Wednesday, September 29, 2010

annoyance and love!

Hello candy,

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Alright I have to admit that I was a bit off yesterday but that's how i released it (my tension that is) I'd write about it. So, yesterday was a bit moody but I got back to a good but sill moody phase. I don't know why. Someone people are just damn rude! I mean if you think your so cool, you can get a job anyway, why did u attend the thing yesterday?? Don't say bullshit. I am doing my part because I want to ensure my life is worth living for. If you think your great then why should I care?? I'm no friend to you. You didn't even try to be friends with me, you didn't even know me. Why would you say such a thing to me? I heard every word. I didn't even bother you, stupid! arghhhh.. i hate people like this. Only I know who I'm writing about. If he felt as if it's him, then good for you. Stop bugging! 

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Urghh, so yesterday didn't end well. I didn't blog anything after that but later last night, arief and I went out to buy food for dinner. So I kinda release everything, every stressed I felt yesterday. He made my day worth yesterday. I'm happy I have him in my life. I'm happy mama is in my life! She is a great, amazing, outgoing and loving mom. I love you mama. They made me happy just by talking and listening to me. So yeah, I don't have to explain more. You get what I'm telling.

you are calm and reposed, let your beauty unfold.

Yesterday, was a boredom! I hate yesterday! I don't hate it hate it, i just felt why?you know. of all days why today would shit happens? Urghh.. I got my quiz 3 for AMA yesterday and I was Pissed OFF as like OMG!! I can't see it or feel it or say thing! I just sat there and looked at it! HOW could I get such RESULTS?? ohhh!! damn! later, we got scold by the lecturer but she's nice from my experience of talking to her. I had a chat with her and she is nice but strict at the same time. She's a lecturer what do u expect? I was mad at her, i was mad to myself. I can't believe my eyes! ohh.. i forgot, that morning I went to have breakfast with nealy and I got a message from my Lect saying class at 2pm is cancelled. Yea... I thought to myself but then I remembered what he said the previous night. I dupped! ahahaha.. I have to attend the CV thingy that help us writes a better CV for our future jobs. I liked it! It gives me motivation and well I can't wait to work. oh it's at this seminar that the person I stated in the 1st paragraph bothered me a lot! After the seminar ended, went back home and SLEPT for the day until 7.55pm hahaha I a sucker for sleep! well I didn't sleep the whole night yesterday. Because I have a quiz yesterday. I was so worried that I didn't sleep. And I think about that facebook incident too. ohh well, people are just I don't know. Then I had class at 8pm with mr subhi. I think his nice. He is nice. He talks fast and ends fast too. That's why i guess maybe its because i'm still half asleep?? maybe?? I don't know. hahahaha

you are calm and reposed, let your beauty unfold

Ohkay, enough about yesterday! Today, i was happy because i had all my sleeps so i woke up early. not that early. I have class at 8am. :P it was forced waking. Went to class and I was pretty damn hungry! when the kiosk open, i asked nealy if she wanted to go, so we all went me kak min and nealy. hehe. I saw someone whom i might want to have a little chat with. hurmm. still thinking about it. then, we went for another breakfast or brunch i would say. I didn't get to eat much that morning because the kiosk open pretty late! then the lecturer starts class. OMG, in class she told us to do question 2 because she thinks we didn't do our job and she said only 5 people did and tried but end up having wrong answers. So hehe. I did what i could, I guess she was proving a point you know. I got her point. I wanted to tell her i didn't do mine but i was afraid what the consequences might be. so i went ahead in doing the question. she said now you know, what you did is right or wrong. I guess she was mad about yesterday incident. Oh! She's my AMA lecturer. Today, I got what she was teaching about because the answer is based on a game. hahaha actually it was a game production company. :P maybe that's why. Fuh.. next we went to a car wash, it was long! I saw 2 goose and I was that thing might attack me! hahaha I was scared like OO No! Don't come near me! hahahha it was funny. at 2pm we went to see wanis present her project paper. She was fun to watch! it's was so cool and she did this funny thing that we all laugh! I was happy. And here I am today! blogging to you. Err i think this is a lot. but it's good! haven't been blogging for a long time. 

ok candy! see you later.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In no Mood Today.

Hello Candy,

Haaa.... I just let out a deep breath! I'm so NOT in the mood today! I don't know why.. Huh.. Really something is making me so unhappy and I don't know if that problem is the reason why I"M SO MOODY!! Okay.. You want to know the problem? 


