Tuesday, August 3, 2010

midnight mayhem

hello candy!

It seems like wonders today. Actually, I had a quiz today about advance management accounting and it was hard! but not that hard! I just hope I got better results than the previous quiz. The subject is not one to take it likely, it's hard and for me when you memorize it and understand it, it's simple but when your graded by your lecturer it might seem that your not quite adequate enough. I'm troubled actually by this subject. I know what i'm learning and I understand it but my answers aren't correct. Huh! Saddneeeesssss roams my night tonight!

Later at 2pm I had tutorial for Corporate Governance. I heard it was an easy subject something you can understand and have fun in but I'm also not sure what is going on. I guess it's time to study again and over again till my brain damages itself!

My night tonight seems to be much of a worrier! but I did have some fun like screaming just by seeing an incredible weird looking insect flying around inside the house!! It's creepy and yucky!! I don't like it! How am i going to sleep tonight??!!

However, tomorrow is a great day! I have no morning class! but i do have class at 5-7pm and 8-11pm.. the last night class makes me feel like an OWL! duh! It takes so long! and it at night! people just want it to be deal with and go eat!

Okay! I'm going to stop bragging! it's such a mayhem! I can't think straight! I have homework! 9 question!!

bye candy!

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