Wednesday, September 29, 2010

annoyance and love!

Hello candy,

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Alright I have to admit that I was a bit off yesterday but that's how i released it (my tension that is) I'd write about it. So, yesterday was a bit moody but I got back to a good but sill moody phase. I don't know why. Someone people are just damn rude! I mean if you think your so cool, you can get a job anyway, why did u attend the thing yesterday?? Don't say bullshit. I am doing my part because I want to ensure my life is worth living for. If you think your great then why should I care?? I'm no friend to you. You didn't even try to be friends with me, you didn't even know me. Why would you say such a thing to me? I heard every word. I didn't even bother you, stupid! arghhhh.. i hate people like this. Only I know who I'm writing about. If he felt as if it's him, then good for you. Stop bugging! 

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Urghh, so yesterday didn't end well. I didn't blog anything after that but later last night, arief and I went out to buy food for dinner. So I kinda release everything, every stressed I felt yesterday. He made my day worth yesterday. I'm happy I have him in my life. I'm happy mama is in my life! She is a great, amazing, outgoing and loving mom. I love you mama. They made me happy just by talking and listening to me. So yeah, I don't have to explain more. You get what I'm telling.

you are calm and reposed, let your beauty unfold.

Yesterday, was a boredom! I hate yesterday! I don't hate it hate it, i just felt why?you know. of all days why today would shit happens? Urghh.. I got my quiz 3 for AMA yesterday and I was Pissed OFF as like OMG!! I can't see it or feel it or say thing! I just sat there and looked at it! HOW could I get such RESULTS?? ohhh!! damn! later, we got scold by the lecturer but she's nice from my experience of talking to her. I had a chat with her and she is nice but strict at the same time. She's a lecturer what do u expect? I was mad at her, i was mad to myself. I can't believe my eyes! ohh.. i forgot, that morning I went to have breakfast with nealy and I got a message from my Lect saying class at 2pm is cancelled. Yea... I thought to myself but then I remembered what he said the previous night. I dupped! ahahaha.. I have to attend the CV thingy that help us writes a better CV for our future jobs. I liked it! It gives me motivation and well I can't wait to work. oh it's at this seminar that the person I stated in the 1st paragraph bothered me a lot! After the seminar ended, went back home and SLEPT for the day until 7.55pm hahaha I a sucker for sleep! well I didn't sleep the whole night yesterday. Because I have a quiz yesterday. I was so worried that I didn't sleep. And I think about that facebook incident too. ohh well, people are just I don't know. Then I had class at 8pm with mr subhi. I think his nice. He is nice. He talks fast and ends fast too. That's why i guess maybe its because i'm still half asleep?? maybe?? I don't know. hahahaha

you are calm and reposed, let your beauty unfold

Ohkay, enough about yesterday! Today, i was happy because i had all my sleeps so i woke up early. not that early. I have class at 8am. :P it was forced waking. Went to class and I was pretty damn hungry! when the kiosk open, i asked nealy if she wanted to go, so we all went me kak min and nealy. hehe. I saw someone whom i might want to have a little chat with. hurmm. still thinking about it. then, we went for another breakfast or brunch i would say. I didn't get to eat much that morning because the kiosk open pretty late! then the lecturer starts class. OMG, in class she told us to do question 2 because she thinks we didn't do our job and she said only 5 people did and tried but end up having wrong answers. So hehe. I did what i could, I guess she was proving a point you know. I got her point. I wanted to tell her i didn't do mine but i was afraid what the consequences might be. so i went ahead in doing the question. she said now you know, what you did is right or wrong. I guess she was mad about yesterday incident. Oh! She's my AMA lecturer. Today, I got what she was teaching about because the answer is based on a game. hahaha actually it was a game production company. :P maybe that's why. Fuh.. next we went to a car wash, it was long! I saw 2 goose and I was that thing might attack me! hahaha I was scared like OO No! Don't come near me! hahahha it was funny. at 2pm we went to see wanis present her project paper. She was fun to watch! it's was so cool and she did this funny thing that we all laugh! I was happy. And here I am today! blogging to you. Err i think this is a lot. but it's good! haven't been blogging for a long time. 

ok candy! see you later.


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