Monday, October 18, 2010

For you, my loved ones

Hello candy!
  this is for mama and arief.
you made me happier by the day.. thank you for being there for me every second of every day in every week of every month during the year. I can't thank you much but i'll try to better than the way I am now. I want to make you happier as days goes by, I want you to learn to love me as a billboard would say "semakin hari semakin sayang" love you mama, and que arief.. :) I'll try my best for you.

love Alia..

little type it notes..

hello candy!

I can't blog much this past and futures day! since finals is on saturday!! wah!!! OMG! I'm terrified already! so Sorry! but I'll try to post something in while. Promise!

Okay! I got 2 questions on formspring and one is from my friend wan. hehe He is my junior in Uniten. He used to be arief's roommate. So yeah. Thank you wan! He also introduced me to these blogger who is uhmm a painter, drawer and easily said an ARTIST.. I followed him. I liked one of his drawings actually.. So yeah. The url is">deluqies I think it's great! I never actually seen pictures like he drew before. I'm happy.

Anyway, another question was about my writing from one of my biggest fans.. Thanks! I'm glad you're my biggest fan!! Hehe.. He/She told me to write some adventures so i'm still thinking about it and I'm sure I'm going to come up with stories on adventures in my creative writing webpage or my own adventures stories battling a cat.. hehe I love cats! So i'll try. I'm not being funny about battling a cat, seriously they would scratch you if you didn't give them food or ignored them for a while. They are creatures who in need of attention and love. Like humans, we also need attention..

Okaayh! Candy GTG.. I'm doing notes on Strategic Management! Oh! I've received my carried mark on Corporate Governance and it wasn't what I was expecting for! hurmm.. try harder i guess

bye candy!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

pretty pictures

Hello candy!

I'm going to post pictures today because I'm terribly busy with assignments and finals coming up next week! Wish me luck for my finals from 23/10 till 4/11.. On the fourth I might be heading back home with where I will be happy and relaxed! To where my mama is, My beloved mama! 

Okay! here is my schedule for exams

23/10 Advance Management Accounting
26/10 Strategic Management
          Bahasa Melayu Korporal
31/10 Corporate Governance
3/11   Internal Auditing

So that is my schedule and my study time in between dates! however I am quarantine for 26/10 because both exams are on the same time and I will be facing both exam one in the morning and another one in the afternoon.. Wish me LUck!!

Here are some photos!



i love reading and writing

a complete set for what a writer needs! I want mine too!


I love reading and writing!




I couldn't find who this picture belongs to



cococerise - le blog

Bye candy! hope you love these pretty pictures

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello candy!

I'm so amused today because I got to spend time with him a little while and spending time with him is great. He is busy this whole semester so I didn't get to see him often like before we would go anywhere together. He has project paper to do and tomorrow is going to be his presentation day so Good Luck My dear! and GOODLUCK to all my friends who will also be presenting tomorrow! wish I could be there and support you guys! 

Today, I got my results from AMA midterm, and it was a huge bomb! I didn't do great, it is one of the hardest paper in accounting after all. So i got what i expected and i'll try my best for finals.. Ohh i can't wait for vacation! I want to go to the bukit tinggi because they have this farm.. it's a bunny farm! hahaha I'd love to see little tiny bunnies! I want to call one bunny bug, another one patty bug, two more would be chubby bug and lazy bug. Hahahaha... it's fun! I wonder if i can go.. hurmmm... I love that. 

I had a chat with hazirah today, and we decided that the little problem is of course avoided! I don't think its huge but just a misinterpretation and misunderstanding that is all. Oh well, Lets ignored it!

I'm going to post some pictures I found a few days ago. I didn't get to post them so here they are... I just love pictures like this! Oh when will I get a camera?? does anyone want to give me one?

starry mornings


i am looking for this shoes for a long time! they are so adorable!!




JJJ on flickr


I think that is all candy!

Till we meet again..

Bye candy!

formspring me!">formspring

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for any questions or compliments. please do submit it at formspring. i appreciate the thought! thanks! Keep on reading little lady candy land.

awkward much?