PROBLEM: Someone is talking shit about me! someone is trying to steal something valuable from me! someone          is trying to piss me off by posting something that is hurtful on facebook about me and someone I love! Ohh.. I'm still angry thinking about it! 

ANSWER: I'm not sure, if there is a misunderstanding involved.. but don't post such things on facebook! Your not only pissing me off, your pissing others off. IF U know WHO U R, pls stop it! delete it or just come to me and say something about it! Don't talk bull behind my back! I promise I won't bite unless your making me mad.

HUH! I know it's kiddie stuff but excuse me? If you like someone keep it to yourself. Can u? U don't have to say it out loud! OMG OMG OMG! I'm so going madd!! I have a test today for AMA. That is another rage inside me! I just want this day to end so fast pronto! Can't take it anymore. I'm sorry if I am overwhelming the situation but I can't stop thinking about it. Honestly.

Anyway candy, 
Got to go.. Need to study.. If my mood does change maybe I'll post again.. bye! 

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hello Candy!

Sorry for being MIA. I am terribly busy with assignments, studies and no internet. Arief borrowed my celcom broadband so I couldn't blog or surf. Though my house mates have internet, it didn't felt good. I'm decent. I don't like to trouble other people. Okay!

I am absolutely hurt by arrogant and obnoxious people! seriously! do you have no humanity or feelings? Grrr.. Just yesterday, i went to eat at the foodcourt with aien, yana and shera. So on the way back to my house, I hearn noises, a sound of cry. I went to look for it and i found 4 little kittens! Small! Tiny! Little babies kittens!! PLUS!! No mother was in the area of the kittens! only a box with newspapers and 4 babies.. WHO would do such a thing? If you want to abandon 4 adorable and sweet little kittens abandon the mom too you idiot! Who is going to feed them? I can't! even the cleaner said the same thing. Oh!! I'm so hurt right now!! I'm a cat lover and I can't even do anything! Even if i try to feed them, it's not going to guarantee their health! their so small and they need their mommy's milk! Idiot person who abandon them!! URGHHHHH!!!

I'll pray for all of you little ones. I'm so sadddd!! It hurts serious! It's like abandoning your own child! your own baby! seriously it's the same crime! it is the same crime!!

sorry candy! I have to go! I'm too pissed off for such people!

At least, have some decency. they want to live too!

bye candy.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tired but humorous

Hello Candy!

Believe me when I say I'm Tired!! Exhausted! and Awkwardly Happy. ;P :) why you asked? easy, last saturday I thought of cleaning my room, packing and well getting ready to back to U so I decided to do all that despite that I'm going to be leaving Mama and be missing her! Suddenly at 12pm, My uncle called Acunan, he said he was coming to my house for raya. I was surprised but happy! I haven't seen him in the longest time but even when I had the time it wasn't suitable but anyway, mama called me or I called mama ( which ever one) she said "AYA! get ready!" So i rushed myself to the toilet, got ready and the funny thing was I forgot to brush my tooth haha so when I remembered i didn't, I'd brush my tooth. Who wants to smell a bad breath right? Then I went downstairs and helped mama I asked how many people, so we both expected to be having less than 7 people but to our horrid shock! it was 4 families in a row! Haha My cousins came! My uncles came! haha I want to tell you who they are, so Uncle Manan came with Cik jak and their 3 kids, Uncle  Ehsan came with his wife and one daughter, My cousins, Abg Ali and Abg Man came with their kids and wifes! Haha The kids in total would be 10 kids?? I think so, I lost count. haha.. That doesn't include the grownups ok! wah.. to our surprised the food was also not enough, we improvised and i made Omelet! The kids loved it, My cousins and Uncle and Aunt loved the food too! It was great! So later, when they left at about 20/30 minutes later, auntie Kamariah came with kak ruby, kak ruby husband and afiq (their son) he was soooo cuttee!! The kids that came was soooo Cuuuttteee! I might say, my cousins sons Daniel was the naughtiest! His arm is broken but he still runs around the house, play and well I think he TOOK mama chocolate M&Ms and my chewing gum. Naughty right? Well kids, i don't mind. afiq was quiet and he liked my cookies, he even counted his duit raya and said he had RM50 already. For a kid, he knew his money. I'm  proud! I think his going to be a manager or CEO one day. I hope so. I hope everyone does!

