Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello candy!

I'm so amused today because I got to spend time with him a little while and spending time with him is great. He is busy this whole semester so I didn't get to see him often like before we would go anywhere together. He has project paper to do and tomorrow is going to be his presentation day so Good Luck My dear! and GOODLUCK to all my friends who will also be presenting tomorrow! wish I could be there and support you guys! 

Today, I got my results from AMA midterm, and it was a huge bomb! I didn't do great, it is one of the hardest paper in accounting after all. So i got what i expected and i'll try my best for finals.. Ohh i can't wait for vacation! I want to go to the bukit tinggi because they have this farm.. it's a bunny farm! hahaha I'd love to see little tiny bunnies! I want to call one bunny bug, another one patty bug, two more would be chubby bug and lazy bug. Hahahaha... it's fun! I wonder if i can go.. hurmmm... I love that. 

I had a chat with hazirah today, and we decided that the little problem is of course avoided! I don't think its huge but just a misinterpretation and misunderstanding that is all. Oh well, Lets ignored it!

I'm going to post some pictures I found a few days ago. I didn't get to post them so here they are... I just love pictures like this! Oh when will I get a camera?? does anyone want to give me one?

starry mornings


i am looking for this shoes for a long time! they are so adorable!!




JJJ on flickr


I think that is all candy!

Till we meet again..

Bye candy!

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