Sunday, September 12, 2010

A walk in the wangsa

Hello candy!

I know the topic is a bit nuts. Haha. Today, Mama and I spend time with mummy (my stepmom) and my other siblings. Abrahem, balqis, amer and shahrul. It's raya so spending time is require. Usually they come to my old house for raya since they live a far but now they moved to my old house and we visited them in return. Honestly, I had fun. I chitchat with abrahem and gossiped with him about his ahem ahem.. It's a secret! and watch anime with shahrul and balqis. It was fun. Amer though was sleeping the whole time and he left to watch movies with his friends at one utama. He is missing out on us. Huh.. Okayh, So i played with susu balqis's cat. She was cute but mad I think. Mama said her face says I have a problem don't bother me. Or something like that. She hates it when people touch her leg. She got mad at balqis once or many times but she didn't try to scratch me yet. I miss playing with kittens and cats.

Later, I think arounf 6.45 something like that we (mama, me, mummy, shahrul and balqis) went out to eat. Abrahem had to stay, he didn't fit in the car or if he wanted to he had to sit in the trunk or on the roof. Hehe.. So yeah, He missed that too. Well we ate at this small restoran, the food was delicious but not that delicious. We chitchat about how dangerous for a girl to walk around Kuala Lumpur at night. It's dangerous actually! I'm worried about my sister. She's young! Hanging out is a must but do watch out for pervert, rapist, killers, sociopath and other people alike! and you should read the newspapers! they gave you a lot of info about such happenings! So we walk around the shopping complex, i showed them where is what and what is where so yeah. It's the 1st time i think. Mama spend time with us all. I mean with the other side of the family. it was fun. Oh the shopping complex is called wangsa walk. Hehe I think you got the idea already about the title.. right?? A walk in the wangsa as in I walk at wangsa walk.. haha..NVM

Okay, I'm off to bed! I'm sleepy and tired! I love u mama!

Bye candy!

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