Okay, huh! On sunday, Basri (Elida's friend) came and cooked for us Laksa Sarawak. i really LIKE laksa sarawak, no matter what the smell or taste! I liked it! He cooked it and it was delicious! Congrats to Basri! and Thank you for the food! So My bus on sunday was 6.30pm and i told mama I wanted to visit papa before i left, we rushed from home at about 5 to arrived at the grave at 5.15, papa grave's was so beautiful, I was so happy that I smiled all the way there to just see it! Mama did a great job in planting those flowers. Even the flowers I planted grew! Yea! I'm so happy. Later we arrived at the bus terminal at 5.45pm, we waited. Until 6.20 the bus haven't arrived, the lady said it's traffic so it might be a bit late. But thankfully, the bus arrived right on time!The bus driver even knows Mama because she always takes his bus when she sending me to U. I'm a bit sad she didn't now but i'm going to finish soon. So it's ok! 

The best thing on these bus was that it broke seven times!! I counted! funny right? I was suppose to arrive at 11pm as promised by the bus driver but we arrived at 12pm sharp at the gate! I like the bus driver because he has a responsibility and he did what he had to do. I even gave him my crackers and drink because he kept going up and down the bus to fixed it and it was raining cold! Pity him. Thank you bus driver! Mama said he was kind enough to do what his job. I like that. So, i was tired! and i almost ran to back home with luggage! The guard says what did you bring? Cookies? Cake? I was just laughing! 

Later that night, I tried to finish my assignment that I forgot to do for SM! but i was so tired, I went to asleep and it was the horrible sleep ever! I miss mama! I have a cough! Imagine me sleeping with mama on my mind, and coughing all night! Huh! The next morning i woke up and finish my work. and tralalalala here I am! Tired! I had class on 2pm till 5pm and later at night 8-10pm luckily the night class finishes early. I went to eat with arif afterwards and spend time with him. It's like 2 weeks haven't been able to see him. I missed him too. Last night I went to sleep early and I had class at 11-1pm just now. It finishes early too. So yea! lalalala

I'm blogging! but I might be MIA this week because of hectic schedule and massive cram in assignment and case studies! This week I have replacement class for AMA 3times including the original 2 classes so it's total is 5 class in 3 days! for just one subject!! huhu, really tired!

Okay, candy sorry but i have jobs to do. Sorry I apologies for any mistake done! 

Bye candy! 

P.S: I love you mama and I love you arif. Papa, I will always miss the sight of you. I miss you, hearing your voice. It's still the same feeling I have all day. Sometimes, I mistakenly called your number because I miss you. Papa, Take care!

Friday, September 17, 2010

la dolce vita!

Hello candy!

alice baby

Huh, I'm tired and sleepy actually. I'm waiting for my cousin to arrive. They want to raya at my house.. YEa!! I'm happy but I'm tired. it's been a long and tired day but a very fun fun fun day! I went to pavilion today! and I ate kimchi ramyeon! Hehe It's ramen with kimchi. Delicious! Someone even went up and asked me what am i eating and where do i bought it. Wahh.. I can be on TV shows you know! Candy i delightfully happy because someone likes looking at me eating. There's this one guy who kept looking and looking I guess he just like to see me eat the ramen that's all. Oh yeah, I forgot Ramen is actually Maggi Mee.. hehehe... Stupid right? But it's delicious and kinda expensive but i know why. so I'm going to teach you how to cook the ramen with kimchi. First, Just boiled water for 3 minutes and add you seasonings and noodles (ramen/maggi mee)later afterwards when it's nearly cooked you can add the kimchi and vegetables that you'd might like also egg! Their good together! YUM YUM! I think you're suppose to add like vegetables like mushrooms, cauliflower, french beans, etc but it might consume time. SO add the time consuming vegetables first than your noodles and kimchi! alright?? yea.. I'm so hungry thinking about the noodles.. Sllllrrrppp... grrr...

