Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tired but humorous

Hello Candy!

Believe me when I say I'm Tired!! Exhausted! and Awkwardly Happy. ;P :) why you asked? easy, last saturday I thought of cleaning my room, packing and well getting ready to back to U so I decided to do all that despite that I'm going to be leaving Mama and be missing her! Suddenly at 12pm, My uncle called Acunan, he said he was coming to my house for raya. I was surprised but happy! I haven't seen him in the longest time but even when I had the time it wasn't suitable but anyway, mama called me or I called mama ( which ever one) she said "AYA! get ready!" So i rushed myself to the toilet, got ready and the funny thing was I forgot to brush my tooth haha so when I remembered i didn't, I'd brush my tooth. Who wants to smell a bad breath right? Then I went downstairs and helped mama I asked how many people, so we both expected to be having less than 7 people but to our horrid shock! it was 4 families in a row! Haha My cousins came! My uncles came! haha I want to tell you who they are, so Uncle Manan came with Cik jak and their 3 kids, Uncle  Ehsan came with his wife and one daughter, My cousins, Abg Ali and Abg Man came with their kids and wifes! Haha The kids in total would be 10 kids?? I think so, I lost count. haha.. That doesn't include the grownups ok! wah.. to our surprised the food was also not enough, we improvised and i made Omelet! The kids loved it, My cousins and Uncle and Aunt loved the food too! It was great! So later, when they left at about 20/30 minutes later, auntie Kamariah came with kak ruby, kak ruby husband and afiq (their son) he was soooo cuttee!! The kids that came was soooo Cuuuttteee! I might say, my cousins sons Daniel was the naughtiest! His arm is broken but he still runs around the house, play and well I think he TOOK mama chocolate M&Ms and my chewing gum. Naughty right? Well kids, i don't mind. afiq was quiet and he liked my cookies, he even counted his duit raya and said he had RM50 already. For a kid, he knew his money. I'm  proud! I think his going to be a manager or CEO one day. I hope so. I hope everyone does!

Okay, huh! On sunday, Basri (Elida's friend) came and cooked for us Laksa Sarawak. i really LIKE laksa sarawak, no matter what the smell or taste! I liked it! He cooked it and it was delicious! Congrats to Basri! and Thank you for the food! So My bus on sunday was 6.30pm and i told mama I wanted to visit papa before i left, we rushed from home at about 5 to arrived at the grave at 5.15, papa grave's was so beautiful, I was so happy that I smiled all the way there to just see it! Mama did a great job in planting those flowers. Even the flowers I planted grew! Yea! I'm so happy. Later we arrived at the bus terminal at 5.45pm, we waited. Until 6.20 the bus haven't arrived, the lady said it's traffic so it might be a bit late. But thankfully, the bus arrived right on time!The bus driver even knows Mama because she always takes his bus when she sending me to U. I'm a bit sad she didn't now but i'm going to finish soon. So it's ok! 

The best thing on these bus was that it broke seven times!! I counted! funny right? I was suppose to arrive at 11pm as promised by the bus driver but we arrived at 12pm sharp at the gate! I like the bus driver because he has a responsibility and he did what he had to do. I even gave him my crackers and drink because he kept going up and down the bus to fixed it and it was raining cold! Pity him. Thank you bus driver! Mama said he was kind enough to do what his job. I like that. So, i was tired! and i almost ran to back home with luggage! The guard says what did you bring? Cookies? Cake? I was just laughing! 

Later that night, I tried to finish my assignment that I forgot to do for SM! but i was so tired, I went to asleep and it was the horrible sleep ever! I miss mama! I have a cough! Imagine me sleeping with mama on my mind, and coughing all night! Huh! The next morning i woke up and finish my work. and tralalalala here I am! Tired! I had class on 2pm till 5pm and later at night 8-10pm luckily the night class finishes early. I went to eat with arif afterwards and spend time with him. It's like 2 weeks haven't been able to see him. I missed him too. Last night I went to sleep early and I had class at 11-1pm just now. It finishes early too. So yea! lalalala

I'm blogging! but I might be MIA this week because of hectic schedule and massive cram in assignment and case studies! This week I have replacement class for AMA 3times including the original 2 classes so it's total is 5 class in 3 days! for just one subject!! huhu, really tired!

Okay, candy sorry but i have jobs to do. Sorry I apologies for any mistake done! 

Bye candy! 

P.S: I love you mama and I love you arif. Papa, I will always miss the sight of you. I miss you, hearing your voice. It's still the same feeling I have all day. Sometimes, I mistakenly called your number because I miss you. Papa, Take care!

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