Friday, October 8, 2010

i'm officialy gila!

Okay, I'm going to post something in Malay, so hahaha I hope you're ready.

Apa khabar gula-gula?

Hari ni, hari paling menyakiti hati saya. kenapa? sebab saya ada baca post di facebook yang btol2 "mengilakan" otak saya yg tengah happy dapat menghabiskan masa dengan mama. Serius? Sangat-sangat serius keadaan saya sekarang!! Tak boleh nak bayangkan untuk bagitau! INI otak aaa sudah sakit lor! memang gila punya lor! apa punya org tulis mcm tu dkt facebook lor!

So, candy, if u can understand what I wrote that's good! honestly I am on the brink of being crazy! Well as you can see facebook... Someone post something on facebook which I didn't like and I think it pissed me off a lot! I'm not going to tell you what but i'm going to tell you it effect my judgement on things, my life, my relationship and my trust issues. So it's that serious! I can't explain how exploded my brain was today but HUH~!! I am angry so angry I made mama orange juice. Crazy right? I was suppose to hit or scream but I made orange juice?? hehe :P I wanted to treat mama for something special. Okayh! I must confess i did imagine that orange as someone H*** and I'm not realllly crazy yet but i am mad to what it says. It has a thousand meaning and it has a lot of grudge against me.

No fight! I just want peace and tranquility and seriously? bug of my relationship and family. Stop bothering people!

Do i sound crazy? If i do i must be singing in the bathroom! that is how i am crazy. Oh! i'm so crazy if i don't have my sleep and If i don't i tend to sing in the bathroom or scream or do something out of the ordinary to me. Okay! TATA candy!

Sorry if i've offend people. I am just in no mood today or this week or last week. but I had fun on saturday because it was hazirah's open house and we hang out. about that later... I need to rest my brain!

bye candy!
I love you papa!

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