Hello candy!

I think someone misinterpret my creative writing with something else. Haha. Wow. I don't think people really know what it's meant by creative writing. Why don't i give you a definition by wikipedia to understand what is meant by creative writing.. Ok?

Creative writing is considered to be any writing, fiction, poetry, or non-fiction, that goes outside the bounds of normal professionaljournalisticacademic, and technical forms of literature. Works which fall into this category include novelsepicsshort stories, and poems. Writing for the screen and stage, screenwriting and playwriting respectively, typically have their own programs of study, but fit under the creative writing category as well.

my type of creative writing is fiction. it is based on nothing compared to my life. Though there are some about my feelings towards my father but that's not relevant. It is fiction. It can be towards anyone, but i dedicate it to my dad. However, for ANGER which i wrote, it seems someone might be a bit off about it. I don't write it based on feelings. I don't write it because I was mad. It was on the sept 27, nothing wrong happened on that day. Just someone who pissed me off during a talk or a seminar and that is all. for you who think that is you, don't worry if i were to break your bones, i think i would be in jail now. besides be rational, it was just a simple question and all i wanted is a simple answer. nothing more nothing less. there's no need to worry. I didn't think you should assume that i was attacking you or anything. I was just asking. Honestly, there is nothing wrong in asking a simple question, besides, It was never meant for u at all or to anyone in that matter. Oh thank you for reading my blog too.. I like that. keep on reading.. 

this is my blog which is called little lady candy land! and my creative writing is called little notes to dotts which where i write my stories or poems or plays. here is the link to my creative writing">little notes to dotts

okay! onwards with my writing, I've finish with the 3rd chapter of my book I was telling you about and I've read about emily giffin, she is a tremendous writer! I read her book but I'd love to read love the one your with. I didn't get it read that one yet.  about her, she wrote a young adults book and it was rejected 8 times! OMG! I don't want that! but she tried to do her best. Now, look she's one of the best sellers and one the best writer I love too! oh! I can't wait to finish my book. I hope it's great but I have a few things to add and minus. It still needs working! Huh~!! When I'm done with my final exams, I am going to continue writing it full blast! we'll see!

Candy? I think people don't get me. Haha.. I don't think people know me! I can be odd at times and awkward at times! but most of the times I am quiet. Only the people who knows me really knows me, my behavior, and my disposition. Only one person who knows my thoughts and that is my mom. She can read me well. She says sometimes I'm crazy but most of the times I'm private. But she knows about my problems and she advice me on it though some of the advice may seem a bit off but it's a view i think people don't think about. I love u mama! I think I've mention a few months back that people judged me wrongly, they don't know me. I think people assume differently. But Hello! I come in peace! Peace! I'm a peaceful person and i dislike wars! I don't like it when people  assume me differently because someone else says it. Why don't you come and ask me? Let's meet face to face and you'll see. 

I've told arief a few times that I've heard rumors here and there about us or him or me. His answer will always be Let it be. As long as we don't trouble them, and they don't trouble us. Let them talk, they don't know us. He doesn't like hearing stuff like these, it's a problem that can be avoid. It's true, I trust him with my life, If we're meant to be with each other than it's good. Allah is the judge on this. So, let him handle this. We both even agreed on it. If we're meant to be then we will get married, if not then we can become friends. He is my best friend after all. I am his too. Only time will tell. I trust my life with Allah. 

Oh! I almost forgot, I'm going to be an emcee! Haha.. :P i don't know what will happen but let's rehearse shall we? Candy, candy, candy. Your so sweet and spicy! maybe you can tell some thing about me? I'm going to be honest, I seriously like writing. It's like passion! or more importantly a crave. I write things on little papers, notebooks, during classes and even on my hand. The other day, I had a thought of writing about an apple. APPLE? How delicious it is.. But i got stuck because I saw a cat poop! Hahaha You damn cat! You ruin me! Now, the apple craving is gone.. OHHHHH... Didn't I tell you about a writer on tumblr? Nina semen?? She's wrote a few writings but hers is more much more wonderful! precise and spectacular! she can aim for the words and make it feel magnificent! i don't know why but i've read books with amusing little quotes or words but i've also read books with even more harder words! but her writing are just simple and precise. I don't know. I'm a bit confuse, i've read on a web page that i shouldn't write difficult things but in some web they said its better because it gains more likings. So which one do you think?? ohh,, I don't know. How can i be writer if i don't know... 

