Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hello candy,

Im just browsing the internet for some fun stuff to see. There's a few things I like and a few I'm just stagger at. I know it's lame since the world cup is so over but I kinda like looking at Mesut Ozil. Not only is he the same age as me, he is also a muslim. It is so astonishing and ridiculous. Right?? It's possible in this world. It's lame but he is weird looking and plays good but I really have no idea why I like looking at him. Anyway, I'll try to find a good looking picture of him for you to drool over. Haha

Found it!

Mesut Ozil

photo from his facebook

It's weird about the guy who found the yellow crab, i mean lobster is 1 to 30 million??? wow! it's his luck alright! congrats!! I found it to be very amusing. I only know of 1 coloured lobster which is red! haha when it's cooked! so foolish of me! but I'm not that silly I just don't see the world much! If you could see through my eyes, I tend to be guided in one direction. My eyes aren't accurate!

Okay! stop with the mad news of myself! Today, is not a very special day because I'm tired, bored, sleepy and easily enough lets just sum it all in one = JADED!

hurmmm what to do? I have class at 5 and then later at 8 which is boring since the night class finishes at 11!! I'm so famished by then! grrr.. my housemate's hazz and wanis both went to class and nelly is off to KL. it makes me so envy! I want to fo home! I miss my mom!! Mama I miss u! I love u! GRRRRR.... I'm here blogging with u candy! and in 30 minutes time I have to get ready for class... huhuh...

photo byanne tumblr

photo by jewellann (flickr)

both this dresses are so superb! It's shape and design is like OMG!! and the pattern is what i love most!

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