Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hello candy,

I've arrived from my week in muadzam, finally my midterm is OVER! Advance management accounting and Internal auditing is finished! yea! so I need to concentrate on my finals! ~huh~!! I think I'm doing fine but we will just see right?


Yesterday was my last day of mid term examination! I trust me all most of us could think of is HOLIDAY!! why did they even make midterm on last day of class?? anyway, the exam question was easy for question 1 and 2 however for question 3! It was trick question and I think I can't do it!! Arghhh!! I came out yelling! hehehehehe... I was that frustrated! Don't worry candy! I can try again of finals and there is no turning back!

Today though I was tired because of yesterday long trip home with my beloved ungku arif and cyborg a friend of ours. we arrived at Kuala Lumpur at exactly 10pm! but reached home at 10.40 like that. I'll stop bragging about yesterday. Today, mama took on to the market but my eyes were as heavy! they won't open! so i slept through the whole shopping and visiting my dad's grave and seeing kak long (mama's friend) who made this really delicious cake!! I missed all that for sleep????? i was that tired! ughh..

I thought to myself actually ever since this semester started, I've begin to sleep in early. never let anymore. Usually around 3am I would go to bed but nowadays it's like 1am or earlier! OMG!! I've begin to grow up! that's good right?? i hope so.. by next year I need to start looking for a job and work! yea!

Life as a university student would soon be over and no more long holidays, just long days at work and missing the 2-3weeks of vacation!! hahaha I'm so going to miss my vacation! It's like working 24/7 and 9am-5pm! huh! can't wait! on plus side of working, I got to earn my own money and I can save them for my future needs. It's not like I didn't save money now, I did. I was suppose to have around Rm500 something before semester start. I guess it's finish because I spend it on to buy stuff.. stuff?? NOW i'm regretting my spending!! but i miss shopping!!I like shopping! not an addict just shoes! cloth!

Honestly! I'm not like high end clothed lover! I'm just normal. I like to shop at medium size store price range BELOW RM100 or actually BELOW RM50 haha! I mostly wear t-shirt and some dresses that cost about Rm25 or less. shoes however are my lust! my pride and joy of why I go shopping! Don't really know why, just that their gorgeous! and to die for! huh.. i miss shopping for shoes.. grrrrr....

oh! i almost forgot! I wanted to blog about my writing and i went this ahead?? haha

actually, i got a storyline for my writing. not just 1 but 3. honestly i don't know where to begin! what part to start and HOW to start! I really need help and support for it. I told arif about it and he said it sounds good. interesting. I'm happy just hearing about it! yea! I am too!! just need to start and have an ending! 1 story is almost on the go the other 2 pieces is still in the making. how i want jodi picoult and khaled hosseini to mentor me. For me, I'm in loved with their style of writing and how the story evolve from the get go! it is my amusement to meet them and just see how they work and gain that edge!

huh... i sound lame don't i? I'm still half asleep and half awake. but I hope i can write and do all the things i love in life.

Oh! I'm going to bake cookies for the whole week till raya or eid ul-fitr this week! oh i'm going to tell you about raya too soon okay! just wait! it's the most festive and loved event in malaysia! yea!!

oh well, my roommate told me last week i need to post real photos of me! how i want a camera and to be a photographer! but it all still remain a mystery till when will i become one.

bye candy!

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