Anyways, I have to go now! tata.. 

Bye candy! 

Monday, October 11, 2010


Hello Candy!

Hi, I don't know what to say.. I guess I miss Papa so much that I cried in bed tonight. I cried my heart out. I don't know why I did but truthfully, I miss him. I miss everything about him. I miss his voice, I miss his face, I miss listening to him, looking at him, shaking his hand, telling him it's time to eat, giving him his rice, how he would drink my drinks and feel not guilty about it, i miss him.. I can't tell you how much but i miss him. 

Papa, I miss you! 
I cried today because of you. I cried knowing your no longer here. You're not going to see me graduate and get married and have children. You're not going to hold my children as if their your grandchild. You're not going to be there when I'm getting married. I hate knowing all this. I hate having the feeling that some how some where you are near to me. I know your so far but your so near. Sometimes, I try calling your phone or texting it but I couldn't I am afraid. Papa, I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I don't know what to do. I can only see your photo now, that is how I can look at you. I can only remember your voice now. but everyday, that voice is fading but my heart will not let it fade because as your daughter i miss you terribly that it hurts me. papa, i don't know what to do. 

papa I love you

bye candy.. I'm continuing crying. i can stop it...

Friday, October 8, 2010

happy bubbles

Hello candy!

I'm posting after a few seconds but that doesn't mean i'm okay suddenly! Nope i'm still angry and mad! But i've fallen for this picture so much! I want to be like this someday with HIM.. arief... To be happy and you know the romantic and cuddly stuff and the yucky ek stuff.. I'm talking crap but I like this picture. I like very much that It's makes me tingle and smile. i don't know why. Maybe because I miss him today.. I dunno.. 

happy bubbles

i'm officialy gila!

Okay, I'm going to post something in Malay, so hahaha I hope you're ready.

Apa khabar gula-gula?

Hari ni, hari paling menyakiti hati saya. kenapa? sebab saya ada baca post di facebook yang btol2 "mengilakan" otak saya yg tengah happy dapat menghabiskan masa dengan mama. Serius? Sangat-sangat serius keadaan saya sekarang!! Tak boleh nak bayangkan untuk bagitau! INI otak aaa sudah sakit lor! memang gila punya lor! apa punya org tulis mcm tu dkt facebook lor!

So, candy, if u can understand what I wrote that's good! honestly I am on the brink of being crazy! Well as you can see facebook... Someone post something on facebook which I didn't like and I think it pissed me off a lot! I'm not going to tell you what but i'm going to tell you it effect my judgement on things, my life, my relationship and my trust issues. So it's that serious! I can't explain how exploded my brain was today but HUH~!! I am angry so angry I made mama orange juice. Crazy right? I was suppose to hit or scream but I made orange juice?? hehe :P I wanted to treat mama for something special. Okayh! I must confess i did imagine that orange as someone H*** and I'm not realllly crazy yet but i am mad to what it says. It has a thousand meaning and it has a lot of grudge against me.

No fight! I just want peace and tranquility and seriously? bug of my relationship and family. Stop bothering people!

Do i sound crazy? If i do i must be singing in the bathroom! that is how i am crazy. Oh! i'm so crazy if i don't have my sleep and If i don't i tend to sing in the bathroom or scream or do something out of the ordinary to me. Okay! TATA candy!

Sorry if i've offend people. I am just in no mood today or this week or last week. but I had fun on saturday because it was hazirah's open house and we hang out. about that later... I need to rest my brain!

bye candy!
I love you papa!