Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hello Candy!

Sorry for being MIA. I am terribly busy with assignments, studies and no internet. Arief borrowed my celcom broadband so I couldn't blog or surf. Though my house mates have internet, it didn't felt good. I'm decent. I don't like to trouble other people. Okay!

I am absolutely hurt by arrogant and obnoxious people! seriously! do you have no humanity or feelings? Grrr.. Just yesterday, i went to eat at the foodcourt with aien, yana and shera. So on the way back to my house, I hearn noises, a sound of cry. I went to look for it and i found 4 little kittens! Small! Tiny! Little babies kittens!! PLUS!! No mother was in the area of the kittens! only a box with newspapers and 4 babies.. WHO would do such a thing? If you want to abandon 4 adorable and sweet little kittens abandon the mom too you idiot! Who is going to feed them? I can't! even the cleaner said the same thing. Oh!! I'm so hurt right now!! I'm a cat lover and I can't even do anything! Even if i try to feed them, it's not going to guarantee their health! their so small and they need their mommy's milk! Idiot person who abandon them!! URGHHHHH!!!

I'll pray for all of you little ones. I'm so sadddd!! It hurts serious! It's like abandoning your own child! your own baby! seriously it's the same crime! it is the same crime!!

sorry candy! I have to go! I'm too pissed off for such people!

At least, have some decency. they want to live too!

bye candy.

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