Thursday, October 14, 2010

pretty pictures

Hello candy!

I'm going to post pictures today because I'm terribly busy with assignments and finals coming up next week! Wish me luck for my finals from 23/10 till 4/11.. On the fourth I might be heading back home with where I will be happy and relaxed! To where my mama is, My beloved mama! 

Okay! here is my schedule for exams

23/10 Advance Management Accounting
26/10 Strategic Management
          Bahasa Melayu Korporal
31/10 Corporate Governance
3/11   Internal Auditing

So that is my schedule and my study time in between dates! however I am quarantine for 26/10 because both exams are on the same time and I will be facing both exam one in the morning and another one in the afternoon.. Wish me LUck!!

Here are some photos!



i love reading and writing

a complete set for what a writer needs! I want mine too!


I love reading and writing!




I couldn't find who this picture belongs to



cococerise - le blog

Bye candy! hope you love these pretty pictures

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