Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In no Mood Today.

Hello Candy,

Haaa.... I just let out a deep breath! I'm so NOT in the mood today! I don't know why.. Huh.. Really something is making me so unhappy and I don't know if that problem is the reason why I"M SO MOODY!! Okay.. You want to know the problem? 


PROBLEM: Someone is talking shit about me! someone is trying to steal something valuable from me! someone          is trying to piss me off by posting something that is hurtful on facebook about me and someone I love! Ohh.. I'm still angry thinking about it! 

ANSWER: I'm not sure, if there is a misunderstanding involved.. but don't post such things on facebook! Your not only pissing me off, your pissing others off. IF U know WHO U R, pls stop it! delete it or just come to me and say something about it! Don't talk bull behind my back! I promise I won't bite unless your making me mad.

HUH! I know it's kiddie stuff but excuse me? If you like someone keep it to yourself. Can u? U don't have to say it out loud! OMG OMG OMG! I'm so going madd!! I have a test today for AMA. That is another rage inside me! I just want this day to end so fast pronto! Can't take it anymore. I'm sorry if I am overwhelming the situation but I can't stop thinking about it. Honestly.

Anyway candy, 
Got to go.. Need to study.. If my mood does change maybe I'll post again.. bye! 

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