Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hello candy!

I happy! absolutely happy!! I'm baking tonight!! I found 10 recipes excluding 1 because it has cardamom and mama said it might be yucky and people might hate it! so it's 9 recipes!! yea... can't wait to bake this whole week!!

So i'm baking

1) chocolate chip cookies
2) french meringue
3) cut out shaped cookies
4) chocolate fudge with peanut butter / fudge puddle
5) tat nenas
6) strawberry and almond thumbprint cookies
7) spring lime tea
8) russian tea cakes
9) marshmallow treats
10) something behind cornflakes box. its recipes

opppsss i forgot to buy peanut butter!!!

okay bye
mama is yelling because fasting is about to end now.. im hungry!!!

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