Okay, afterwards we went for window shopping at tangs and parkson. And other venues but I'd like the two first because it's like one whole department install in one location so I won't have to go in and out of an entrance so many time! I like the cloths at tangs! Absolutely love it! especially martina pink! they are so cute and affordable but since I'm a student and money is a bitttt of a problem. all i can do is just drool at the cloths and hopes that someone might want to donate a few hundreds, thousand, millions maybe. Hmmm Keep on dreaming natalia! you wont have it! grrr.. but it is so cute! I showed to my mum, she was like oh yes that is so cute! Why not buy it? and i'm like Uhmm no money! i need to save! grrrr... I guess money does grow on trees. It takes time to have them. Oh well, martina pink! please wait for me! Later, we walked and looked at shoes! OMG OMG OMG! My fave part of shopping and window shopping is SHOES!! sadly One particular shoes I like cost me nearly RM1000 HUHUHUHUHUHUH =S OMG.. I have no word to describe the feeling of anguish, despair and loneliness. It sucks! RM1000???? I could but a whole bundle and dozens of shoes at vincci.. GRRRR... it's not lv or chloe or other famous names. It's I have no idea what the name is. I forgot to looked! hehe Opppsss sorry! But its that expensive! :s :s :s all i can do is just look and not touch! Even the security guard was looking! As if I want to steal! I have moral values too you know! it's his job, i know the responsibility! huh... SHOES please go away! you're hurting me so bad. Oh. I know I want to get photos of the shoes and sweater but the sales person and guard kept looking. I'm guessing they don't like it when someone want to take pictures. i don't want to try it though because i know then i have to buy them (if they look good)... so sadddd....

sierra sometimes

the fun stuff stops, me and mama had an argument about going back to the U. I guess its my fault and not arief. He couldn't came and I didn't have tickets. Luckily, when i went to buy tickets at hentian putra. The lady said someone sold it so I was lucky. I'm like yea! Hahahaha.. But it got expensive like addition RM2.50. So yeah.. HMM NVM It my ride home ok. If not i'm here in kuala lumpur not going back for my studies. Mama and papa would be so unhappy! very unhappy with me! :)) hehe I forgot! I bought pancakes for my dinner. Hehe it's at the pancake house international or was it pancake internation house. I don't know either one. But i haven't tried it so I don't want it taste like. The guy that sold them to me say peach and caramel banana is the tastiest and people loved it. so i bought peach waffles. :P it's not pancake but they made them the same way right?

Uh.. excited! I also cooked noodles for my cousin. I wonder who is coming. Hehe. Can't wait! Mama says that all my cooking is tasty, delicious but SPICY! OMG! arief can't eat spicy food! so need to lowermy temptation a bit. :P.. NYUM.. foodies i'm hungry. Later!


isn't she gorgeous?! I thought it was her cloth turns out her tattoo.. but she's so so beautiful!

Bye candy!

2nd Year anniversary~!!!

Hello candy!

I guess you can say that my post this few days is a bit awkward. I think I know why. It's because TODAY is my 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY with ARIEF!! yea! Happy ANNIVERSARY SYG! syg means Hunny, or baby or sweety something like that. yea.. I'm all jittery, happy and having butterfly in my stomach! I wonder when will be my wedding?? All i could think of is my wedding.. I wonder why? Is it near or far far away?? Arief said It's very far away. Yeap I agree! 100% why?? We need to earn cash, asset, house, etc, etc and other etc. hehe. It's not easy to get married but I'll try me best to do the best I can! Please support me!

this tumblr is also I wont give out. Sorry not being greedy just it's sweet to share

Arief, to me is a very special person or man. He is 23 years old and he lives further away from me like 5 hours away. which is so so far like 400km I think or more. He is the 3rd of his siblings like me, I'm also the 3rd (:P) and we both have 7 brothers and sisters. So that's like the same right? I think it's meant to be. I'm happy with him. He makes my world go round like no body can. When I'm sad or lonely, he usually comforts me in many ways. He is not the hopelessly romantic type of guy, That I can confirm! but he has his ways in sharing his feelings with me. He is shy, quiet type most people say and he is quite small (my roommate says so) but he has a big heart, ambition, love and he really loves his family and friends. That's all he cares about. Other than me. Sometimes, when people can't help me, he would try to at least make sure I'm safe. For example, I'm suppose to go back to university this sunday but he can't come so he said ask yaya. And i said ok. See, he makes sure. He is also very decent, polite, talks softly and not rude! He likes to make jokes and he is funny in his ways I guess.

The reason why I love him so much is because he always try to do his best for me. Like trying to like this I like. Trying to do things normally people won't do or wouldn't think of doing. I'm that kind of person. He puts up with awkward and misbehaving behavior. Sometimes I fart (:P) or burp (:P) sometimes I scream and sometimes sleep with my mouth wide open! Haha He loves that actually. He said my sleeping ways is awkward but cute. Arief, yaya and I think nealy has seen how i sleep in car trips. Yup it's embarrassing but it's the truth. I got in a car and the air-cond is in my eyes or im sleepy and I'll presumably fall asleep very fast! Oh! I almost forgot, he even try to like japanese animation! I know right, me like anime? Thats the awful but lovely truth about me. He tried them but I guess he couldn't. I'd appreciate it, it's sweet and lovely! No one has try it for the sake of me. Even cooking! He also tries to watch cooking shows like nigella or jamie oliver or afc channel but he said it wasn't for him. at least he tried right? OH! he is a god in making pancakes! haha I suck at it! but he is soooo goooddd at it! I don't know why? sometimes i feel like he can make it better than me. I know he can! he is my heart. One other thing, he even try to blog! That made me so happy, I'd try to help him more on it.

