Friday, September 17, 2010

la dolce vita!

Hello candy!

alice baby

Huh, I'm tired and sleepy actually. I'm waiting for my cousin to arrive. They want to raya at my house.. YEa!! I'm happy but I'm tired. it's been a long and tired day but a very fun fun fun day! I went to pavilion today! and I ate kimchi ramyeon! Hehe It's ramen with kimchi. Delicious! Someone even went up and asked me what am i eating and where do i bought it. Wahh.. I can be on TV shows you know! Candy i delightfully happy because someone likes looking at me eating. There's this one guy who kept looking and looking I guess he just like to see me eat the ramen that's all. Oh yeah, I forgot Ramen is actually Maggi Mee.. hehehe... Stupid right? But it's delicious and kinda expensive but i know why. so I'm going to teach you how to cook the ramen with kimchi. First, Just boiled water for 3 minutes and add you seasonings and noodles (ramen/maggi mee)later afterwards when it's nearly cooked you can add the kimchi and vegetables that you'd might like also egg! Their good together! YUM YUM! I think you're suppose to add like vegetables like mushrooms, cauliflower, french beans, etc but it might consume time. SO add the time consuming vegetables first than your noodles and kimchi! alright?? yea.. I'm so hungry thinking about the noodles.. Sllllrrrppp... grrr...

Okay, afterwards we went for window shopping at tangs and parkson. And other venues but I'd like the two first because it's like one whole department install in one location so I won't have to go in and out of an entrance so many time! I like the cloths at tangs! Absolutely love it! especially martina pink! they are so cute and affordable but since I'm a student and money is a bitttt of a problem. all i can do is just drool at the cloths and hopes that someone might want to donate a few hundreds, thousand, millions maybe. Hmmm Keep on dreaming natalia! you wont have it! grrr.. but it is so cute! I showed to my mum, she was like oh yes that is so cute! Why not buy it? and i'm like Uhmm no money! i need to save! grrrr... I guess money does grow on trees. It takes time to have them. Oh well, martina pink! please wait for me! Later, we walked and looked at shoes! OMG OMG OMG! My fave part of shopping and window shopping is SHOES!! sadly One particular shoes I like cost me nearly RM1000 HUHUHUHUHUHUH =S OMG.. I have no word to describe the feeling of anguish, despair and loneliness. It sucks! RM1000???? I could but a whole bundle and dozens of shoes at vincci.. GRRRR... it's not lv or chloe or other famous names. It's I have no idea what the name is. I forgot to looked! hehe Opppsss sorry! But its that expensive! :s :s :s all i can do is just look and not touch! Even the security guard was looking! As if I want to steal! I have moral values too you know! it's his job, i know the responsibility! huh... SHOES please go away! you're hurting me so bad. Oh. I know I want to get photos of the shoes and sweater but the sales person and guard kept looking. I'm guessing they don't like it when someone want to take pictures. i don't want to try it though because i know then i have to buy them (if they look good)... so sadddd....

sierra sometimes

the fun stuff stops, me and mama had an argument about going back to the U. I guess its my fault and not arief. He couldn't came and I didn't have tickets. Luckily, when i went to buy tickets at hentian putra. The lady said someone sold it so I was lucky. I'm like yea! Hahahaha.. But it got expensive like addition RM2.50. So yeah.. HMM NVM It my ride home ok. If not i'm here in kuala lumpur not going back for my studies. Mama and papa would be so unhappy! very unhappy with me! :)) hehe I forgot! I bought pancakes for my dinner. Hehe it's at the pancake house international or was it pancake internation house. I don't know either one. But i haven't tried it so I don't want it taste like. The guy that sold them to me say peach and caramel banana is the tastiest and people loved it. so i bought peach waffles. :P it's not pancake but they made them the same way right?

Uh.. excited! I also cooked noodles for my cousin. I wonder who is coming. Hehe. Can't wait! Mama says that all my cooking is tasty, delicious but SPICY! OMG! arief can't eat spicy food! so need to lowermy temptation a bit. :P.. NYUM.. foodies i'm hungry. Later!


isn't she gorgeous?! I thought it was her cloth turns out her tattoo.. but she's so so beautiful!

Bye candy!

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