xley bla la
13. china dh mula melengahkn masa!
14. heh... kalah la kita.. 5 minit lg
15. mne la kembar dua org tu?

Arief called me on half time and I asked him about the malaysian twins whom is on the malaysian team and he answer they are injured so they can't play.. I was like uhmm.. ok... Malaysia played horribly! I'm so sorry! but no offence I think they can do better, I know they can.. if they can defend greatly they might as well score even more better!

I must agree with the commentator he said that if the ref didn't give 2 red cards to the malaysia early in the game, malaysia might have a chance to win. Yup yup.. I agree!!!!!

Oh-kay, I'm sad malaysia lost.. Sorry malaysia...

What candy? What was I saying?? Haha it's in malay and short written malay words.. like when you say how are you but most people would say u ok? something like that.. for malaysian, i think some can understand.. hehe

ok candy!

that's all for today! please wait for one day pt 2 k? I'm currently writing it now.

Friday, November 12, 2010

surpassing inspiration

Hello candy!

Well, I went out with mama today and we went to the some office to sent out my sister's resume. We met a lot of mama's old colleague. Chit chat a bit. It was nice hearing their stories about life, work, husbands and other things too.. I'm going to tell it all today. Not exactly all just somethings that might be interesting for you.

One of mama's friend said that the HR people can take resume and well I need to find a company for my practical training like internship, honestly? she said that one of mama's friend can help but you need a 3 pointer to get a job there and if you're below that than your file will be underneath every heaps of file there is meaning they wont even look at it! seriously? when I heard that I was like "OMG! I need to get my grades up!" then i thought to myself, no wonder there so much people jobless and well "mengganggur". You didn't look at their file, nor did you look at other qualification they might have! I mean like there must be other qualities available right? you just can't assume some one below that grade is stupid? How could you?? I'm not saying I'm below or above or average.. i'm just gonna say "I'm looking" seriously?? Even if i got rejected and not qualified, i'm just gonna say to my self, there are other places and you have other qualities. Look at the bright side, their losing a writer, account student and some one whose mind is awkwardly exquisite! ;p FULL STOP! do you get what i mean candy? there are other qualities in people, even if they don't match the criteria you're looking for then find a suitable place for them to work. right? don't simply reject them! you might eventually reject the next billionaire who invented something..anything.. right? who knows the world is a big place and big things happen! seriously!

onward candy! I'm so hyped about today topics, i have no idea! OK! Well one of mama's friend husband is sick or ill. and it's about marriage, love, lost, divorces and MONEY! well, assuming you guys can tell when i gave you the hints. If you think marriage life is easy, think again. Being in a relationship is simple rather than being married for 1+ or 2+ or 3+ years i mean the trends today are divorces and quickie marriage and young marriages and kiddie marriage.. Divorces?? mama's friend is not yet divorced or will be divorce.. not in that criteria so that get the wrong idea ok! anyway, she was talking about her life, her husband, his illness and things. I wasn't paying too much attention to it but i did pickup something. Like these days people get married because of money. I agree some do look for money sorry if i've offended some body. I mean when you have lots of cash, women or guys come running towards you like tornado! and if you lost all that they go running away also like tornado.. i mean is that what you really see in the people? do you not see love? i'm a hopelessly romantic type of person and i wouldn't want that to happen. i think that's how a quickie marriage comes in. I have no idea what that is actually but i think its where you met the person for a short period of time and you're only married for 1 day.. funny right? or maybe more than that but less than a month period! huh?? why did you get married in the first place? right? right? don't get me started on young and kiddie marriages! ughh yuck! yuckie yuckie yuckie! okay, it's monkey romance but why?? you're 17 and you're getting married and at 21 you're divorced?? hmmm... I want my life to be perfect so i am on my not so perfect path but working on it. get some sense into you! really! really! think about you're future as well as others too you know!

this might be a long post! but anyways...
i watch the biggest loser finale at 2pm just now! it was so fun!! I was so amazed, dazed and i was crying literally! i mean i was sobbing, smiling and tears were coming out! I really like that show. It's a show where they are telling you that you can do things in life in which you thought you could have never begin to do or think of! a 64 year old man named jerry just lost weight in won $100000 USD! and helen a 48 year old if I'm not mistaked won $250000 USD and she is the winner! I mean like OMG! OMG! I'm so like wh-what? no way, i thought tara was going to win and mama thought that mike was going to win, but helen came out of nowhere and WON! Oh.. it's last season or the season before that or some season before that. But I love this show! My sister doesn't think so. I'm not sure about arief but mama is hooked too sometimes hehe.. You guys should watch the show since now there's the biggest loser asia season 2.. watch it at the astro channel 702.. i forgot the name of the channel.. opps sorry! ;p hehe  this is by far one of the stories or tv shows i like to see... it shows you how focused and determine some one is just to get that they dreamed of. if they can do it so can u! right? start doing it! never say never! i think this is why i'm so hyped up.

well..... i'm going to start writing my novel again, and blogwalking at the same time. I hope I can finish in time since i did the whole schedule and boxes thingy to get me align. NATALIA! REMEMBER THE BIGGEST LOSER!! okay! i'm hyped up!

Bye candy! Oh! before i forgot, i've started this online story called one day i haven't really gotten an idea what i wrote or how the story is going to end up or what the story is but let's see won't we? I do hope i gain something from it. You guys can comment on it and criticizes about it on my formspring. so yeah

you can click on one day

thanks candy! 
bye! see you later :))

i changed my font just to see the effect if it's good or not..

Forgive me

Hello candy!

Sorry for being MIA. How long has it been? Seriously that long? OMG! I didn't realize I was away that long! I'm so sorry. I was busy with final exams and adjusting to holidays.

I am currently on holiday! yea! The finals were rather tough though. I mean, I couldn't do some of it and I was so pissed off. I am praying that I did my best and I do hope my results will get better. Pray for me will you?

This week was fun! I spent time with balqis! She's a blast to be with, we watch the exorcist and it was scary with the sound effects, the face and urghh the vomit! I nearly vomit myself! I like that movie. Anyway, Balqis even baked chocolate chip cookies! Mama liked them. Mama thinks it's delicious. Way to go balqis! I've noticed something that I think as a sister I would be embarrassed no to see! Balqis is quite unique in her way. Well, for instance, she can't sit quietly, always walking about and if she were to sit still it would be in front of a lappy reading blogs and surfing the web. That's my sister! Anyway, after watching the exorcist, I went to sleep while balqis went on an expedition not sleeping the whole night because she was afraid and she wanted to watch poltergeist in the morning. It was funny, she woke me up at 8-ish and we watch about half an hour through the movie, i've noticed she fell asleep! Haha.. She is just adorable! It was nice spending time with her. I like it! It was very rare and I didn't get to do that for ages!

Anyway, Balqis's cat susu gave birth to 2 kittens!! yea! more nephew and nieces for me! hehe.. Abrahem my brother wanted to call them muzu and zuzu i think, But i wanted to call them sisi and soso.. funny right?? Well, i love kittens and their so sweet! I missed mine. How i want to pet a kitten right now.

Well, that's all about it for me for today. sorry candy!

I'll post more okay?

love ya!
bye candy!