You see, he is my special, special man! Other than papa, he is my second most valuable man in my life! No one can replace him! He is my heart, my soul, my life, my world and my companion in all my living space in the world! I heart you for it! Happy anniversary my beautiful darling!

this is us, on yaya's sister wedding.

This is him my lovely, handsome, debonair arief

I'd like to post photos I think is the best way I can express my feelings for him. I think if you carefully watch and look at these photos, maybe you can understand how I feel for him and felt for him. It's so hard to explain but it's the truth. I do hope one day, your my prince and my life will be perfect just to be with you. You still give me butterflies everytime. I can't tell you why mr. arief but everytime I have those feelings of shyness and jittery just by waiting for you.

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yeah carry on


Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello candy!

johanna mercado

alice baby

life should be beautiful


Hello candy!

curtain close

I'm looking someone's tumblr right now but I'm not going to say who it belongs too. Because it's very not age appropriate to say! Haha I'm old enough okay! The thing I like about this blog is that, he/she puts like this little things about love and romance to another angle. Sure, the photos are provocative but I guess that's what you'd say ART.. right? I know the age right now is about art, internet and etc. But people are forgetting the real deal. The reason why everything started in the first place. If Shakespeare weren't writing his novelty, we wouldn't know about English literature, If it never went to theoretical play, i guess we wouldn't know about acting, movies and others. It's so much that people forget how they affect today's art.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this but I guess that's how i think about it. People are forgetting history as it is. I like history because It's a story that mesmerizes and it's like a fairy tale rather than a boring old story.

Alright! Back to the tumblr. He/she puts this photos and I think they are really really sweet! and also they have this question and answer thingy where you can ask for advice about your relationships with a guy/girl. or ask about something in that area of recognition. I'm all happy just looking and reading about this tumblr. It helps make me smile other than reading about nina semen. She's nice too! Her tumblr are best! I love writing and I suck at it! I'm still learning and when I read her tumblr, she just amazes me. I don't know. I guess I need to learn more.

I think I got into a wrong major candy. I'm in accountancy but I'm loving art!

HUH! alrighty then. I'm going to continue reading about this tumblr now.

sorry i wont tell you which tumblr. Find it yourself!

Bye candy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A walk in the wangsa

Hello candy!

I know the topic is a bit nuts. Haha. Today, Mama and I spend time with mummy (my stepmom) and my other siblings. Abrahem, balqis, amer and shahrul. It's raya so spending time is require. Usually they come to my old house for raya since they live a far but now they moved to my old house and we visited them in return. Honestly, I had fun. I chitchat with abrahem and gossiped with him about his ahem ahem.. It's a secret! and watch anime with shahrul and balqis. It was fun. Amer though was sleeping the whole time and he left to watch movies with his friends at one utama. He is missing out on us. Huh.. Okayh, So i played with susu balqis's cat. She was cute but mad I think. Mama said her face says I have a problem don't bother me. Or something like that. She hates it when people touch her leg. She got mad at balqis once or many times but she didn't try to scratch me yet. I miss playing with kittens and cats.

Later, I think arounf 6.45 something like that we (mama, me, mummy, shahrul and balqis) went out to eat. Abrahem had to stay, he didn't fit in the car or if he wanted to he had to sit in the trunk or on the roof. Hehe.. So yeah, He missed that too. Well we ate at this small restoran, the food was delicious but not that delicious. We chitchat about how dangerous for a girl to walk around Kuala Lumpur at night. It's dangerous actually! I'm worried about my sister. She's young! Hanging out is a must but do watch out for pervert, rapist, killers, sociopath and other people alike! and you should read the newspapers! they gave you a lot of info about such happenings! So we walk around the shopping complex, i showed them where is what and what is where so yeah. It's the 1st time i think. Mama spend time with us all. I mean with the other side of the family. it was fun. Oh the shopping complex is called wangsa walk. Hehe I think you got the idea already about the title.. right?? A walk in the wangsa as in I walk at wangsa walk.. haha..NVM

Okay, I'm off to bed! I'm sleepy and tired! I love u mama!

