Monday, October 18, 2010

little type it notes..

hello candy!

I can't blog much this past and futures day! since finals is on saturday!! wah!!! OMG! I'm terrified already! so Sorry! but I'll try to post something in while. Promise!

Okay! I got 2 questions on formspring and one is from my friend wan. hehe He is my junior in Uniten. He used to be arief's roommate. So yeah. Thank you wan! He also introduced me to these blogger who is uhmm a painter, drawer and easily said an ARTIST.. I followed him. I liked one of his drawings actually.. So yeah. The url is">deluqies I think it's great! I never actually seen pictures like he drew before. I'm happy.

Anyway, another question was about my writing from one of my biggest fans.. Thanks! I'm glad you're my biggest fan!! Hehe.. He/She told me to write some adventures so i'm still thinking about it and I'm sure I'm going to come up with stories on adventures in my creative writing webpage or my own adventures stories battling a cat.. hehe I love cats! So i'll try. I'm not being funny about battling a cat, seriously they would scratch you if you didn't give them food or ignored them for a while. They are creatures who in need of attention and love. Like humans, we also need attention..

Okaayh! Candy GTG.. I'm doing notes on Strategic Management! Oh! I've received my carried mark on Corporate Governance and it wasn't what I was expecting for! hurmm.. try harder i guess

bye candy!

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