Tuesday, October 12, 2010

awkward much?

Hello candy!

I think someone misinterpret my creative writing with something else. Haha. Wow. I don't think people really know what it's meant by creative writing. Why don't i give you a definition by wikipedia to understand what is meant by creative writing.. Ok?

Creative writing is considered to be any writing, fiction, poetry, or non-fiction, that goes outside the bounds of normal professionaljournalisticacademic, and technical forms of literature. Works which fall into this category include novelsepicsshort stories, and poems. Writing for the screen and stage, screenwriting and playwriting respectively, typically have their own programs of study, but fit under the creative writing category as well.

my type of creative writing is fiction. it is based on nothing compared to my life. Though there are some about my feelings towards my father but that's not relevant. It is fiction. It can be towards anyone, but i dedicate it to my dad. However, for ANGER which i wrote, it seems someone might be a bit off about it. I don't write it based on feelings. I don't write it because I was mad. It was on the sept 27, nothing wrong happened on that day. Just someone who pissed me off during a talk or a seminar and that is all. for you who think that is you, don't worry if i were to break your bones, i think i would be in jail now. besides be rational, it was just a simple question and all i wanted is a simple answer. nothing more nothing less. there's no need to worry. I didn't think you should assume that i was attacking you or anything. I was just asking. Honestly, there is nothing wrong in asking a simple question, besides, It was never meant for u at all or to anyone in that matter. Oh thank you for reading my blog too.. I like that. keep on reading.. 

this is my blog which is called little lady candy land! and my creative writing is called little notes to dotts which where i write my stories or poems or plays. here is the link to my creative writing http://notestodotts.blogspot.com/">little notes to dotts

okay! onwards with my writing, I've finish with the 3rd chapter of my book I was telling you about and I've read about emily giffin, she is a tremendous writer! I read her book but I'd love to read love the one your with. I didn't get it read that one yet.  about her, she wrote a young adults book and it was rejected 8 times! OMG! I don't want that! but she tried to do her best. Now, look she's one of the best sellers and one the best writer I love too! oh! I can't wait to finish my book. I hope it's great but I have a few things to add and minus. It still needs working! Huh~!! When I'm done with my final exams, I am going to continue writing it full blast! we'll see!

Candy? I think people don't get me. Haha.. I don't think people know me! I can be odd at times and awkward at times! but most of the times I am quiet. Only the people who knows me really knows me, my behavior, and my disposition. Only one person who knows my thoughts and that is my mom. She can read me well. She says sometimes I'm crazy but most of the times I'm private. But she knows about my problems and she advice me on it though some of the advice may seem a bit off but it's a view i think people don't think about. I love u mama! I think I've mention a few months back that people judged me wrongly, they don't know me. I think people assume differently. But Hello! I come in peace! Peace! I'm a peaceful person and i dislike wars! I don't like it when people  assume me differently because someone else says it. Why don't you come and ask me? Let's meet face to face and you'll see. 

I've told arief a few times that I've heard rumors here and there about us or him or me. His answer will always be Let it be. As long as we don't trouble them, and they don't trouble us. Let them talk, they don't know us. He doesn't like hearing stuff like these, it's a problem that can be avoid. It's true, I trust him with my life, If we're meant to be with each other than it's good. Allah is the judge on this. So, let him handle this. We both even agreed on it. If we're meant to be then we will get married, if not then we can become friends. He is my best friend after all. I am his too. Only time will tell. I trust my life with Allah. 

Oh! I almost forgot, I'm going to be an emcee! Haha.. :P i don't know what will happen but let's rehearse shall we? Candy, candy, candy. Your so sweet and spicy! maybe you can tell some thing about me? I'm going to be honest, I seriously like writing. It's like passion! or more importantly a crave. I write things on little papers, notebooks, during classes and even on my hand. The other day, I had a thought of writing about an apple. APPLE? How delicious it is.. But i got stuck because I saw a cat poop! Hahaha You damn cat! You ruin me! Now, the apple craving is gone.. OHHHHH... Didn't I tell you about a writer on tumblr? Nina semen?? She's wrote a few writings but hers is more much more wonderful! precise and spectacular! she can aim for the words and make it feel magnificent! i don't know why but i've read books with amusing little quotes or words but i've also read books with even more harder words! but her writing are just simple and precise. I don't know. I'm a bit confuse, i've read on a web page that i shouldn't write difficult things but in some web they said its better because it gains more likings. So which one do you think?? ohh,, I don't know. How can i be writer if i don't know... 

Anyways, I have to go now! tata.. 

Bye candy! 

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