Bye candy!

regretting is always a burden!

hello candy!

nothing fun happened today. I made a mistake though I was suppose to watch a movie with mama called andartu terlampau but I fell asleep. Mama called me several times but I'd missed it! I'm regretting it so much now! How i wish I could turn back time. I love spending time with her. I know sometimes she makes me angry but she said that what's drive me. I kinda get it. I get frustrated sometimes but I'm guessing if she didn't push me, no one will. I love her. I really do! That's why I feel so bad right now.. I don't want to lose her. I want to spend more time and love for her.

I love you mama!

Friday, September 10, 2010

selamat hari raya~! eid ul-fitr~!

Hello candy!

About my raya! OMG!! It's a long happy story! I hope you're ready candy to read! It's sum of happy yet sad. it's going to be a really long post.. I hope you'll enjoy!

The first day of raya was a blast~!! However it's Lukewarm situation was that there is five things happened that saddens me. Firstly was that this was the 1st time we celebrated hari raya or eid mubarak without my beloved late father, papa. I missed him. Honestly, before i went to sleep the night before I cried and I thought of him. I wonder whether he is alright or not. I know it's not good but I missed him so much that I didn't want to celebrate raya at first. I know he is watching us and he wants us to be happy and just move on. Some how I know he is also angry at me for mistakes that I'd made. I really want to shake his hands and apologize for everything, every mistake, and every mishaps. I miss u. I hope you know, papa. Selamat hari raya aidilfitri, Maaf zahir dan batin, papa. I miss knowing that every morning of raya you'd be sitting down watching the news and waiting for all of us to ask for forgiveness. Mostly I'm missing knowing that last raya was the last I'd spent with you. I didn't even know it would be the last. I know I took you for granted some times, but deep down I know you know I love you. I'm sorry for everything.

Sorry candy, I'm actually crying writing this. It's the one place I'd feel the need too. Though, he is no longer here but by writing at least I can let go of some feelings. The feelings I didn't let go of yet. HUH~! Okayh! stop crying!!

2nd thing was that this morning I'd celebrate raya with my aunts and uncle. I only have one uncle on my mother's side, Uncle Mury. He is very funny and the reason why he'd make my raya sad is because he said something which touch my heart so bad and i felt the tears rolling down my eyes. He said "you should take care of your mother! Your the only one who can take care of her! No one else but you! Please take care of your mother!" really it hit me like lighting bolt! My late papa even said that! Not the whole words just that "take care of mama when I'm gone. Your the only one" I'm like OMG! don't say my uncle is leaving us?? He can't! I'm not the only crying!! Even mama is crying when she heard it! I only got to see him for 10-15 minutes, he had an appointment so he had to leave early, mama didn't want to let him go though. She loves him too. Candy, mama is also like me, she's the last of all her siblings. The baby sister, like me. Oh how I feel the pain. I'm the only one?? huh... ok..

3rd thing was that I didn't get to visit papa's grave! I'm at that part of the month. huhu so yeah, it sucked! All my siblings got to be with him, I didn't. So, jealousy is roaming!! huh!! I'm guessing my raya was bad at first but later I'll tell you the best part. I think it is.

4th thing was that I baked cookieeeesss!! Mama though "DIDNT LIKE IT!!!" because its hideous, ugly, not creative and NOT CREATIVE!! hahaha I'm not a pro so I didn't expect much but I guess mama was! She even yelled at me saying "did you see the vendors? Did you look at their cookies??" I'm like I know I know I know! Support me here pleasE! I'm new! Not a pro just say oh that's looks good or something. Don't push me down. It hurts! It stings! It bites! another reason why I didn't want to celebrate. huh...

5th thing was so easy!! I couldn't text my friends with raya message because I didn't have money to buy topup nor do i have topup to reply their text.. SOrry guys! SO instead, I reply or post on facebook.. hehe it's saves my money a bit.. I'm really broke you know!! but this raya really I didn't expect much. I guess it turns me wrong to judge first.

the great and good things!

Okay! So I'm going to begin with the waking hours till now! haha Was it a long post candy?? it's going to be longer. hahahaha I'm happy!! though sad inside.

