Wednesday, August 25, 2010

hummmmm exams.

Hello candy,

Yesterday I slept from 8PM till 4.30AM.. haha I was that tired and that busy the whole entire day of sunday I was doing my assignment and I didn't sleep till monday 8PM crazy right?

Today I woke up and I was still tired, huh! now it's 12.42 Am and IM still TIRED!!

But tomorrow I have midterm exam for Bahasa Melayu Korporal and on thursday I also have another midterm exam on Strategic Management! That's not all... Next week on 1 september I have another exam on Internal Auditing and on 3 September it's going to be one of the most toughest and hard paper! Advance Management Accounting! Grrrr...

So many exams, So little time!

More eye bags coming!

Ok candy.. tralalala...!

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