Friday, September 17, 2010

2nd Year anniversary~!!!

Hello candy!

I guess you can say that my post this few days is a bit awkward. I think I know why. It's because TODAY is my 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY with ARIEF!! yea! Happy ANNIVERSARY SYG! syg means Hunny, or baby or sweety something like that. yea.. I'm all jittery, happy and having butterfly in my stomach! I wonder when will be my wedding?? All i could think of is my wedding.. I wonder why? Is it near or far far away?? Arief said It's very far away. Yeap I agree! 100% why?? We need to earn cash, asset, house, etc, etc and other etc. hehe. It's not easy to get married but I'll try me best to do the best I can! Please support me!

this tumblr is also I wont give out. Sorry not being greedy just it's sweet to share

Arief, to me is a very special person or man. He is 23 years old and he lives further away from me like 5 hours away. which is so so far like 400km I think or more. He is the 3rd of his siblings like me, I'm also the 3rd (:P) and we both have 7 brothers and sisters. So that's like the same right? I think it's meant to be. I'm happy with him. He makes my world go round like no body can. When I'm sad or lonely, he usually comforts me in many ways. He is not the hopelessly romantic type of guy, That I can confirm! but he has his ways in sharing his feelings with me. He is shy, quiet type most people say and he is quite small (my roommate says so) but he has a big heart, ambition, love and he really loves his family and friends. That's all he cares about. Other than me. Sometimes, when people can't help me, he would try to at least make sure I'm safe. For example, I'm suppose to go back to university this sunday but he can't come so he said ask yaya. And i said ok. See, he makes sure. He is also very decent, polite, talks softly and not rude! He likes to make jokes and he is funny in his ways I guess.

The reason why I love him so much is because he always try to do his best for me. Like trying to like this I like. Trying to do things normally people won't do or wouldn't think of doing. I'm that kind of person. He puts up with awkward and misbehaving behavior. Sometimes I fart (:P) or burp (:P) sometimes I scream and sometimes sleep with my mouth wide open! Haha He loves that actually. He said my sleeping ways is awkward but cute. Arief, yaya and I think nealy has seen how i sleep in car trips. Yup it's embarrassing but it's the truth. I got in a car and the air-cond is in my eyes or im sleepy and I'll presumably fall asleep very fast! Oh! I almost forgot, he even try to like japanese animation! I know right, me like anime? Thats the awful but lovely truth about me. He tried them but I guess he couldn't. I'd appreciate it, it's sweet and lovely! No one has try it for the sake of me. Even cooking! He also tries to watch cooking shows like nigella or jamie oliver or afc channel but he said it wasn't for him. at least he tried right? OH! he is a god in making pancakes! haha I suck at it! but he is soooo goooddd at it! I don't know why? sometimes i feel like he can make it better than me. I know he can! he is my heart. One other thing, he even try to blog! That made me so happy, I'd try to help him more on it.

You see, he is my special, special man! Other than papa, he is my second most valuable man in my life! No one can replace him! He is my heart, my soul, my life, my world and my companion in all my living space in the world! I heart you for it! Happy anniversary my beautiful darling!

this is us, on yaya's sister wedding.

This is him my lovely, handsome, debonair arief

I'd like to post photos I think is the best way I can express my feelings for him. I think if you carefully watch and look at these photos, maybe you can understand how I feel for him and felt for him. It's so hard to explain but it's the truth. I do hope one day, your my prince and my life will be perfect just to be with you. You still give me butterflies everytime. I can't tell you why mr. arief but everytime I have those feelings of shyness and jittery just by waiting for you.

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