Candy, I woke up thinking its raya! and I have to get ready and visit auntie banun. My alarms rang at 7am! for every 5 minutes it rang and rang and rang until I woke up at 9am.. hahaha! I'm terrible when it comes to sleeping! I'm addicted to sleeping! As usual, mama yells "if you don't wake up, you'd be left behind!" So I woke and got ready, then it hit me.. aren't i suppose to wear make up?? so I did, and this is how I look wearing make up. don't laugh!

hehe so okay after getting ready, I got downstairs and ate! I'm hungry for SOTO! in Malaysia, different houses have different types of food to serve for example my house we serve soto and lontong! delicious! so by 10-ish our whole family went to auntie banun. once there my auntie salmah was leaving because she has plans or visit others. She did the nicest thing, she gave me my 2nd ever zakat. The first one was my aunt along on papa's side of the family. She gave me a lot that I felt a bit strange to receive it. Zakat is a heritage in muslim. Every one needs to pay for zakat. It's a must! I can receive it because my category is I'm considered as an orphan. Her family gave me that money. It's awkward. but you can research about zakat on wikipedia. I'll give you the website for it, click on zakat. Then she left and my uncle mury also left. So we continue eating, I think this time I ate a lot! people are calling me fat! need to lose weight!! Then my auntie miah arrives with her family excluding her eldest daughter who is in kelantan. anyway, she brought wedding cards, my cousin is getting married! when will it be my turn?? oh.. abg rizal is also getting married! and i didn't speak to him for almost a year over! okayh! deep breath! jealousy..(GRRRR) I saw my cousin's sons and daughters. They are so cute! like little dumplings.. so cute! One baby was looking at me, it felt weird! haha then we left and went back home because adam pushes us. He wants to get some cash! his young.. he doesn't know.. :P when we arrive home, my auntie yang called saying she wants to come and I said okay, we're home already. So we hustle and prepare for her arrival. I was pretty tired and sleepy. I was happy because I got to see my cousins! Guess what?! They like my cookies! hahahaha I'm happy! heeee.... then we talked, watch some tv and then my aunt left she wanted to visit my papa's grave and my other siblings. OHH i forgot, kak sarti was also hear! My former nanny. She came last night to spend the night with us. She also left with auntie yang. So i'm left with the cleaning and sleepy!!! As we both (me and mama) cleans, we decided we're off to bed soon. Haha but we ate again.. :P then we wanted to go to sleep.. but I didn't I was online! SUDDENLY, my auntie timang called. She wants to see our new home. I was like I was suppose to be sleeping but oh okay while I'm still awake lets do this! So we both prepare again in full throttle, I think we're both tired but its guest. need to prepare! then, they arrived and brought cake! yum! to my shocked! they liked the whole food we served them, the soto, lontong, sambal ikan bilis and kek lapis was almost finish! CAput! though they are still others but what we served them is gone! Mama was happy! I was happy! and everyone was happy! they watched tv, a story about jet li as wong fei hong i think.. mama asked me "astro prima also have chinese movies??" all i said was I dunno maybe.. haha candy! My cookies was also a hit! most of my cousins like the french merengue! they said its like cotton candy.. around 7pm they left and i prepare to clean up again.. huhu imagine me being tired! to my shock again!! mama said we are going to visit auntie kamariah after isyak prayers! I was like okay.. as long as I didn't have to redo everything.. Then we went and met with her and her family, she's not my aunt but my former neighbor. When we first arrive, mama and auntie kamariah hugged like its 10 years they havent seen eachother! I was happy to see that. we got inside, her grand daughter umairah came and sat next to me! I was utterly afraid! I wasn't particularly close to children and i'm not that good with them but she was always next to me. hehe it made me happy. she likes me for some reasons. Mama and auntie kamariah talks while kak ruby prepares and then we ate again! :P but this time umairah sat next to me really close! auntie kamariah said that she's not close to anyone, even she felt awkward. Umairah was that close to me. mama said that she wanted to play with me, ohh she was such a beauty! I just want to take pictures of her. I dont have a camera! huhu her curly hair and foreign face. She is adorable! one highlight I think I like celebrating raya. It brings closeness to people or in malay we'd say "mengeratkan siratulrahim". So later, we visit mcdonald and ate again! and tadaaa... i'm here telling about it to u candy! haha I'm FATTT!!!!! GRRRRR!! tomorrow! no more food! it's time to go on a diet!!

i think ur sleepy candy! wake up! here's a picture of my familia

I'm guessing you might asked where's arif?? He is celebrating it with his family. However it might not be a celebration because his grandfather had died at 5am today on the first day of eid mubarak. So it wasn't a happy celebration. I know the feeling, so Al-fatihah to his late grandfather. I hope we all pray for his late grandfather and papa. Oh, another sad news from him. His grandmother on his father's side just got into a coma. I know. OMG. How can that be? It happens to most of us. There are families who just lost or had already lost their family members a few days before, its harder for them because they were expecting to celebrate it with eachother. I hope all those people have good strength, power and will to move one and be strong! I pray for all of them, the people we lost, the people they lost and the people in need. Al-fatihah.

