Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello candy!

curtain close

I'm looking someone's tumblr right now but I'm not going to say who it belongs too. Because it's very not age appropriate to say! Haha I'm old enough okay! The thing I like about this blog is that, he/she puts like this little things about love and romance to another angle. Sure, the photos are provocative but I guess that's what you'd say ART.. right? I know the age right now is about art, internet and etc. But people are forgetting the real deal. The reason why everything started in the first place. If Shakespeare weren't writing his novelty, we wouldn't know about English literature, If it never went to theoretical play, i guess we wouldn't know about acting, movies and others. It's so much that people forget how they affect today's art.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this but I guess that's how i think about it. People are forgetting history as it is. I like history because It's a story that mesmerizes and it's like a fairy tale rather than a boring old story.

Alright! Back to the tumblr. He/she puts this photos and I think they are really really sweet! and also they have this question and answer thingy where you can ask for advice about your relationships with a guy/girl. or ask about something in that area of recognition. I'm all happy just looking and reading about this tumblr. It helps make me smile other than reading about nina semen. She's nice too! Her tumblr are best! I love writing and I suck at it! I'm still learning and when I read her tumblr, she just amazes me. I don't know. I guess I need to learn more.

I think I got into a wrong major candy. I'm in accountancy but I'm loving art!

HUH! alrighty then. I'm going to continue reading about this tumblr now.

sorry i wont tell you which tumblr. Find it yourself!

Bye candy!

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