To all my friends, cousins, uncles, family I wish you all
Selamat hari raya aidilfitri! maaf zahir dan batin!

Bye candy! nite!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hello candy!

I happy! absolutely happy!! I'm baking tonight!! I found 10 recipes excluding 1 because it has cardamom and mama said it might be yucky and people might hate it! so it's 9 recipes!! yea... can't wait to bake this whole week!!

So i'm baking

1) chocolate chip cookies
2) french meringue
3) cut out shaped cookies
4) chocolate fudge with peanut butter / fudge puddle
5) tat nenas
6) strawberry and almond thumbprint cookies
7) spring lime tea
8) russian tea cakes
9) marshmallow treats
10) something behind cornflakes box. its recipes

opppsss i forgot to buy peanut butter!!!

okay bye
mama is yelling because fasting is about to end now.. im hungry!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hello candy,

I've arrived from my week in muadzam, finally my midterm is OVER! Advance management accounting and Internal auditing is finished! yea! so I need to concentrate on my finals! ~huh~!! I think I'm doing fine but we will just see right?


Yesterday was my last day of mid term examination! I trust me all most of us could think of is HOLIDAY!! why did they even make midterm on last day of class?? anyway, the exam question was easy for question 1 and 2 however for question 3! It was trick question and I think I can't do it!! Arghhh!! I came out yelling! hehehehehe... I was that frustrated! Don't worry candy! I can try again of finals and there is no turning back!

Today though I was tired because of yesterday long trip home with my beloved ungku arif and cyborg a friend of ours. we arrived at Kuala Lumpur at exactly 10pm! but reached home at 10.40 like that. I'll stop bragging about yesterday. Today, mama took on to the market but my eyes were as heavy! they won't open! so i slept through the whole shopping and visiting my dad's grave and seeing kak long (mama's friend) who made this really delicious cake!! I missed all that for sleep????? i was that tired! ughh..

I thought to myself actually ever since this semester started, I've begin to sleep in early. never let anymore. Usually around 3am I would go to bed but nowadays it's like 1am or earlier! OMG!! I've begin to grow up! that's good right?? i hope so.. by next year I need to start looking for a job and work! yea!

Life as a university student would soon be over and no more long holidays, just long days at work and missing the 2-3weeks of vacation!! hahaha I'm so going to miss my vacation! It's like working 24/7 and 9am-5pm! huh! can't wait! on plus side of working, I got to earn my own money and I can save them for my future needs. It's not like I didn't save money now, I did. I was suppose to have around Rm500 something before semester start. I guess it's finish because I spend it on to buy stuff.. stuff?? NOW i'm regretting my spending!! but i miss shopping!!I like shopping! not an addict just shoes! cloth!

Honestly! I'm not like high end clothed lover! I'm just normal. I like to shop at medium size store price range BELOW RM100 or actually BELOW RM50 haha! I mostly wear t-shirt and some dresses that cost about Rm25 or less. shoes however are my lust! my pride and joy of why I go shopping! Don't really know why, just that their gorgeous! and to die for! huh.. i miss shopping for shoes.. grrrrr....

oh! i almost forgot! I wanted to blog about my writing and i went this ahead?? haha

actually, i got a storyline for my writing. not just 1 but 3. honestly i don't know where to begin! what part to start and HOW to start! I really need help and support for it. I told arif about it and he said it sounds good. interesting. I'm happy just hearing about it! yea! I am too!! just need to start and have an ending! 1 story is almost on the go the other 2 pieces is still in the making. how i want jodi picoult and khaled hosseini to mentor me. For me, I'm in loved with their style of writing and how the story evolve from the get go! it is my amusement to meet them and just see how they work and gain that edge!

huh... i sound lame don't i? I'm still half asleep and half awake. but I hope i can write and do all the things i love in life.

Oh! I'm going to bake cookies for the whole week till raya or eid ul-fitr this week! oh i'm going to tell you about raya too soon okay! just wait! it's the most festive and loved event in malaysia! yea!!

oh well, my roommate told me last week i need to post real photos of me! how i want a camera and to be a photographer! but it all still remain a mystery till when will i become one.

bye candy!